Democrats fight the hopeless battle on the wall


Posted on February 21, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After President Donald Trump declared the national emergency to respond the border protection while the felons, drug cartels, drug syndicates, terrorist are invading. The lawmaker terrorist and also commander in thug Nancy Pelosi couldn’t retaliate the order of the commander in chief Donald Trump, the battle is over, but the hopeless battle prepares to lock the national emergency will file on this Friday, certainly, President Donald Trump holds upper hand’s position, he authorizes to veto, the effort of Democrats is zero.


The slight major member in Congress of Democrats that couldn’t reach 2/3 to revoke the national emergency’s declaration of President Donald Trump. Moreover, the Republicans control the Senate. So the leader of the lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic gang leader in Senate Chuck Schumer surrendered the patriotic wall. Therefore, some Democratic Representatives are such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the others have vowed to lock President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration. A snake’s head disabled but the tail moves until falling into the motionless state. Moreover, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller said President Donald Trump will use his presidential veto power in the case that Congress passes disapproval vote of the national emergency declaration. So the patriotic act of President Donald Trump couldn’t overturn or revoke, Democrats have to comply with the Constitution. The people could measure the failure of Democrats on the left media operates. Since the day that President Donald Trump declared the national emergency, the left media has avoided releasing about the wall. The outrage of the enemy of people exposing on some television shows as the disgraced clown Alec Balwin who often mocks President Donald Trump.


The last effort to use the “robbers with the paper knife” to lock the national emergency of commander in chief Donald Trump that is not easy. In the passage of time, the travel ban’s order and border protection’s order to be abused by some district Democratic judges, almost, the legal thugs labeled judges failed to stop the presidential order. The Constitution consents the presidential power applying in the national security demands. Nevertheless, no one voted a judge, including the Supreme Court Justice to be pointed by the US president. The judge’s power framed in the courtroom, it authorizes on the court order of crime or the other legal forms as a contract but not in politics.


According to the statistic shows the number of a lawyer in the US in 2018 is 1.34 million lawyers. The current state attorney is 93, many US Attorneys maintain a smaller office in their districts. Therefore, the US has only the President, the country ruled by the elected president, certainly, not the judges. On the other hand, the judges are the legal servant, they are not the national leaders, not have any role in the commander in chief, but the judges are the” commander in court”. The massive numerous lawyer becomes the competition, so Democrats can get a legal team to fight the national security reflects the national emergency, the hungry money’s lawyers are already waiting for the lawsuit of Democrats. President Donald Trump represents the nation while the Democrats represent a gang or faction, actually, the lawyers represent for the pocket, the patriotic concern is nothing affects the” robbers with the paper knife”, the legal fee wins over the justice and the patriotic heart.


The key place to revoke the national emergency is the Congress and Senate, therefore, Democrats do nothing as the Constitution confirms the authority of President Donald Trump to respond the national security.


As the hopeless reactions applied before into the travel ban and border protection. The strongholds of Democrats apply the guerrilla’s tactic to using the lawsuit. The prominent state is California forwards the legal action and the other 15 states are:

Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Virginia follow as a French proverb” le mouton de Panurge”. The lawsuit filed in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco where is the stronghold of Democrats. Why didn’t they file the lawsuit at the other places? Certainly, the Democratic Judges are the legal thugs, not applying genuine justice.


The lawyers have to do anything as the Democratic client requires including the boasting speech as the bush law of the communist regime. The lawyers could say the national emergency is” unlawful and constitutional”, therefore, they must know the Constitution consents the presidential authority on the National Emergency Act of 1976. What do the lawyers and the district court apply the law to lock the national emergency’s declaration of President Donald Trump?. Certainly, the lawyers and district court may come to China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and Laos to study the bush law. Unfortunately, the bush law has no room in the US legal system. The court order to lock the national emergency is like using the palms to cover the sunlight.


President Donald Trump authorizes to use $USD 1.375 billion of Congress passed the bill and $USD 6.6 billion to complete the wall. The so-called lawsuit is vain, it is like a frog making a  sound, but the frog has never changed the night to day quicker. White House seems to ignore the lawsuit, mostly applies into the district courts while the last place is Supreme Court will have the final decision. President Donald Trump said: “I actually think we might do very well, even in the 9th Circuit, because it’s an open and closed case”. The so-called Group Public Citizen is a social club, they fifed a lawsuit in District of Columbia. Before to apply the lawsuit, obviously, they must see Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.


The useless solution performs in the lawsuit that doesn’t affect, including Democratic Congress, instead, the people laughing the folly but wastes the time and money. The profit hunter’s lawyers do want the job. Before lawyer of the pornstar Stormy Daniels is Michael Avenitti bragged to bring the sitting president to the court, he didn’t understand the law despite he is a senior lawyer. Now, the case is national security that reflects the people want and the Constitution admits. How will the lawyers overturn and revoke the national emergency’s declaration of President Donald Trump making from a local court?. Nevertheless, the numerous state is a minority, 16 states couldn’t meet the majority among 50 states.


The lawsuit is impossible but Democrats use the robbers with the paper knife to abuse the government, the Democratic thugs completely failed, the wall must complete. Breitbart News has published an article:” Pollak: Trump can build a wall now, despite state lawsuit”.


The wall costs a little bit in the massive spending of the national budget, but the border protection improves. The lawsuit is like all kind of insect struck by the strong stuff of pesticide, the legal line shames with the dishonest lawyers and attorneys who ignore the national security. Once again, the former chief ethics attorney of George W.Bush is Richard Painter told President Donald Trump is not well at all mentally and proposes the Congress needs to remove Donald Trump. The people have no surprise the Bush’s family disgusting President Donald Trump after Jeb Bush failed the White House race in 2016. Mr. former Attorney Richard Painter steals the career of Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson, a lawyer has no authority to practice on a medical assessment. Mr. excellent Attorney Richard Painter can ask 27 dogtors of Harvard and Yale University about the health of President Donald Trump. The place of Attorney Richard Painter is the court, not surgery or clinic, he applies a wrong place and career.


The wall’s battle decided the winner is the US people, actually the commander in chief Donald Trump represents the people to make the national security safe, he makes America great again. The commander in thug Nancy Pelosi trashed and Democrats completely lost the battle after the Interstate Ballistic” NATIONAL EMERGENCY” Missile launched, the fund to complete the wall set./.







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