Coronavirus transmits to political pandemic


Posted on August 3, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Commonly, when a pandemic outbreak, the government, doctors, scientists, and the medical officers must carry out two stages:


1- Initially, the treatment must respond to an urgent situation.


2- Following the vaccine


The Chinese virus or Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s Biosafety level 4 Laboratory, the biological warfare of China’s Communist Party to attack the world. The deep conspiracy has planned at least two decades ago by China’s strategist, General Chi Haotian who advocated using the biological weapon to control the world after destroyed the US and Western.


The Ape Emperor Xi Jinping transforms the idea of Chi Haotian and Mao Tse Tung to reality. The genocide plan to kill the world by pandemic has prepared, so China’s Communist Party’s actual henchman, director-General of the World Health Organization, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeus misled the medical information, that causes the pandemic delayed and China’s communist regime had enough time to use Chinese residents as the biological stations traveled everywhere, it conducts the Coronavirus pandemic has spread worldwide. The serious crime against the humanity of China’s Communist Party and Xi Jinping have never tolerated, the world community needs to sanction and isolate the rogue regime and file the lawsuit to seek the massive compensation that estimates a hundred trillion of US dollars.


Democrats and the left media want to perpetuate the pandemic as long as good, the strongholds of Democrats in the US became the hot spots when the Coronavirus outbreak in the high tide. New York City, California had a high death toll and infection, President Donald Trump rushes to find the treatment and vaccine and he also helps the US people dealing with the difficulties while the economy affected by the Chinese virus. Therefore, the left media launches psychological warfare as they did in the Vietnam War, the death toll, and infected cases added with the other death causes in the US and Europe, but they conceal the death toll and massive infection in China. The phony propaganda can not convince the world, so Democrats and the left media failed to cheat the people by fake news.


The Democratic Dogtors and dishonest scientists are heartless, they have tried anyway to distort the medical career by hampering the treatment to save the people during waiting for the vaccine. The Coronavirus pandemic outbreak is like flu, as H1N1 in 2009, the treatment can save the life. In the UK, the doctors succeeded to treat Coronavirus with Dexamethasone and the US, Hydroxychroloquine can kill Coronavirus properly. The outcome of treatment testified many people recovered, the cost is cheap. Therefore, Democrats and the left media plus the Democratic Dogtors transmit the Coronavirus pandemic to political pandemic. The focus to harm the US patriotic President Donald Trump in the election of 2020 and also help China’s actual henchman Joe Biden to make the historic journey to White House. Unfortunately, Doctor Antony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert opposes Hydroxychroloquine. Possibly, Doctor Fauci should be Dogtor Fauci who distorts the career, moreover, he worked for Bill Gates Foundation in 20 years. Blaze Media wrote:” Anthony #Fauci has been in the federal government for 50 YEARS, and is consistently over-hyped and given far too much attention. He’s not “America’s Doctor” — he’s just the infectious disease guy”. Once again, the people doubt the academics when someone exploits the doctoral degree for individual favor and political purposes.


After President Donald Trump introduced the first treatment by using Hydroxychroloquine, immediately, the left media and the Democratic Dogtors opposed and mocked President Donald Trump. Therefore, the concerned doctors continue to save the life of Coronavirus patients by Hydroxychroloquine. Nigerian born and trained doctor Stella Immanuel confirmed that she treated successfully more than 350 patients with Hydroxychroloquine, Zinc, and antibacterial drug. Nevertheless, Doctor Harvey Risch, epidemiology professor of Yale School of Public Health told the  Hydroxychroloquine could save up to 100,000 lives. Therefore, the left media launches psychological warfare against the effective treatment of Hydroxychroloquine. Certainly, the left media’s journalists and dishonest reporters are the medical doctors or the health professionals, their knowledge limited in media’s career, but they dare to criticize the medical field. Certainly, President Donald Trump is not a medical doctor, but he has the medical team that gathered the top medical doctors and medical professionals in the US to advise, so President Donald Trump based on the top medical officers to introduce the medical treatment to the public. Nevertheless, the left tech communication companies like Facebook, Youtube used the technical devices to delete the information linking the treatment of Hydroxychroloquine.  However, there were many patients recovered and the concerned medical doctors in hospitals are the witnesses of Hydroxychroloquine’s treatment, so the left media and Democratic doctors failed to conceal the truth and propagate against the outcome of treatment. Moreover, Dogtor Anthony Fauci ignores the truth, he criticizes a study of Detroit’s Henry Ford Health System, the outcome to find Hydroxychroloquine reduced the deaths by Covid-19.


The Coronavirus pandemic transmits to the political pandemic by the Democrats and the left media, possibly, China’s communist regime should stand behind the conspiracy. The heartless Democrats and left media snub the public, they want the people to die by Coronavirus while the effective treatment is available at the cheap price. The US people and the world recognize the dishonesty character of the left media and Democrats into the inhumane campaign to prevent the treatment. Eventually, Hydroxychroloquine won over the malicious conspiracy of the domestic thugs. Now, the vaccine is underway, the Chinese virus will be over, the culprit will pay the compensation and the domestic appeared the evil face. President Donald Trump twittered:” Big China Virus breakouts all over the World, including nations which were thought to have done a great job. The Fake News doesn’t report this. USA will be stronger than ever before, and soon”.


   The vaccine raises hope for the people on the planet, it will nullify the Chinese virus, therefore, Dogtor Anthony Fauci testified the Congressional hearing on Friday, July 31, 2020, he told the vaccine ready by the end of this year and as we go into 2021. Certainly, Democrats, the left media, and Democratic Dogtors want the pandemic to perpetuate as long as good and the presidential election in 2020 will vote by mail when the people can not get out. The mail vote is the rigged election, Democrats are professionals of election’s cheat. The lawmaker terror leader and commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and her Donkey gang plans to use about $US 2 billion for the mail vote. However, the US people, particularly President Donald Trump have no surprise the malicious character of Democratic gang or the PINK MAFIA is comrade with RED MAFIA in Beijing, so President Donald Trump authorizes the solutions:


- Issue the executive order to reject the mail vote


- President Donald Trump can delay the election day that deals with the national emergency.


- President Donald Trump can make an executive order to extend the polling time from a day to three days, it deals with Coronavirus.


- When the country faces the war like the Second World War, nowadays, the biological war, the US president can remain the job without the election. The US history had President Franklin Delano Roosevelt remained three terms in office that responded to the Great Depression and Second World War. So a circumstance of President Donald Trump can repeat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt by the biological war of China and economic recession./.






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