Domestic thugs appeared after the death of ISIS boss


Posted on October 30, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The expert intelligence servant often applies the rule is keeping the mouth shut strictly but the ears opening widely. Moreover, the intelligence servant may use a French proverb is” dis moi qui tu fréquentes et Je te dirai qui tu es” to track a target. Normally, the espionage agent must keep the secrets completely and hiding personal information. Therefore, intelligence agencies can find targets by the list of wedding party’s congratulation and the condolence of the funeral. The death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi can help the intelligence agencies recognize ISIS’s supporters and the people can know who secretly stood alongside terrorists in the Western countries.


The US people and the world can know the reaction of Democrats after the death of a most wanted man on the planet is Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. The incident confirms the more treasonous incident hidden inside the Democratic Party. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenant Congressman Adam Schiff who hold the chair of the Intelligence Committee expose the mourning attitude on the death of Islamic State leader while the world including the US people welcomes, and congratulate the operation succeeded completely Actually, President Donald Trump also makes America safer again after 8 years the country and the world being threatened currently by terrorist under the rule of the Muslim background President Barrack Obama who used the US’s taxpayers and the prestige of US’s president to play the double-cross war game. On the other hand, President Barrack Obama destroyed the world and the US by the malicious tactic that is the demagogic slogan of so-called YES, WE CAN. Unfortunately, the global war maker awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in 2009 humiliated the most valuable prize on the planet.


    It is like viral meningitis infiltrates the human brain, the life risks, there is an extremely dangerous form when the enemy climbed higher and dived deeper into the government, actually, the communists and Sharia Law’s activists or the local henchman become the President, Prime Minister, Senator, Member of representatives.


The death of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi emerges the treason of Democrats, actually, the Muslim Congressional members like Ilhan Omar who expresses the death of ISIS leader:” On another subject, actions cause reactions. Does everyone know this? It’s science. All actions do and these reactions are quite varied. They may be harmless or amusing, or they can be dangerous and explosive, maybe deadly, depending on the action. It’s a law of nature. Laws matter. If I try to pet a raccoon that is rummaging through my garbage bin, that creature will try to rip my eyes out. My action caused his reaction. That was the consequence. Trump’s action will have a reaction and it won’t necessarily be equal and opposite. The President is as impulsive as a child and does not think things through. Hopefully, ISIS does not try to rip out the eyes of America.”


Democratic Representative Ilham  Abdullahi Omar who elected from the 5th Congressional district of Minnesota who often raises the mouthful impeachment to President Donald Trump despite the legal process must take the time, actually, Democrats have not enough the Representative number, and Republicans control the Senate. Moreover, her personal record being controversial on marriage and fraud. The people in her electorate may review the ballot by wrongly voted to an illiterate constitution and an Islamic State’s supporter.


The death of ISIS leader is an opportunity to testify the domestic thugs being activated in the US and the Western countries. The fake news company is Washington Post published an article’s special headline:” Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Austery Religious Scholar at Helm of Islamic State died at 48” attaching the photographs. The article faces the strong reaction from Republicans, certainly, the US people and the world recognize the real face of the left media supporting the terrorist by using the media to mislead the public and also propagate for terrorism. The director of communication for US president Tim Murtaugh twittered:

A lot is being made of the @washingtonpost’s now-changed headline of al-Baghdadi’s obit.

But how about this from the body of the obit itself?“… an austere religious scholar with wire-frame glasses and no known aptitude for fighting and killing.

Despite the group’s extremist views and vicious tactics, Mr. Baghdadi maintained a canny pragmatism as a leader. And a shy, nearsighted youth who liked soccer but preferred to spend his free time at the local mosque

President Donald Trump twittered:” With fawning headlines like this about a serial rapist and murderer, is it any wonder that so many people now believe that the mainstream media is full of shit? They’re literally doing PR for a terrorist scumbag. Screw you Wa Po!”


After the strong reaction expressed from White House, the Washington Post’s columnist Max Boot exposes the obstinate attitude, he praises Islamic State’s leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi couldn’t have died a coward because he blew himself up as President Donald Trump said plus the last scene exposed” whimpering, screaming and crying”. The people believe the left media like Washington Post adores ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as a hero while the world condemns.


     The left media around the world seem to express the tribute of the death of  Islamic State’s leader, they cleverly released the news and also appalling the world about the revenge of ISIS that means the death of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi or “an austerity religious scholar” sparkles the terror. On the other hand, the left media unofficially represents the Islamic State in the Western to intimidate the world while ISIS nearly disbanded, actually, there is no one of ISIS announces revenge. Certainly, the terror must have the finance and the bases, now Islamic State lost all and the leader committed suicide with three sons.


The world, actually the US people can recognize the domestic thugs have presented in Western countries. The terror’s supporters can not hide the face, moreover, the US prosecution may indict former President Barrack Obama who was as a terrorist mogul ruled White House in 8 years, he helped Islamic State founded and also provided finance, weapon, and training by the taxpayer. Former President Barrack Obama should face the treason when he is the US citizen if he is Kenyan, Obama should be charged as a terrorist. Nevertheless, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the other high profiles appeared the domestic faces. The people may watch out the left media appearing the terror’s supporter after Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi killed himself. Certainly, the funeral of the ISIS leader may have more persons condole./.






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