Democrats totally lose the mind to fight for nothing


Posted on July 22, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After the crucial loss of election 2016, Madam Hillary Clinton recognized” what happened”, but it is too late after she saw the coffin and cries. Before slamming the loss’s reasons, Hillary Clinton must review her fan, actually, the left media gave Madam” fallen candidate” Hillary Clinton and Democrats party an overdose anesthetic and they became the daydreamers. During the election campaigning, the most well-known media companies were such as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the others released the false polls always guaranteed Hillary Clinton to be the first female president, the polls confirmed Hillary led candidate Donald Trump from 4 to 12 points. The overdose anesthetic repeated in Australia’s federal election occurred on May 18, 2019, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten dreamed the top job by the false polls, eventually, Bill Shorten must confess the failure at night May 18, 2019 (almost the media in Australian is Karl Marx’s pupil as ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, The Australian, The Age..actually the Ipsos poll firm) became the disgraced cheaters, so Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed the landside victory, he said” I always believed in miracles”. The left media and the pollsters may find an asshole to rest for life, do not make a poll again or appearing the public if they are the human being recognizes the wrong and rights by exposing the purgatory.


Whatever, Hillary Clinton, Bill Shorten and the Hollywood’s left movie stars, pop singers promised to leave America if Donald Trump wins the election. They are the victims of the left media, actually, the pollsters sent the cheat polls to the fan, it is the friendly deception. The cheaters have not discriminated whoever including the friends and family.


Despite, the major population rejected Hillary Clinton and Democrats in the election 2016, therefore, the Donkey’s Head Party has not given up the ambition to retake White House without the election. The presidential impeachment has carried out from May 17, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pointed a former FBI director Robert Mueller who was in charge of the Special Counsel.


However, after 22 months investigated Russia meddled the US election in 2016 turned nasty, the witch hunt cost the taxpayers $USD 34 million. The cunning conspiracy stopped, eventually, Mr. Robert Mueller must conclude the cheat investigation and the report handed to Attorney General William Barr, then the legal terrorist Robert Mueller resigned on May 29, 2019, and the Special Counsel closed. Mr. Robert Mueller who conspired to overthrow the US president by the fabricated dossiers, he should be arrested as the criminal, the treason, he attempted to murder the US Presidency as the assassination’s crime of President.


The notorious efforts of Democrats turn crazy and comical, the people in the US and around the world have never believed Democratic high profiles and the academics showing the stupid activities:


-27 dogtors of Havard and Yale exploited the medical degree to impeach President Donald Trump by the medical assessments, despite the have never diagnosed President Donald Trump but the dared to report President struck by mental health illness. Eventually, Rear Admiral, Doctor Ronny Jackson unmasked the dogtors distorted the career by the medical assessment that based on 25 Amendment, not medical code practice. Chinese background dogtor Bandy.X.Lee failed to exploit the US medical doctoral degree to remove President Donald Trump from the White House while China communist received the potential damages in the economic battle, so the red seed of China being rotten.


-Some Havard law professors tried to use the bush law to impeach President Donald Trump, but they failed and the people laugh.


-The tax returns made noise in Congress and media that debunked the Democratic lawmakers are illiterate law, the Constitution consents the sitting President can not show the tax returns but President can ask IRS releases the tax returns of politicians if the government probe the tax evasion or frauds.


-Democrats also exposed the illiterate law although they have plenty of senior lawyers, former attorneys, and former Attorney Generals. The Constitution consents the sitting president can not appear a court. However, pornstar Stormy Daniels conspired with lawyer Micheal Avenatti to fabricate the false accusation about the sexual harassment, eventually, lawyer Micheal Avenatti and pornstar Stormey Daniel received the consequence.


-The Democratic Congress is led by lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi co-operates with four amigas are the members of  Representative are Ihan Abdulahi Omar of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, Rashida Harbi Tlaib of 13th Congressional district, Ayanna Soyini Pressley of 7th Massachusetts Congressional district and Democratic Congressional woman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They are the lawmakers but don’t know the Constitution, so four amigas plus Nancy Pelosi and Democrats always activate to impeach President Donald Trump. The worst comedy has not interested in the public but they are obstinate and showing the kiddy behavior in the US Congress. Four amigas face the people’s abhorrence, actually, they met the conditions to be expelled from the Congress if the US court found guilty on corruption, frauds or the next election will lose. President Donald Trump warned:” we will never be a socialist or communist country, if you are not happy here, you can leave”. The left media and Democrats are like all kind of insect struck by the strong pesticide’s stuff, all react in the hopelessness before falling into the motionless state, but the situation has not changed, even President Donald Trump prepares to win the second term in 2020.


Four amigas lost the people sympathy, actually, they appeared the ugly faces in the public after President Donald Trump calls them to leave if they don’t want to stay in the US. Recently, Democratic fan calls the petition to ban President Donald Trump launches the rallies. It is so funny because the rally is lawful. There is only the communist regime bans the people rally, therefore, the US is a democratic country, so everyone can expose the opinion including protest without violation. Democrats totally lost the mind, they turn crazy in the action, they are waiting for President Donald Trump will swear the second term in the office and White House’s swamp drains out.


China has been engaged into the difficult situation, the adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump struck right on the death vulnerability of the world’ largest communist country, so China does want to stop the war fighting against the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat. Democrats and its fan including the left media respond to China interest, so the people doubt China silently support Democrats to topple President Donald Trump from the presidential election in 2016.


The presidential election 2020’s preparation is the disgraced sitcom of Democrats with more than two dozen candidates, mostly, they are the political carcasses as socialist Bernie Sander, former Vice President Joe Biden who contributed a lot of interest for China so Beijing funneled $USD 1.5 billion for his son Hunter Biden, the fishy dryer’s smelt Senator Kamala Harris and the unpopulated politicians have tried to get a ticket in the election 2020. The most heavyweights of Democrats have not enough the credit to challenge with President Donald Trump, so China should waste the money to support the ghost politicians./.







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