Cranky Joe Biden journeys to the nominee’s race


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Democrats seem exhausted the presidential candidate since a billionaire Donal Trump became the 45th US President. The presidential candidate inflates, there are more 32 high profiles of Donkey’s Head Party declared to run the White House race in 2020. Almost, the candidates raised mouthful speech as a kid wants lolly, but the fundraising is good business. The famous candidates are such as the disgraced socialist Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Ann Warren, Kamala Harris… officially joined the nomination’s battle and calling the election fund. Whatever, the candidates will or won’t succeed the nomination, but they can earn the money without spending a drop of sweat contribute from the supporters. Therefore, Hillary Clinton gave up the dream, and Michelle Obama has not decided yet.


Democrats rush the presidential candidate, among 32 prominent candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden has emerged as the risen star into the darkness of Democratic high profiles. He officially announced the nomination’s battle on Thursday 25, 2019, Democrats seem to find a presidential candidate peers the incumbent President Donald Trump in 2020, so the Democratic fan crowded to support Joe Biden.


He was born on November 20, 1942, the successful politician of Democrats, Senator of electorate Delaware from 1973 to 2009. Mr. Joe Biden was Vice President from 2009 to 2017. Almost, Senator Joe Biden didn’t have any notorious record, therefore he is the prominent leftists are such as Bill-Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and the other Democratic high profiles endorsed Vietcong terrorist in the Vietnam War. Certainly, the Vietnamese people, Vietnam veteran and tens of million victims of Vietcong have never forgotten the Vietcong’s supporters. Certainly, the Vietcong’s supporters plus the left media owed the Vietnamese people, Vietnam veteran and the allies an apology. Therefore, they have kept quiet as a stone.


The Democratic nominee’s race in 2008, Senator Joe Biden and Senator Hillary Clinton were the hopeful candidates, so both used the strong languages to attack Senator Barrack Obama. Therefore, after major Democrats voted to support Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and Joe Biden served as the Vice President throughout two terms of President Barrack Obama. In the presidential election 2012, the debates attended with Paul Ryan, the people dubbed Vice President Joe Biden is Cranly Joe. However, from 2015, Vice President Joe Biden didn’t want to be presidential candidate despite he was a priority to take the White House’s race, so the Democratic nominee’s race became the furious battle between the comrades. Eventually, Hillary Clinton got the ticket to challenge with candidate Donald Trump and she ruined the wonderful dream after November 8, 2016. Therefore, after the election 2016, former Vice President Joe Biden said that he could beat Donald Trump if he was a candidate in 2016. Certainly, former Vice President Joe Biden has free speech, he can talk as he wants to.


The former Vice President Joe Biden has been faced the sexual misconduct’s scandal. Therefore, he is the hopeful candidate of the Donkey’s Head Party as the proverb” in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is the king”. The presidential election is still nearly two years time, but Democrats have prepared the candidate.


After the declaration, former Vice President Joe Biden and his staff plan the fundraising, as the senior executive of Joe Biden is David L. Cohen aims to collect at least $USD 500,000 at the event in Pittsburgh then they will travel to Philadelphia attending a major rally.


Before, in the presidential election 2008, candidate Barrack Obama propagated the slogan” yes we can” and now former Vice President Joe Biden would use the slogan:” Obama-Biden Democrats” to woo the young people and the working class, actually, Joe Biden targets to take the ballot of Barrack Obama. The Cranky Joe Biden shows the arrogance, he said:” Dregs of society support Donald Trump”. President Donald Trump makes America great again, the country safe, enemies fear and allies trust.


The US people obsess the SATAN’s era of Barrack Obama who made America worst off ever, while the SANTA’s era of President Donald Trump makes America great again, the country safe, enemies fear and allies trust.

The former Vice President Joe Biden joins the presidential candidate’s nominee’s line that enhances the left media. The News Politics released on the front page of drudge report” Claims Biden is 8 points ahead of Trump”. It is the good news for Joe Biden and Democrats to collect the money for the campaign in 2020. If the poll comes true, Mr. Joe Biden will be the oldest president elected in history. Therefore, otherwise, former Vice President Joe Biden will learn the bloody lesson of Hillary Clinton, she was elected by the left media, actually, Newsweek confirmed:” Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House”.


The left media has the hopeful candidate, it is the time to polish a cranky man, actually the false polls, Miss Meghan McCain is the first co-host to interview the hopeful candidate Joe Biden. After declaration to join the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden has hired a political strategist Symone D. Sanders, before, she served as national press secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders in the presidential campaign 2016. She also a prominent journalist on strategy and political commentator on CNN. Miss political strategist Symone Sanders is a black female, she is the racist against the White as President Barrack Obama dug up the racial war and the civil war in 8 years. Obviously, Miss Symone Sanders said:” we don’t need White people leading Democratic party right now”./.








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