Democrats have been collapsed the people trust


Posted on March 11, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The business, social club, media company, lawyer, medical doctor, and any career must need the customer and the client. Certainly, the vital fact of a political party is the people trust, it is like the fish needing water. The common rule quotes there is not a political party succeeds without the major ballot.


Democrats have abandoned the most important condition to remain, exist and develop the party. Instead, the Donkey’s Head Party appeared the real face of the thug of people, the foe of democracy and the enemy of national interest. Nevertheless, Democrats have the traitorous history, actually, in the Vietnam War, the high profiles of Democrats stabbed in the back of the US army, government and allies while they were fighting against the Vietcong terrorist and the global communist’s wave spreading in the region. The prominent Democratic icons are Jane Fonda, Bill-Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry…and the left media are CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and the others including offshore left media like ABC, Channel Seven in Australia. After the Vietnam War ended by the unpredictable victory of Vietcong on April 30, 1975, the Democratic faces above have never repented, they have kept quiet as a stone. Democrats and the left media have lost the people credit after a million Vietnamese people fled to bid the freedom and Vietcong appeared the inhumane regime, they centralized more than 800,000 members of South Vietnam soldier and public servant into the hell of prison. The dried bloodbath’s revenge killed more than 165,000 political prisoners. Nevertheless, Democrats were the comrade of Vietcong, they are accomplice the human rights violation in Vietnam and a million Vietnamese people died on the way to find freedom.


The prestige of Democrats continue to decline and now, the people trust has been bankrupted. Democrats commit suicide by its members, almost, they Democratic politicians being rotten the patriotic heart, the faction and individual interest transforming Democrats to the treasonous party. The viral politicians cause the disaster, they are the cancerous parts have devastated Democrats. The viral politicians destroyed the giant political party in the US are:


1-The Clinton’s family is the center of the scandal, the saga of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the corruption, and the sexual controversy. The Clinton’s family pulls Democrats into the quagmire of crime. Nevertheless,  the legal networks set up into the justice department, FBI, CIA, National Intelligence Agency and the Democratic judges covered up the wrongdoings and concealed the crimes, so the people loathe Democrats throughout Clinton’s family and their gang. The people knew Clinton’s family matched the serious crimes, but the Democratic judges, the senior and expert lawyers, they are also the legal professional loopholes protected, so Clinton’s family sitting above the law, they ignore the justice.


2-The scandals of former President Barrack Obama have not indicted yet:

-President Barrack Obama misused a hundred million dollars of the taxpayers for family enjoyed the luxury vacations.


-President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for Islamic State founded after withdrew the US troop in Iraq that matched the willing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama provided $USD 400 million for terrorist.


-President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry gave away $USD 150 billion of taxpayers to Iran for the nuclear deal and the other $USD 1.8 billion in cash to Teheran (the money transported by airplane contained in barrels and the boxes.)


3-The 4 deaths of Benghazi sunk down in the shadow while the people and victim’s families want to know who is responsible, actually, the incident occurred under the authority of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama.


4-The Special Counsel of Robert Mueller cost the taxpayers $34 million, nevertheless, the cheat investigation created by Hillary Clinton who hired the former British Intelligence agent Christopher wrote the fabricated dossiers to accuse Russia meddled the US election in 2016. The cheat investigation of Robert Mueller added more public outrage.


5-Two new Muslim Representatives are Ilhan Abdullahi Omar and Rashida Harbi Tlaib created the people anger when two Muslim congresswomen showing the arrogant attitude, actually, Rashida Harbi Tlaib used the coarse language to attack President of United States of America. Both Muslim Congresswomen are illiterate the Constitution, they often active to impeach President Donald Trump despite their boss is Nancy Pelosi does nothing to remove president out the office. Two Muslim Congresswomen become the disgraced clowns perform the unsalable sitcom into US politics. On the other hand, Democrats recruited the low-gear politicians as two Muslim Congresswomen that causes the people to boycott.


6-The Vietnamese background’s Representative Kathy Tran makes the national outrage after she introduced the barbarous abortion’s bill, it permits to kill 40 weeks old baby.


7.-The corruption of new Congresswomen are Rashida Tlaib misused $USD 45,000 of her campaign fund to the personal purpose and Alexandra Ocasio Cortez transferred a million dollars of election fund to her private companies, but Democrats cover up while the people knew.


8-The hot incident is the completed wall: Democrats slightly control the House of Representatives, moreover, the lawmaker terrorist and also commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic gang in Senate led by Chuck Schumer cut the wall’s fund while the border being threatened by the felons, gangs (as M-13), drug cartels and terrorists invade. The national emergency’s declaration of President Donald Trump to respond to the country demand and the impact also unmasked the treasonous face of Democrats.


The worst records of Democrats that swats the people trust, the potential loss in the next election is waiting for the Donkey’s Head Party. Nowadays, the really treasonous faces of Democrats exposed by themselves, the hostile attitude of the Democratic leaders in Congress and Senate plus the viral politicians as Ilhan Abdullahi Omar and Rashida Harbi Tlaib, Kathy Tran, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez declares to follow the socialism while the US people know the model of Socialism in Venezuela pauperized the people by President Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, two socialist leaders transformed the wealthy country to poverty. Nevertheless, the brilliant candidate Bernie Sanders also announces socialism if he becomes the US president in 2020./.







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