Democrats and the thugs fails to stop the wall


Posted on February 18, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After President Donald Trump declared the national emergency, Democrats and the gang of lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi reacts as all kind of insect struck by the strong stuff of pesticide. The situation has never overturned because the wall reflects the national security and the people demand. President Donald Trump makes America great again and he also makes the people safe. The left media and Democrats plus the outside thugs to be thrashed, so all the attempts to stop the wall that trashed.


The patriot wins over treason that is the natural fact, the thug must surrender. The commander in thug Nancy Pelosi has tried to misuse the Congressional authority to reject $USD 5.7 billion to complete the wall. Unfortunately, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump authorizes to use $USD 8 billion to respond the national security that reflects the border protection and the wall is able to stop the people smugglers, drug cartels, drug syndicates, felons, terrorists. Whoever opposes the national security, they are the thug of people, so the gang of Nancy Pelosi matches the enemy of the country.


President Donald Trump is the patriot, he also has the lenient heart, so the first government shut down in 35 days that affected nearly a million workers, the culprits are Democrats exposing the gang of Nancy Pelosi in the Congress and faction of Chuck Schumer in Senate. The people outrage react on the brick campaign purposes sending 100,000 bricks to the door of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The emotional scene of a disabled veteran Brian Kolfage who moves on the wheelchair to raise the wall’s fund. Despite Democrats seize the Congress but they have not convinced the people, the next election will answer the treason.


The national emergency’s declaration of President Donald Trump crushed down Democrats, they do nothing to stop the wall while the monetary sources belong to the commander in chief Donald Trump, so the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi failed the wall’s battle. The military money is the out of the authority of Congress, Democrats foolishly react, the last hope is using the” robber with the paper knife” force to attack the national security. The so-called American Civil Liberties Union is the actual tool of Democrats intending to sue the government to complete the wall, they exploit the humanitarian crisis as the lawsuit’s reason. The Democratic stronghold in California promptly reacts, Governor Gavin Newsom with state Attorney General Xavier Becerra intimidate:” to reject this foolish proposal in court the moment it touches the ground.“. The lawsuit cost California’s budget, how could California’s governor qualify to do?. The other Democratic hand is the so-called Nonprofit Watchdog Group Public Citizen filed the lawsuit later, they urge the US District Court in Colombia’s district to prevent President Donald Trump and the U.S. Department of Defense from using the declaration and funds appropriated for other purposes to build a border wall. the lawmaker terrorist and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi asked several Democratic state attorney generals may file the lawsuit. Miss Liza Goitein is co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice, she discussed the scope of power that President Donald Trump declares the national emergency on the left media terror base MSNBC. The Brennan Center is named for late Liberal Supreme Justice William Brennan that funded by the well-known leftist billionaire George Soros. Certainly, the Brennan Center knows the legal action against the national security that is useless.


It is the fourth national emergency declaration in US history, Democratic President Bill Clinton issued the most national emergencies with 17 times. Republican President George W.Bush had 13 and President Barrack Obama carried out 12. President Donald Trump just declared the national emergency, it is the routine, but Democrats and the thug outrage.


President Donald Trump exercises and complies the Constitution that consents the National Emergencies Act of 1976, the House of Representatives and Senate also can revoke a declaration by” major vote’, it must reach two-third vote y each house. In the House of Representatives, although Democrats take the control by a slight major number, so it is not enough 2/3, nevertheless, Republicans control the Senate. The wall’s battle decided after President Donald Trump declared the national emergency. Democrats and lawmaker terrorist Nancy Pelosi cannot use the unconstitutional power of a commander in thug to hit back the Interstate Ballistic” National Emergency” Missile of the potential commander in chief Donald Trump.


The hopeless tactic can be used to hire the expert lawyers, mostly the lawyer career is the job or business, they work for the legal fees than justice. The making profit’s lawyers are like the legal robot, the money could order lawyers to do a client request. Do not talk about justice with the robbers with the paper knife. Almost, the lawyers recognize the wrong and right, the patriot and treason, therefore, they could do the job and Democrats or MAFIA, Cartel bosses could hire a lawyer.


The Democratic judges appeared the treasonous face after they released the court orders to oppose the travel ban’s order and border protection’s order of President Donald Trump. Certainly, the people condemned and disdained the legal thugs. Certainly, the concerned and patriotic judges putting the national security according to the Constitution. The drug cartels, felons, terrorists are the criminals, the law has no tolerance. So Democrats stand alongside with the illegal migrant, that means they support the criminals. The concerned judges respect the law and Constitution, they couldn’t accept the crime.


Democrats have attempted the malicious tactics to stop the wall, they knew President Donald Trump is the winner because the major people support and want the wall completed as soon as possible. Democrats failed into the humanitarian label after the report of the Home Land Security then the environment applied the legal challenge that prepared from December 2017, they knew the wall has to complete. The State of California and several environmental groups sued President Donald Trump and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about the border’s construction, therefore the 9TH Circuit sides with President Donald Trump for border protection, the wall reflects the national security, the panel ruled 2-1.


The left media terror misleads the public, they lie about the legal action, some media released the fake news about President Donald Trump faces the lawsuit, however, the lawmakers are Senate and Congress have not enough 2/3 each house to revoke the emergency declaration. How can the court overturn the order of President Donald Trump? The judges apply the law made by the Congress and Senate. The legal action applies against the national emergency of President Donald Trump is like Vietcong’s guerrilla in the Vietnam War using the archery and arrow to shoot the aircraft.


Democrats crazily to revenge President Donald Trump after the loss of election 2016. Almost, Democrats ignored the national interest and snub the public, indeed, every political party does need the people to vote. Unfortunately, Democrats advocate to rig the election, the illegal migrant is their ballot. The terrible mistake will cost potential damages in the long term, Democrats collapsed the people trust.


Harvard University is left, but they couldn’t lie anymore, the newest polls 80% the US people need the wall while Democratic fan agrees the wall is 68%. It is a strong message sending the commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Almost, Democrats completely failed the cunning tactics to impeach President Donald Trump and now the wall hit back to the lawmaker terrorists./.







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