Eating the democratic bread but adore China communist


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The Western countries respect the professionals, the most of jobs are such as electrician, plumber, medical doctor, architect, lawyer, mechanic and the others must be trained carefully. Therefore, any career and job have the dishonest, they distort the career or exploits the professionals for making a profit by the malicious ruses including the political purpose. The law deserves the conviction for the fraudsters, actually, their qualification and license retrieved when a court found guilty.


The dishonesty incident occurred in the US presidential election 2016, there were 370 well-known economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economy’s winners signed a letter to Republicans warning about the so-called a dangerous, destructive choice if Republicans nominate candidate Donald Trump. Therefore, after President Donald Trump getting the office, the prestige of 370 prominent economists collapsed, despite they stole the job of a psychic but they became the disgraced fortune tellers.


The journalists, reporters or columnists are not economists, certainly, their economic knowledge limited, but the left media dares to tell about the field that they have not learned from a school of the economy. It is like a mechanic tells about the pathology and diseases and medical treatment.


The war fights against global economic terror launching by the US commander in chief Donald Trump that created the potential damaged the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. China communist has lost the economic battles from the global market, domestic field and currency devalued over the alert level. The US tariffs crippled China economy, financial system, and the stock market. The deeply economic wounds of China couldn’t conceal into the high technological communication’s era. Moreover, China couldn’t hide the mountain debt, the massive jobless, actually, the Red Emperor Xi Jinping perplexes a solution in Hong Kong tension.


President Donald Trump has struck right on death vulnerability of the Ape super gang. China exhausted the tactics are fighting during talking, taking one step back and preparing three steps forward, buying time, but all unsucceeded. China also failed to launch the psychological warfare in the Western, mostly, the phony propaganda is vain. The left media couldn’t mislead the public as they did in the Vietnam War. Nowadays, the left media can not tell the wrong to right, the good to bad, evil is the angel. So the loss of China in economic and financial battles are clear, therefore, the garbage left media has tried to mislead the public by the untrue articles, it matches the common formula of the left media is 3 F=3 Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story. However, the fake news and fabricated stories are no longer deceive the public after many decades cheated the people. The phony propaganda of left media covers the potential damages of China that completely failed. The woe of China reflects on the left media’s reaction when China received more damages and facing the disaster on the economy, the fake news and fabricated stories escalate, it is the physical reaction as all kind of insect struck by strong stuff of pesticide, the insects appear and react until fallen into the motionless state.


The fake news and fabricated stories couldn’t rescue China communist regime, instead, the world can measure the damages of China from the reaction of the left media by releasing the fake news and fabricated stories as an article written by David Cay Johnson, DC Report Editor in chief who snubs the public by the bullshit theme:” Trump Is Losing Much More Than Just A Trade War … He’s Losing The Future


China Plays a Long Game and Moves Forward While Trump Pushes America Back to the 19th Century”.


The so-called DC report editor in chief David Cay Johnson shows the lacking knowledge and stupidity on his article. Certainly, his economic level can not compare with 370 prominent economists including 8 Nobel Prize of economy’s winners. Therefore, he dares to tell the topic that he seems illiterate. His article has tried to convince people to believe by the disgraced cheatings that China looks ahead, Trump backward, America crumbles while China builds and America falls to No.2:” China is already the world’s largest economy, one-fifth larger than the United States when measured on a Purchasing Power Parity basis, which compares prices for the same goods in different countries. As its economy has matured, China’s economic growth rate has slowed. Still, China’s economy is expected to continue growing much faster than America’s until 2037, when we can anticipate a long period of parallel growth, the Congressional Research Service reported in June.”.


The article of editor in chief David Cay Johnson is no longer convince the public by bullshit fake news to conceal the truth that released by the thug of people, the foe of public and the garbage of communication. DC Report editor David Cay Johnson insults the mainstream media line, he snubs the public and thinks the people are stupid. Unfortunately, this article released on the wrong place and wrong people, instead, this phony propaganda suits in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba. The people live in communist countries keep quiet for personal safety and believing anything broadcast or publish from the propaganda machine. Certainly, the editor in chief of DC Report becomes the worst propaganda activist, but he can come to China and the other communist countries to learn a propaganda course or applying a job in the communication department of a communist country. In the Vietnam war, Mr. Việt Phương who held the chief staff of Prime Minister Phạm Văn Đồng penned:


Trăng Liên Xô, tròn hơn trăng nước Mỹ ( the moon in Soviet-Union is rounder than the moon in the US)


Đồng hồ Trung Quốc tốt hơn đồng hồ Thụy Sĩ (China’s watch is better than a  watch made by Switzerland)


      If the Western people believe China is already the world’ largest economy, China looks ahead, Trump backward, America crumbles while China builds as DC Report editor in chief David Cay Johnson wrote, the editor in chief can make a miracle. Certainly, the people in the Western have never believed North Korea’s spaceship landed successfully to the Sun without cremation.


DC Report editor in chief David Cay Johnson must prove China having the economic strength, stable currency, technology, and the other real brunt, the otherwise, it is garbage and bullshit article. The motive writes the untrue article is money, so the left media sold the soul to communist, actually, China is keen to hire the media into psychological warfare, the left media and profit lover’s academics eat the democratic bread but adore China communist../.







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