Democrats use the left media to impeach by false polls


Posted on October 17, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After President Donald Trump getting the office on January 20, 2017, the Democratic Party has tried to remove a man who makes America great again. Almost the cunning tactics completely failed and hit back the Donkey’s Head Party by the foolish revenge. The cunning tactics exhausted from the legal terrorist Robert Mueller who used $USD 34 million of the taxpayers to attack the US government, and also national interest in 22 months by the Special Counsel. Democrats have opened the full-scale attack with many arrows into the impeachment’s battle:


- 27 medical Dogtors from Harvard and Yale University distorted the career by the medical assessments based on the 25th Amendment, not medical rules. They humiliated the US medical line and the prestige of Harvard, Yale.


- Some law professors from Harvard University conspired to use the bush law to impeach President Donald Trump.


- The Democratic Congressional gang is led by lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi plus the thug in Senate is Chuck Schumer always intimidate to impeach President Donald Trump.


- After November 6, 2018, Democrats controlled the Congress, despite the Donkey Party slightly occupied the majority in Congress, but they have not enough the number to impeach, moreover, Republicans control the Senate, so the impeachment is impossible.


- Recently, Democrats have failed to use the conversation by calling carrying out between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the diplomatic courtesy distorts the impeachment because Ukraine’s incident related to the laundering money’s syndicate of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, actually, Hunter Biden received about $USD 2.1 billion from China communist to reward Joe Biden’s family helped China made profit in 8 years while Joe Biden holding Vice Presidential position. The corruption and treason also linking to Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul Jr, turncoat Republican Mitt Romney who has business with Hunter Biden in Ukraine. The impeachment’s conspiracy hits back the high profiles of Democrats, so the impeachment turns to inquiry with the decoy whistleblowers, the hidden faces couldn’t apply any legal term, actually the Congress. Once again, Democrats failed the conspiracy to impeach President Donald Trump, instead, the potential damages are inevitable, actually, the hopefully presidential candidate Joe Biden ruined.


Democrats rush the presidential candidate and China also despairs the election in 2020, possibly, President Donald Trump easily claims the landslide victory in the second term. China appalls the economic battle worsens if Donald Trump wins the election in 2020. Democrats and China completely disappointed and they apply the guerrilla’s tactic, the vanguard is left media.


The obsolete weapon is a false poll that develops, so the prominent fake news companies are The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CBS, and the others released the polls by the bullshit pollsters confirmed from 51% to 58 % the US people want to impeach President Donald Trump. The people feel vapid about the false polls that failed to deceive the public in the US election 2016 and recently, the federal election 2019 in Australia. How could the pollsters have exactly the score? The disgraced cheat has no room in mainstream media. Nevertheless, the people elected President Donald Trump but never voted the left media companies. The media companies are like a fish and chip shop, barbershop or a private business. Certainly, the Constitution has never mandated the left media, pollsters to impeach President Donald Trump. The false polls are a farce and turning garbage by the bullshit media to make the world laughing.


The pollsters can not impeach President Donald Trump, therefore, President Donald Trump authorizes to expel a left reporter as Jim Acosta of CNN from White House when he disturbed a press conference. The petitions and opinion polls are the tactics of the losers, the negative reaction, those have never succeeded, actually, the presidential impeachment carries out by the Congress and Senate with the absolute major number.


After the polls, even the pollsters can mark 99% of people who want to impeach President Donald Trump. What will the next step do? How will the pollsters impeach President Donald Trump?. The left media loses the people’s trust, the dishonest media workers appeared the real face of the domestic thug. The fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls are obsolete, actually, the left media lost the people’s trust from the grassroots./.







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