Democrats avenge for Iran by the impeachment


Posted on January 17, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After President Donald Trump ordered to kill the top terror commanders in Iraq, actually, the death of Major General Qassem Soleimani that sparkles the revenge campaign in Iran and in the US. Moreover, the death of the most dangerous man appeared the terrorists in the US, the domestic thugs climbed higher and dived deeper in the US government. The people recognize the terrorists occupied Congress and in the passage of time, the high-level terrorist Barrack Obama stormed White House in 8 years, President Barrack Obama exploited the function of commander in chief to act as THE COMMANDER IN TERROR, he used the taxpayers to provided Islamic State and also financed to Iran, actually, the deception of Iran Nuclear Deal that helped the rogue regime enriches the Uranium and conspiring to acquire the nuclear weapon. If in 2016, Hillary becomes the first female president, Iran will threaten the world by the nuclear bomb and nuclear ballistic missile.


The funeral of top terror chief Qassem Soleimani cost 50 lives stampeded to death and Iran’s President Hassen Rouhani, supreme commander in chief Ali Khamenei raised the mouthful revenge’s speech to Iran public. Following the revenge promise, a dozen psychological missiles dropped in two Iraq military bases where the US soldiers stationed that created zero casualties with minor damage. Before launching the missiles, Iran called to Iraq Prime Minister Adil Abdul al-Muntafiki, because Iran fears the US, actually, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump who promises the hard retaliatory response to Iran. So the supreme commander Ali Khamenei must use that way to reduce the US casualties by calling Iraq government and Iraq alerted to the US. So the revenge succeded to kill no-one, it is wonderful retaliation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nevertheless, Iraq President Barham Saleh accuses Iran attacked Iraq bases on January 8, 2010. Moreover, the human shield tactic of Iran using the lives of Iranian people to attempt the revenge by shooting Ukrainian passenger plane Boeing 737 at Teheran. The major passengers are Iranian citizens. Iran conspired to create another Boeing accident to destroy the US economy if Boeing 737 of flight PS-752 proved an accident, or the investigation perpetuates without the conclusion and Iran will use the incident for compensation and the rogue regime will incite its people to protest against the US and allies. Unfortunately, the US intelligence discovered and Iran confesses the shooting comes from Iran’s missiles, so the malicious plan failed. The Iranian people protest against its government and calling the leaders to resign. Certainly, all revenge plans of Iran failed and their comrade is Democrats in the US act to avenge the death of three top terror commanders, actually, Major General Qassem Soleimani who is a close friend with the high profiles of Democrats. The US people recognize the reaction of lawmaker terrorists and commanders in thug Nancy Pelosi plus Democrats slam President Donald Trump who ordered to kill the most dangerous terror leaders on the planet. It is the evidence proved Democrats are the terror party in the US.


Iran has fallen into the peril after the revenge plans ruined and hit back the terrorism activity’s regime. President Hassen Rouhani strays the Ukrainian passenger plane’s crime by calling the US and Europe to leave Middle-East. Certainly, Iran can not force the nations in Middle-East to expel the US and Europe. His voice is useless, but Iran aggravates the reaction of the wealthy countries on the planet while Iran’s economy crippled by the US sanctions. Certainly, Iran can not expel the US and Europe out from Middle-East, but the US and Europe can impose the tough sanctions and isolate Iran from the international community. Nevertheless, three Europe countries are the United Kingdom, France and Germany warn Iran about the Nuclear Deal that overhauls in 30 days because Iran violated the agreement. The shooting passenger plane of Ukrainian that turns the worst situation of Iran. Certainly, the world doubts Iran claims the human error because the rogue regime is heartless, they could do anything to get the target. The terrorist has not discriminated the Muslim countries, so the bloodshed terror also occurred in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia and somewhere else. The terrorist could kill its people and they enjoy the crimes by telling Allah recognizes who are Muslim when they were among the victims. So the religious rule in Iran can use the lives of its people to exchange the retaliation to the US.


It doesn’t coincide when Democrats urge to impeach President Donald Trump after Iran failed the retaliatory revenge’s plans. The treasonous party labeled Democrats attempt the revenge for Iran, so they rush to form an impeachment’s team with the disgraced clowns are the far-left Democrats House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, and the impeachment members are Representative Hakeen Jeffries (D-NY), Val Deming (D-FL), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), Jason Crow (D-CO) and Sylvia Garcia (D-TX)


The treasonous team leader Adam Schiff and impeachable manager Jerry Nadler represent Democrats to carry out the most deception in the US’s history. Certainly, the Senate welcomes the desperate plan of the Democratic Party (the hidden communist party in the US and also the terror gang), it is the suicide mission. The impeachment’s team has 7 members, they will face the questions of Republican Senators about the Constitution, the key witnesses as Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the hidden whistleblowers. Moreover, Republicans control the Senate, so Nancy Pelosi can not corner the Senators as she did in Congress. Certainly, the impeachment proved the panic of Democrats while China begging to deal with the US and Iran failed the revenge plans.


Democratic Party is the domestic enemy and the terrorist activity in the US, the people will impeach Democrats in the futuristic elections, actually, the election 2020 is waiting for President Donald Trump claims the landslide victory and also Democrats will be wiped out from Congress. While the hopeless impeachment launching to avenge for Iran, the bombshell was dropped when a key witness in Special Counsel of the legal terrorist Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is America-Lebanese businessman George Nader who pleaded guilty to a string of sickening child sex crimes at Federal Court in Alexandria. He should face 10 years in prison, moreover, Mr. George Nader concealed $US 3.5 million to donate Hillary Clinton and the other financial scandals.


Democrats rush to impeach President Donald Trump for Iran’s revenge and also abuse President Donald Trump while talking with China. The lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi signed the impeachment-articles, but it conflicts the Constitution because of the impeachment based on bush law or the underworld rules of Mafia. The impeachment-articles can not apply when President Donald Trump does nothing wrong, instead, Democrats override the authority and breach the Constitution, they are the treasonous party, so the Justice Department needs to indict Nancy Pelosi and the others. President Donald Trump wrote: “Here we go again, another con job by the do-nothing Democrats”


Iran fired a dozen missiles for nothing and Democrats fire two articles ballistic impeachment missiles to White House and aiming the man who makes America great again, the enemies fears and the domestic thug panic. Certainly, the sole resolution of Democrats creates the laugh/.






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