Democrats totally surrendered the battle of wall


Posted on February 25, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the national emergency’s declaration officially announced by the commander in chief Donald Trump. The lawmaker terrorist leader and also commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and Democratic gang leader in Senate Chuck Schumer weakly reacted, the wall battle decided a winner. The hopeless retaliations couldn’t change the situation by negative tactics:


- The Congress and Senate didn’t have enough 2/3 number to revoke the national emergency. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi seems losing the confidence, actually, her comrades recognized the brazen attitude of Nancy Pelosi damaged their seats in the House of Representatives in the next election, so the calling of Nancy to revoke the national emergency declaration has not responded, there is just a few Democrats replied while majority keeping quiet.


- Some district courts and the Democratic judges have no power to lock the presidential order. The Constitution consents President Donald Trump is the commander in chief, but the legal system considers the judge is the commander in court, the legal practice’s authority limited in the courtroom and the court’s order applies into the criminal, personal conflict, not in the politics. The US ruled by the only president, there is only the White House but the courtrooms are plenty. During the Supreme Court doesn’t oppose and react to the national emergency, therefore, some judges want to lock it.


- President Donald Trump also authorizes to veto the Congress and Senate lock the national emergency.


The wall has to complete as the national security and the border protection demand, certainly, the major population want to keep out the felons, drug cartels, the gangs (well- known is gang M- 13), terrorists infiltrate the US soil. The patriotic wall cost the potential damages of Democrats into the futuristic elections, actually the presidential election in 2020. Democrats have tried to attempt the hopeless retaliation by changing the tactic, but it is funny and a farce of Democrats.


Nowadays, people doubt the academics who distorted the career and knowledge for political purpose and personal interest. There were 27 medical dogtors of Harvard and Yale university exchanged their doctoral degree for the presidential impeachment, the medical assessment based on the 25th Amendment, not medical links, it is the shame of medical line Nevertheless, the most hoax climate change’s academics and science- shit (not scientist) cheat the public by the weather’s intimidation. The climate change’s scientists steal the job of psychics, they base on the storm, snow, flood, the temperature, bushfire, and the other reasons to appall the world, the cheat unmasked after their predictions overturned as dogtor Tim Flannery in Australia. The deception of dogtor Tim Flannery that cost the taxpayers tens of billion dollars to build the desalted water plants.


Democrats apply the same conspiracy after all efforts to stop the wall’s completion failed. The Democratic scientists exploit the education’s degree to stop the wall, some academics come from the so- called Center for Biological Diversity, certainly, the Democrats and the left media propagate to support the wildlife. They protect the animal, but Democrats advocate the abortion to kill the baby, it is funny. The famous face is Representative Kathy Tran who failed a bill to kill the baby at 40 weeks old. It is the extreme immorality, therefore, Nancy Pelosi labeled the patriotic wall is immoral. The hoax climate change and the animal protection of the left parties are the hypocrisy. Democrats use the science- shit covered under the label of scientists for the wall’s battle. The news reports the wall threatens 93 species as Jaguars, Ocelots, Mexican Gray wolves, cactus ferruginous pygmy owls…The so- called Center for Biological Diversity released the study that they found more than 25 species being threatened or endangered when the wall completed. They claim the wildlife will affect more than 2 million acres within 50 miles of the border. A science- shit Noah Greenward, director of Center for Biological Diversity said:” Trump’s border wall is a disaster for people and wildlife alike” and he added:” It could drive magnificent species like the jaguar and ocelot to extinction in the United States.”.


The study ignores the cartels, drug syndicates, the felons, the terrorist will lose the track to transport the drug from Mexico to the US soil, the thugs will have no way to infiltrate into the US soil to raise the crimes. The biased scientists and distorted career’s academics aggravate the bankruptcy of the trust on the intellectual line. The study without testimony is as the joking report, nothing changing the wall after President Donald Trump authorized to complete the wall with major population demand and the border protection’s response. Democrats completely surrendered the wall battle, so any effort to stop the wall that is vain./.







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