Hillary and Bill Shorten committed suicide by the polls


Posted on May 22, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



When a boomerang missed out the target, possibly, it could hit back the thrower. The false polls are like a knife has two blades, the false polls friendly stab in the back of the supported candidates in the elections. The left media contributed to the loss of left parties in the elections by the false polls. Nowadays, the high technologic communication and the social media destroyed the fake news, fabricated stories, actually the false polls have become the sharp tactic to rig the election of the left media. A false poll is a form of psychological warfare, therefore, the false polls are obsolete that conducts the people have not trusted after many times the left media’s companies and the dishonest pollsters failed to cheat the public when the election’s outcome conflicted against the so-called opinion poll.


The US presidential election in 2016 debunked the false polls, almost the left media’s companies are such as CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC and the others including the offshore media’s companies like ABC, Channel Seven Channel Ten in Australia. All guaranteed candidate Hillary Clinton wins the election as the front cover of Newsweek wrote:” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House”. Therefore, the left media, Democrats and Hillary Clinton turned the nightmare, despite the left media elected Hillary Clinton, but the US people decided on November 6, 2016.


The US’s lesson has not learned yet in the general election in Australia. The dishonest pollsters and the left media’s companies are The Australian, ABC, The Age, The Guardian, The Canberra Times, actually, the Fairfax Ipsos couldn’t stop the fabricated polls before and during the election was campaigning. The left media snubbed the public, they think the people are stupid and released the garbage polls.


Australian Leninist Party led by the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten received the anesthetic’s polls that created the wonderful dream and after May 18, 2019, the dream turned the nightmare and also waking up the day time dreamers. The left media harmed their comrade Bill Shorten and Labor Party by 50 consecutive polls plus three times won the debates. The opposition leader Bill Shorten and Senator Penny Wong with Labor Party had enough the dream and they showed the arrogant attitude as the incumbent prime minister and foreign minister. The wonderful poll’s figures showed Labor always led the opinion poll was 52-48 and the last day of the campaign, the poll was 51-49 that confirmed Bill Shorten will be the next prime minister.


Unfortunately, on the night of May 18, 2019, it overturned the false polls and Coalition claimed the landslide victory, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said:” I have always believed the miracle”. Therefore, the miracle comes from the people, the patriot, and the concerned citizen. The left media completely failed into the rigged election and psychological warfare’s battle.


The left media’s companies and the dishonest pollsters couldn’t reason and shift the responsibility of the false polls came from the mistake or technical mistake and any causes led the false polls. The left media’s companies have fallen into the panic station when the public strongly react and debunked the cheat polls, moreover, the false polls echoed nationwide in Australia and the world, it is the scandalous poll. It is incredible during the election campaigning, Australian Labor Party always won the opinion polls plus the debates released by the left media’s companies, therefore, the election’s outcome is quite different, now the Coalition guaranteed at least 78 seats in the House of Representatives and the other 4 electorates are still counting, so Prime Minister Scott Morrison has the rights to declare the landslide victory.


The government, actually the lawmaker needs to issue the poll’s law as the legal practice applying into any job, career, and business in the country, even though a brothel must register the license, why did the pollsters except? The license to poll will stop the dishonest pollsters and restore the mainstream’s prestige.


After Australia’s federal election in 2019, the false polls have been argued, actually, Professor Bela Stantic of Griffith University who predicted the outcome’s election in the US 2016 and Brexit raised the polling method:” I am able to assess the opinions of people through their social media … other polling has a much smaller sample. “I must [just] be careful of fake news.”. Professor Bela Stantic studied at least 2,000,000 social media comments and proposed the poll. However, most pollsters just surveyed about a thousand people and released the polls.


The failure of false polls is not climate change, it is the incantation of a former union boss, opposition leader Bill Shorten, Labor Party and the left independent candidates always babbled in the election’s campaign. The loss of election is the people changed the mind to swing against the Australian Leninist Party that conducts Prime Minister Scott Morrison with Coalition made the victorious miracle on the night of May 18, 2019. Madam Hillary Clinton and Mr. Bill Shorten must condemn the comrade’s left media before overhauling the loss of the election./.







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