Coronavirus pushes Xi Jinping into the tragedy


Posted on March 19, 2020  Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The biological warfare terror of China’s Communist regime is a risky offense, the consequence is immeasurable which is like a terrorist pays the high prices when the bomb explodes before the action. The plan uses the biological weapon to destroy the democratic countries that have conspired from two decades ago by China’s prominent strategist, General Chi Haotian. China loses the battle of global economic terror by the adjusted tariffs of President Donald Trump that conducts China facing the peril when the massive jobless threatens the ruthless regime and Red Emperor Xi Jinping with its communist party appall the collapse formula should repeat from multiple thousand years of Chinese history. Moreover, the global market ruined and the stock market plunged that aggravates the worst situation. China’s communist regime is pressuring from the domestic rivals and the international problem. The giant with the feet of clay is suffering terminal cancer, the collapse is possible.


The deadly Coronavirus hits hard China’s communist regime and Chinese people when the biological warfare terror exploded in Wuhan instead in the US or somewhere else. China concealed the failure of a biological attack, so whistleblower Dr. Li Wengliang was the victim of concealment, he was arrested and later died by Coronavirus.


Despite the plan failed but China tries to spread the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide, the actual helper is the World Health Organization. Particularly, W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus acts as China’s henchman, he deceived the world during the Coronavirus was outbreaking in Wuhan, so Japan, South Korea, and the other countries still welcomed Chinese tourists and workers. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus destroys W.H.O’s credit and he is an accomplice with China into the global biological terror, the crime opposes humanity.


Nowadays, the Coronavirus pandemic paralyzes the world, there are 155 countries affected, the death toll and infection increase at the one belt and one road’s members of China. On March 18, 2020,  Iran rises 1,000 deaths and 16, 168 infected cases. Italy has 2,500 deaths and the infected cases are 31, 506 while the propaganda machine of China in the mainland and the left media in Western conceal the death toll and infected population in China. Instead, they propagate the death toll and infected cases in the US, Western and other countries. The phone propaganda debunked by high technological communication, social media, and multiple information sources. Nevertheless, the comrade of China is the Democratic Party in the US stabs in back President Donald Trump.


During the deadly pandemic outbreak in the US and worldwide, President Donald Trump and the American people are fighting against the Coronavirus, the global biological warfare terror made in China to attack the world. Once again, the Democratic Party exposes the treason by stabbing in back President Donald Trump who fights against the pandemic. The irresponsibility plus the hostility of Democrats can not hide the public, the coward betrayal, and the treasonous attitude adds more people’s abhorrence of the hidden communist party in the US.


Democratic Party uses its actual hand is the Super PAC plans to spend about $US 5 million on digital advertising to attack President Donald who fights against the pandemic and keeping the people taking over the virus. The Political Action Committee (PAC) is the legal firm that gathered 527 organizations in the US.


The hostile campaign of Democrats aims President Donald Trump, it is the low-class of politics. The presidential candidates are launching the campaign and also attacking President into the travel ban while the Coronavirus spreading, the most infected cases come from the people traveled overseas, including Chinese tourists and workers. Former Vice President Joe Biden criticizes the travel ban on China is hysterical and racist. The people know Joe Biden is the actual henchman of China, he made a profit for China during holding the Vice President in 8 years, and China repaid $US 2.1 billion’s boon to his son Hunter Biden. Senator Bernie Sanders criticizes President Donald Trump on the Coronavirus fight.


The Coronavirus affects worldwide, the death toll, the infected population, and the global economic recession come from the ambition of 22 tyrannic members of China’s Communist Party. The world condemns China and the countries fell into the trade trap, debt trap, the government trap plus the profit lover’s businesses in Western to learn the bloody lesson with the rogue regime. Among the profit lover’s businesses, there is the billionaire Micheal Bloomberg, former New York May, he joined the presidential nomination of Democrats but dropped out the campaign. Therefore, Mr. Michael Bloomberg deeply relates to China’s Vice President Wang Qishan who is the most influential political figure in China’s Communist Party and government. The relationship between Michael Bloomberg and Wang Qishan had at least 15 years since Vice President Wang Qisha was Mayor of Beijing, so billionaire Michael Bloomberg protects China into the human rights violation in the mainland, particularly Sinkiang Uighur, and Michael Bloomberg praises Red Emperor Xi Jinping is not a dictator. The US people suspect the assets of billionaire Michael Bloomberg come from the national interest’s loss.


After the dark sky of the pandemic, the world’s order changes to the grassroots. The cheap prices of China’s products are no longer attract global consumption, instead of the global China phobia is inevitable, it takes a long time to erase. China’s Communist Party harms Chinese people, particularly, Chinese people live in Western countries affect China phobia. The businesses of Chinese people face the disaster, the Chinese restaurants, Chinese groceries, China’s town are the victims of China’s Communist Party.


The world’s economy damaged by China’s biological warfare, the continents locked that are due to Coronavirus that also cost China’s economy more than the US, Europe. The Coronavirus outbreak conducts the world isolates and sanctions against China. The vital existence of China is the export sector, the tourism industry, the trade. Therefore, the main factors destroyed by the global biological terror, China loses control in the mainland while the rivals increase the pressure to Red emperor Xi Jinping and Chinese people rise the abhorrence against the inhumane regime. The throne of Xi Jinping is risked, the commander in virus facing the power struggle, on the other hand, Red Emperor and its dynasty sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind.  Mr. Shithold has tried to cover up the potential damages on the economy, stock market by Coronavirus. The terror applies to stop the opponents telling about the incompetence of a leader, a Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong arrested after criticizing Xi Jinping couldn’t hand the Coronavirus outbreak. The tycoon Ren Zhiquiang, nicknames Cannon who vanished after said Xi Jinping is a clown who stripped naked and insisted on continuing to be an emperor.


Behind the bamboo’s curtain are the concealment, terror and the hoax reports. So no one can trust China can contain the pandemic while the world facing an outbreak of Coronavirus. The death toll and infected cases increase into the Coronavirus’s hot spots are China, France, Spain, Italy, Iran. Moreover, Shanghai starts to build flash hospitals, and secretly builds the container hospitals somewhere else, and China has created more than 40 cremation sites at Wuhan after Red Emperor Xi Jinping visited with the face mask and the street emptied people. The Coronavirus spread everywhere in China including the most wealthy place like Shanghai. The pandemic wiped out China’s credit and uprooted the prestige of the World Health Organization.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping failed to control or stop the Coronavirus in the mainland, the propaganda and demagogic slogans can not hide the big problem. Xi Jinping is losing control of the country while the rivals increasing the pressure on the leadership. The throne of Xi Jinping is unstable, the Coronavirus is the dead reaper of China’s economy and Red Emperor Xi Jinping is facing the tragedy.


China pretends to take over the pandemic by propaganda and also applying a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east then strike in the west” while the economy disabled, the mountain debt added more, but Beijing threatens to attack the US at the Indochina Pacific. Red Emperor Xi Jinping strays the disaster of an economy by military tension, although Xi knows the conflicts cost more problems. Before Xi Jinping perplexed using the People’s Liberation Army to crack down Hong Kong people and now, China just bluffs the US by military intimidation, certainly, the barking dog without bites./.







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