Coronavirus without border shatterers China


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Socialism’s economic products, actually the food and agricultural products plus the information’s concealment hides behind the bamboo curtain and totalitarian regime based on Marxism-Leninist-Maoist have become the communism cancer, it silently has developed in the communist paradise. Socialism cancer has appeared in communist countries like Vietnam, China, Cuba, North Korea, and others. Therefore, the propaganda plus the demagogical slogans expect as the miracle to apply into multiple forms including the medical field. The Western countries treat the illness, diseases, pandemic by the medicine but in the communist regimes ignore the life of its people, the regime’s existence is the number one priority. In Vietnam, actually, the concentration camps, the hell of the prison that called Re-Education camps, Vietcong cadres advise the ill-prisoners about the miracle medicine branded” OVERTAKEN OBSTACLE”. Mostly, poor people live in the communist paradise must use the socialism medicine” overtaken obstacle” to treat themselves while the health system prioritizes to serve the Red noble class and their families in the communist paradise. Its reason explains the communist members have a long life, actually the high ranking cadres in Political Bureau.


Therefore, the communist paradise is the wonderful place of corruption and virus, so the pandemics as SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and recently, the Coronavirus come from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and the place of pandemics.


The Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan to be concealed by the local government, so the pandemic spread quickly into the population, the deadly virus transmitted from the human to humans. When Coronavirus developed without control, eventually, China’s communist regime must alert to its people and the world discovered the death toll rises daily in China’s mainland, actually Wuhan. It is too late, the deadly virus ignores the borders, so Coronavirus has invaded China’s mainland, the infected cities added up to 31 and the other cities being threatened as Wenzhou, the most important port city of China trade and industry, moreover, the death toll in Hubei province has reported 97% after Coronavirus struck. It means China’s health system can not deal with the dire pandemic, because of the lack of medicine, finance, corruption and the carelessness of government help Coronavirus spread quickly. China must lock down the infected areas, so more than 50 million people have been suffered terrible conditions, actually, the government has no income support the jobless, the poor and low-income people during dealing with Pandemic. The food’s supply is so hard, the infected cities become the ghost towns. China’s communist regime has tried to conceal the dire pandemic, even a Chinese doctor of Wuhan’s hospital names Li Wenliang, 34-year-old who alerted the Coronavirus and urged the regime using the medicine to treat the virus. Unfortunately, the government concealed, instead, Dr. Li Wenliang to be reprimanded by the Police. Eventually, Dr. Li Wenliang has died by Coronavirus on February 7, 2020, while the death toll rises 560 and 28, 200 infected cases as the report of the communist government, indeed, the death toll and infected people are more than the concealment’s report.


The world alert Coronavirus after discovered some cases and the first death of a Philippine. On February 5, 2020, the cruise ship of the Carnival’s Diamond Princess must strand at sea in Yokohama after discovered 10 passengers have the positive Coronavirus and 3,700 passengers can not leave the ship within 14 days. The Coronavirus appalls the world. There are just about 10 people struck by Coronavirus but Japanese government must strand 3,700 passengers at sea, so in China, there are more than 50,000,000 people live in the infected areas, how can China quarantine the massive population?


Almost, the major airline companies suspend the flights to the central pandemic and limited the flights to China. The Coronavirus hits and disabled the tourism industry in China’s mainland and the major international flights suspend. China’s communist regime perplexes while the national health system can not contain a Coronavirus outbreak. China rushes to build the makeshift hospitals, therefore, the people doubt the sanity conditions of socialism. The new hospitals with a thousand beds inundated the infected people after built, because of the massive patients are overload. The situation in China’s mainland is complicated while the death toll couldn’t know exactly when the government tries to conceal and relents the world because China fears the trade loses, it is the vulnerability of the largest communist regime. Therefore, the concealment couldn’t cover the truth in the high technological communication era. So the world has never trust the reports released from China. Moreover, Chinese people leaked the worst situation on the internet, actually, the youtube (The clip, posted by Jennifer Zeng, is captioned “At Wuzu Town, Huangmei County in #Hubei, a woman was said to have shot dead after she attempted to break the blockade set up to contain #coronavirus.), a family in Wuhan died at the scene, a young man dared to make a youtube telling the truth and China’s police arrested after the video released. The quarantine faces very difficulty in  China’s mainland, the numerous people reached more than 50 million and the cases increase without control.


The Western countries respect human life but the communist regimes ignore instead, they just want to keep the totalitarian regime forever. Therefore, the people can abolish the ruthless regimes in Russia, Eastern Europe Communist Bloc in the early 1990s and the democratic countries, the people can change the government by the election. Vietnam Communist Party is the same character, founder Hồ Chí Minh advised its member:” losing the country is rather losing the communist party, let’s protect the party as the pupil in the eyes” so Hồ Chí Minh and its communist party led Vietnam to be a vassal of Soviet-Union in the Cold War and now Vietnam is an unofficial province of China.


The left parties in Western are the siblings with China, so the left parties have used the demagogic policies to win the elections and rule the government. Democrats in the US represent the left parties in the Western-like Australian Labor Party, UK Labor Party. President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Vice President Al Gore, Joe Biden, and the other high profiles exchanged the national interest with the party’s interest and individual favor, so Democratic Party is the treasonous party. China’s Communist Party doesn’t care about the Chinese people. From 1949, China’s Communist Party massacred more than 65,000,000 people by the bloodshed campaign of Mao Ts Tung, leader Deng Xiaoping killed tens of thousands of people Tiananmen Square to keep the regime remaining. So Re Emperor Xi Jinping and its communist party can abandon Hubei province, the regime can sacrifice 50 million people in the infected region to save the regime. It is the barbarous character of communism and Maoist. Chinese people must stand up before too late, the ruthless regime ignores the life of people despite China’s national label is The People’s Republic of China. There is only the communist regime abolished that will save Chinses people and the country.


The communist paradise is the den of corruption and pandemics, the most deadly pandemics came from China, so the Western and the democratic countries re-think about doing the businesses, factories in the mainland by the reasons:


- China’s communist regime has never respected international law and its counterparts, instead, the bush law. The circumstance of Australian billionaire James Packer who lost $AU 4.2 billion in Macau’s Casino Resort. The Chinese billionaire in Hong Kong is Lawrence Ho who led James Packer to fell into the trap. Moreover, after Red-Emperor Xi Jinping changed the law to ban the gamble. Crown Casino in Macau ruined, so Lawren Ho offered to take over at the cheap price. Therefore, Coronavirus outbreak that causes Melco Resorts of Lawrence Ho has decided not to go ahead the deal is worth $AU 880 million with Crown Casino.

- China’s mainland is not a hygienic place as the Western, socialism is keen to use the human’s excrement for fertilizer, so the deadly pandemics have developed in the communist paradise. The tourists, foreign companies are endangering while doing business and visiting in China, the deadly pandemic can appear anytime.


Once again, the outbreak of Coronavirus warns the Western and democratic countries may overhaul the trade and any financial relation with China. When the pandemic appears, the loss is inevitable as Coronavirus affected the countries deeply involved in the economy with China from many decades ago./.







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