Democrats have been lost the support from grassroots


Posted on February 26, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



There are just two years President Donald Trump getting the office, Democrats have been lost the grassroots. The disaster comes from multiple reasons as the crazy attitude to revenge the loss of the election in 2016 and Democrats snub the public. Therefore, the most important of the trust’s crisis is national service, Democrats abandoned the national interest, actually, the patriotic concern replaced by the faction and individual favor.


Democrats have been faced the people trust plunged badly by the treasonous policies exposed on border protection, national security contributed the people support declined. Actually, the great achievements of President Donald Trump on the economy, international issues as the peace in Korea’s Peninsula added more troubles for the Donkey’s Head Party. Nevertheless, the patriotic wall is among the main reason that Democrats to be eliminated the credit from its supporters.


The signal of peril appeared from 2018, it was a first time in Democrats history, the Walk Away’s Movement gathered multiple thousand Democratic supporters abandoned its party, a well-known person is a hairstylist and actor Brandon Straka in New York City considers as the founder of walk Away Movement, he told to media:” Why I left the Democrat Party”. The defected Democratic fan marched in Washington D.C and the other states. Moreover, Pennsylvania is among the stronghold of Democrats forewarning when the fan disappointed and abandoned its party by the numerous Democratic voter between 2008 to 2017 noted 335,745 Democrats voted for Republicans while 191,926 Republican supporters voted for Democrats. Moreover, in 2018, there were 28,595 Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania turned the ballot to Republicans in the mid-term Congressional election while 21, 022 Republicans registered Democrats. The incident didn’t wake the high profiles, they ignore the people, actually, the fan could decide Democrats in the elections.


The leader of the lawmaker terrorist is also the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and the Senate gang leader Chuck Schumer are the culprits to destroy the prestige of Democrats. Now, the loss of trust aggravates, the disaster is waiting for Democrats in the futuristic elections. The credit takes a long time to built, but the destruction occurs in a short time. The people and its supporters recognized the real faces of Democratic politicians reflect the treasonous attitude and the national issues that matched the formula a formula is 3D=Deception+Demagogy+Destruction.


The  New Nationwide Poll released Republicans gained 44 states, but Democrats just remain 6 states are: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire. Before Democrats had 9 states, actually, California is a stronghold, but now the people dislike Democrats. Almost, in 50 states, the numerous Democratic fan dropped at least 30%. Nevertheless, Gallup has released the newest poll that shows the numerous number of Republicans and Democrats as the base of Donkey’s Head Party in California, the Liberals split 29% and they change the support to Republicans. Nationally, Republicans advanced Democrats at least 9%. It figures guarantees, President Donald Trump, to win the second term and Democrats will be trashed into the Congressional elections. The outcome of the people’s opinion on Democrats ruined that debunked the left media and the dishonest pollsters, they always released the worst polls to President Donald Trump.


Democrats have deceived the people from the Cold War, the anti-war movement misled the public, they supported Vietcong terrorist. The prominent faces are Bill-Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Jane Fonda…and the left media acted as the traitors while the US soldiers were fighting in Vietnam’s battle to prevent the red wave and the enemy threatening the peace in the region.


Nowadays, the demagogic policy and the phony propaganda of Democrats couldn’t cheat the public despite the” comrade” left media has applied the psychological warfare to lie the people. The situation completely changed when the US people recognized the treasonous faces and the traitors always want to make America worst off again, certainly, the US people don’t want to return the era of Obama-scares, it is the nightmare of America. The unemployment hits the lowest recorded since 1969 that defeated the cheat of Democrats. Certainly, the former food stamp recipients have no support Democrats, the Patriots stay away from the treasonous party, the religions condemn the barbarous abortion of Democrats, actually, Representative Kathy Tran is a female evil who is keen to kill the baby with the barbarous abortive bill.


The worst signal of the truth’s crisis swats Democrats, the strongholds being faded the credit from the grassroots. Democrats seem not to know how to recover the people truth, but the presidential candidate’s boom for the money’s collection. The fan doesn’t know who is the hopeful candidate, but the left media polishes Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders…plus the scandals of the other candidates. The presidential candidates of Democrats become the best business while the people’s trust is facing the crisis./.







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