Democrats must stay away and abandon Robert Mueller


Posted on March 20, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The unanimous member of bipartisan in the House of Representatives voted and urged the Justice Department publicize the report of Special Counsel carried out by the former FBI Director Robert Mueller who is in charge the investigation on Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016. Despite 8 members opted out and 4 Republicans avoided by the absentee vote, therefore, the outcome finalized is 430-0 and the resolution will introduce to the Senate. It is the bad news for Mr. Robert Mueller because Republicans control the Senate, possibly, the bill will pass.


After the US election, Mr. Robert Mueller has become the actual henchman of Democrats to carry out the investigation on Russia that Democrats labeled Russia intervened and helped candidate Donald Trump in the campaign and winning the election. Therefore, Mr. Robert Mueller must know the witch hunt’s investigation based on the fabricated dossiers written by the former British Intelligence Agent Christopher Steele, and Hillary Clinton paid, but he waived the report of FBI and continuing the odd job. Almost, the US people recognized the cheat investigation creating by Democrats. The dirty revenge and cunning conspiracy wasted the taxpayers more than $USD 34 million, certainly, the investigation has never concluded. The investigation has begun from May 17, 2017, after President Donald Trump inaugurated about 4 months. Democrats lost the potential election in 2016 and the left media also collapsed the people trust by the fake news, fabricated stories and the false polls, almost, the left media confirmed Hillary Clinton will be the first female President. The loss of election 2016 bankrupted Democrats and the left media.


The Special Counsel colluded between the greedy profit’s lover Robert Mueller and the revenge of Democrats. Obviously, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, an undercover agent of Democrats pointed Robert Mueller to found the Special Counsel. The essential purpose is presidential impeachment. Nevertheless, Mr. Robert Mueller is the senior lawyer and former FBI boss, he maximally developed the legal skill to transform the fake dossiers to truth and using the cheat report hands over to Democratic Congress, and the Democratic Congress will base on the report to impeach President Donald Trump.


However, the fake dossiers discovered and the mission of Robert Mueller completely failed, actually, he tells nothing about Russia meddled the US election in 2016. Moreover, Mr. Robert Mueller has exploited the investigating authority to abuse President Donald Trump and Mr. Robert Mueller acts as the legal terrorist to attack the national interest and the commander in chief.


The legal terror’s mission has been supported by Democrats and the left media, the investigation perpetuates for the making profit and abuse President Donald Trump, so Mr. Robert Mueller developed the witnesses are the campaign’s coffee boy George Papadopoulos, pornstar Stormy Daniels, the short term campaign manager Paul Manafort, a lobbyist Roger Stone and recently the lawyer 30 Michael Cohen (*).Russia meddled election’s investigation strayed to criminal’s investigation, it is not the function of Special Counsel, but the FBI and Police’s career. Mr. Robert Mueller misused the attorney power and the taxpayers for the legal deception, it is the most legal cheat in US history.


The cheat investigation must be ended as the public pressure, so the House of Representatives respond to the situation. Therefore, Democrats voted against Mr. Robert Mueller who requires the Justice Department does not release the report to the public. Democrats apply the tactic’s throwing the lemon’s skin after emptied juice and the spy rule:” when a hunter recognizes the dog couldn’t do the job properly, the hunter must know how to eat the dog’s meat”.


Mr. Robert Mueller helped nothing Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump, the malicious conspiracy failed. Moreover, after the mid-term Congressional election, Democrats slightly control the Congress, leader Congresswoman and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does need the report of Robert Mueller, unfortunately, he got nothing.


The Special Counsel becomes the public outrage because the cheat investigation that cost too much the taxpayer, actually, the people abhore Mr. Robert Mueller. He lied the Congress and public but the law has not charged, therefore, he indicted someone lies the Congress. Democrats know the role of Robert Mueller is disable, they must destroy the henchman to shun the damages and the public react. Now the time comes, Democrats stay away and abandon Robert Mueller. Certainly, Mr, Robert Mueller’s report has no single word to confirm Russia meddled the US election and its ugly report will release to the public. After nearly two years made the profit and cheat the legal system, Mr. Robert Mueller must pay the consequence, actually, the audit and Congress will question the investigation plus the money spending./.


Notes: (*) Lawyer 30 is the title of writer, it means a client paid 29 days and the day of 30th, a client doesn’t pay and the lawyer betrays.







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