Democrats stab in back the US while POTUS in Hanoi


Posted on February 28, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Korea Peninsula’s tension currently occurred after the war ended in 1953. Obviously, the first North Korea leader Kim Il Sung always raised the aggressive attitude and his son Kim Jong Il threatened the neighbor countries in the region by the missile and bomb test, actually, South Korea is the main target. The late leader Kim Jong Un who created the threat after President Donald Trump getting the office, in the high tide of tension, leader Kim Jong Un threatened to transform the US to the ash and the sea of fire. While the country was confronted with the threat, Democrats exposed the treasonous attitude, the high profiles are such as Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director National Intelligence Agency James Clapper, former President Barrack Obama, and the innocent academics, inexpert strategists and the former officials of the previous presidents appalled the nuclear war or the Third World war was inevitable if President Donald Trump still challenged with Kim Jong Un. A former Lieutenant General, also former Australian Army chief who still sleeps in Napoleon Bonapart’s era, he feared 10,000 artilleries of North Korea than the intercontinental missile and the airforce of the US could destroy any target on ground…


The traitors appeared the faces in the US with the left media companies including the left offshore media company in Australia is as ABC, they launched the scare campaign to mislead the public and pressuring the US government to surrender North Korea and pay the ransom as before (from 1995 to 2008, the US paid $USD 1.3 billion for North Korea but the tension didn’t ease). In the passage of time, North Korea bluffed the Western, the US and United Nations by the nuclear programs and Pyongyang got the money. However, the psychological warfare of the left media and Democrats completely collapsed after the first and historic Summit attended between President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at Singapore on June 12, 2018. All the predictions failed, Kim Jong Un who volunteers the stop the missile launch and bomb test, the peace has come in Korea Peninsula after more than a half century’s tension.


Democrats outrage the great effort of President Donald Trump in North Korea, because, Democrats just paid the ransom, even the leftist’s Korea President Kim Dae Jung who used the South Korean’s taxpayers to bid the Nobel Peace Prize that cost $USD 500 million. Certainly, the great success of President Donald Trump carved the worst failure of Democrats, they have no shames and the patriotic heart travels into the hostility, actually, the Donkey’s Head Party has lost the wall’s battle, the upset increases and the action turns crazy.


President Donald Trump meets Kim Jong Un at Hanoi in two days, from 27 and 28 February 2019. During the summit is occurring, in the US, Democrats stab in a back commander in chief Donald Trump, the cowards are former FBI Director Robert Mueller who failed to indict President Donald Trump by the fabricated dossiers wrote by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton hired and Robert Mueller conspires to impeach President Donald Trump with the fake documents. Despite FBI released the dossiers was fake but Mr. Robert Mueller ignored, he lied with FBI, therefore the law has no charge while he indicted someone lies with FBI and Congress. On the other hand, Mr. Robert Mueller sits above the law as Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the other high profiles of Democrats.


Democrats have never impeached President Donald Trump because Special Counsel report nothing Russia meddled the US election in 2016 although the leader lawmaker terrorist and the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi slightly control the House of Representatives after the mid-term Congressional election. Nevertheless, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former Deputy Director Andrew George McCabe failed the conspired coup to impeach President Donald Trump by the FBI’s tools, eventually, Mr, Andrew George McCabe must tell the truth when the story to be heard by someone in Justice Department and FBI’s office.


During President Donald Trump makes the peace with Kim Jong Un at Hanoi, in the US, Robert Mueller and Democrats used the LAWYER 30 (*) Michael Cohen to attack President Donald Trump by the old accusations that created by Robert Mueller. The coward Michael Cohen who tells the left media about the truth, but its truth based on the lies and conspired by Democrats with Robert Mueller, certainly, it is the truth of a liar.


The people feel so sick, even vomit when Robert Mueller introduced a new witness of his Special Counsel. The unrelated persons as a coffee boy in the campaign is George Demetrios Papadopoulos to be promoted as the key of a clue after former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer met at a wine room in London, the disgraced cheat cost the US taxpayer $USD 24 million and George Demetrios Papadopoulos faced 12 days in the prison. A whore in Thailand is the crucial focus of Robert Mueller because a whore held the dossiers linking Russia meddled the US election. Pornstar Stormy Daniel raised the false accusation with her lawyer Michael Avenitti and they lost the lawsuit…recently, Mr. Robert Mueller reached a lobbyist Roger Stone. Moreover, former short term campaign manager Paul Manafort, actually, lawyer 30 Michael Cohen becomes the actual henchman of Democrats. The Special Counsel set by the cunning conspiracy of Democrats and the tax worm Robert Mueller aiming to the targets:


-The abusive President Donald Trump: Mr. Robert Mueller acts as the legal terrorist, he often attacks President Donald Trump by any malicious method.

-The Special Counsel purposes to perpetuate for making money from the taxpayers. The Special Counsel has applied the tactic of One Thousand and One Nights of Middle Eastern folk tale in the Islamic Golden Age, so he created the witnesses to keep his job.


Lawyer 30 Michael Cohen exposed the treasonous behavior while President Donald Trump is attending the second summit in Hanoi. Mr. Michael Cohen and Robert Mueller plus the Democrats to stab in back a man who makes America great again and makes the peace in Korea peninsula. Certainly, Democrats don’t want to see the peace in Korea and the US avoid the tension comes from North Korea.


The dirty attack attempts while President Donald Trump is attending the peace deal with North Korea leader, so Mr. Robert Mueller exposes the legal terrorist and the left media terrorists as the New York Times mislead the public by the fake news and fabricated stories, they poison the public about the summit to be damaged when lawyer 30 Michael Cohen lies about the accusations without a clue.


Mr. Robert Mueller and Democrats can hire any person to accuse President Donald Trump about Russia meddled the election and the others, but they have never testified by the statement or any evidence. Remembering, the lying accusation is a crime with Congress, Senate and FBI, they could be charged. However, Mr. Robert Mueller indicted someone lied the Congress, but he lied about the cheat investigation on Russia meddler the US election in 2016, nevertheless, Hillary Clinton is a super liar to the Congress and the US people, why didn’t Robert Muller indict Hillary?


Whatever the summit occurs in Hanoi doesn’t affect the abusive incident that Robert Mueller and lawyer 30 Michael Cohen, from the presidential election 2016, the sound of” Russia meddled the US election” is obsolete, actually, the most witnesses of Robert Mueller is vain. A day, Mr. Robert Mueller can use a toilet cleaner or gardener of Donald Trump to raise the new clue of Russia intervened the US election. The appearance of lawyer 30 Michael Cohen and with Robert Mueller backs during President Donald Trump meet Kim Jong Un to make the peace that approves the traitors and the hated peace of Democrats./.

Notes (*):  the title LAWYER 30 is the language of the writer, it means a client paid 29 days, but the day of 30, the client doesn’t pay then the lawyer betrays.







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