Coronavirus made in China to hit its economy


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China is the perpetrator of the global war-maker made the most world’s troubles since the Second World War ended in 1945:

- The Vietnam War made by China and Soviet-Union, it packed y Hanoi (North Vietnam communist).

- The Maoist made by China, the Maoist rebellions are the terror organizations that have appeared in India, the Philippines, South America and somewhere else.

- The global economic terror made by China, the economic terror has struck worldwide after China joined the free market and WTO.

- The counterfeit and stolen technological products made in China.

- The deadly virus SARS doubted it made in China.

- The deadly CORONAVIRUS made in China.


Nowadays, the imminent appearance of deadly Coronavirus has struck China’s mainland that shakes up the world, actually, Chinese people living in dangerous areas, the largest communist paradise is also the viral paradise of the deadly virus. Obviously, Coronavirus appeared at Wuhan, it was among the land of the Chinese democracy movement led by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen who activated the Revolution of 1911 and eliminated the Qing dynasty in 1911 and he became the first president of Republic of China.


According to China’s communist government reports, Coronavirus causes the unhygienic seafood market in Wuhan and selling the meats to residents, the Coronavirus quickly has spread and transmitting from human to human. The invisible Coronavirus cohort with billions of billions of viral troops travels freely in the air. Certainly, the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, the dictatorial government’s system couldn’t quell the Coronavirus as China’s communist regime massacred tens of thousands of Chinese people in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Moreover, the rat, bat and wolf pups also listed the sources of Coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, The Washington Times doubts about Coronavirus is a leaked biological weapon of China. The Washington Times highlighted:” Coronvirus may have originated in lab linked to China’s biowarfare program” and Isreali analyst suspects Coronavirus conspires the biological weapon of China, the accident should release from research facilities in Hubei province. Whatever, Coronavirus made in China and spreading worldwide, actually, Chinese tourists and the foreign people return the homeland to be targeted of Coronavirus.


China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat and also the base of the global economic terror, the wonderful paradise of the deadly virus. Moreover, the socialism character conducts China’s economy meets the poor quality of products, poison, contamination, actually, the short life products upset the global consumers.


The outbreak of SARS in 2003 and now, Coronavirus come from the communist paradise. The death toll has risen daily, China must lock at least 31 cities, actually, the major battlefields in 10 cities are Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi, Qiangjiang, Zhenjiang, Jingmen, Xiantao, Xiaogan, and Hunangsshi. The lockdown affected about 50 million people, all market closed including petrol stations, the people must stay inside, actually, the health system disabled, so Chinese people couldn’t call emergency number 120 while someone needs to help. All hospitals in the infected areas overwhelmed, there are many patients who died in the corridor and the streets. Nevertheless, China’s health system prioritizes to treat the communist members and families, and the wealthy persons so Chinese people’s death toll rises. Despite China’s communist regime concealed the deaths and infected people, therefore, a nurse reported more than 100,000 infected cases and the numerous deaths could higher than the report of China’s government.


The Coronavirus outbreaks occurred before Lunar New Year, therefore, Red Emperor Xi Jinping doesn’t care, he enjoyed the year of Rat in Beijing. Until on January 28, 2020, Premier Li Keqiang came down Wuhan with some promises to build the hospital, he met the doctors and medical staffs and raising some slogans to relieve the people. In the communist country, the miracle medicine called OVERTAKEN-OBSTACLE including the illness, diseases have applied to multiple circumstances, so Chinese people have the miracle medicine of socialism” overtaken-obstacle”. Unfortunately, Coronavirus doesn’t care about the slogans, instead, the treated medicine should expel the deadly virus.


On January 28, 2020, the death toll was 106 (the day before was 56) and 4,500 infected, the major patients are Asian country, actually, Vietnam is underway to become the hot sport of Coronavirus become Vietcong’s government unleashes the border and allowed Chinese tourists enter, the Vietcong regime ignores the pandemic, moreover, the corruption and low- health concern of Vietcong’s officials that help Coronavirus spread in Vietnam’s communist paradise so the foreign tourists do not travel to Vietnam, there are 70 cases of Coronavirus in Vietnam, therefore, the numerous patients must higher than the official report. Nevertheless, the first high ranking official of China’s communist is Wang Xiangliang, 62 years old, he holds the Wuhan Ethnic Affairs Commission died on January 26, 2020. In January, the death toll rises to over 141 and 7,000 people infected as the report of China.


The Coronavirus also devastates China’s economy and the countries deeply involved the trade with China, actually, the Asian country. China’s government faces the mountain debt, in 2017, it was $US 40 trillion and now, the debt escalates after the trade war’s battle lost. Therefore, Coronavirus aggravates the economy, China’s National Health Commission has extended $US 8.74 billion (60.33 billion Yuan) to contain the deadly virus. The money has not enough to respond to the Coronavirus’s pandemic. The tourism industry disabled, the Coronavirus causes all transport shut down from domestic to international. Certainly, the tourism industry must take a long term to recover the prestige.


Wuhan is among the major economic place in China, the prediction of economic growth in 2020 is 7.8% while the common growth of China tries to reach 6%. Unfortunately, the outbreak of Coronavirus stops the growth, even the local economy worsens. The big loss is travel agencies like the CTRIP company (the largest travel agency) lost at least 18% value that is just a week (from January 20 to 27, 2020), the shares lost 6.9%. Chinese airlines owned by the government is China Eastern dropped 1.4%. The Hotel chain of Huazhu firm owned by billionaire Qi faces a big loss of 18% its valuation just a week. The retails suffered the difficulties while the market locked, the Starbucks Coffee Chain Luckin lost 8.6%, Alibaba fell at least 5.7%. China’s stock market lost multiple billions of US dollars, so China owned companies and foreign businesses linking to China to be affected. The inflation without control in the mainland escalates, Chinese people, actually, the poor and low-income people suffer the difficulties.


China perplexes to deal with the deadly pandemic that made in China and affects its people as a saying” the sword made by China to stab Chinese”. The trade war crippled China’s economy and the financial system and now, Coronavirus aggravates the worst situation of the largest communist paradise on the planet.


The Coronavirus battle still fights on the high alert, China’s government seems not to contain the deadly virus and the people have suffered the hardship when the government has no support the income, actually, the poor and low-income people. The pandemic Coronavirus perpetuates that pushes China’s communist regime at risk, Chinese people should stand up anytime when the massive jobless and the Coronavirus doesn’t contain. The countries fell into the trade trap, debt trap and government trap may find a way to escape when China collapsed. China risked by the peril with the formula is the Coronavirus cohort+ the massive jobless army= collapse. China pays its consequences as the law of the cause and effect of Buddhism:


- China’s regime forced the Muslims in Sinkiang Uighur to eat pork, but the Swine flu killed more than half the population of pigs in the mainland.


- China and its henchman Executive Carrie Lam banned Hong Kong protesters wearing the mask. Now, Coronavirus forced the major population including the high profiles of the communist party wearing the mask. The poor people used menstrual pads to prevent Coronavirus.


- China built the prison camp’s system nationwide, they incarcerated millions of people, and now, there are tens of millions of people confined themselves in their home.


Australia deeply involved the economy and finance with China from many decades ago, the serious pandemic of Coronavirus urges Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Health Minister Greg Hunt, Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, and Chief Medical Officer is Professor Brendan Murphy to address the Australian people and government responds to the dangerous virus by the solutions:


* Government promises to release 1 million masks.


* Australian government discusses with China’s government to evacuate 600 Australian citizens in Wuhan and they must quarantine at least 14 days in Christmas island (former detention center). The quarantine costs the taxpayers about $AU 27 million. However, Western Australia’s Premier McGowan of the Labor Party still favors the Chinese tourist while the border protection force arrested 6 Chinese nationals tried to come to Australia by boat. The Coronavirus spread at least 16 countries, actually, the US, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and the others alert, the possible treatment is available with the expert medical officers and effective medicine. However, China’s communist regime seems not able to responds to the serious pandemic, so the death toll rises daily and the infected patients escalate. The Chinese people outrage the worst situation in the mainland, the world placed into the highest alert, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten reflects the real danger of China by viral form to replace the stars on China’s national flag. Certainly, China angers, but the world recognized the real danger occurring in China. Someone changes the name of China is The People’s Republic of Coronavirus after Red Emperor Xi Jinping nicknames Mr. Shithole.


The outbreak of Coronavirus escalates, in January 2020, Europe, Japan, South Korea plan to evacuate their citizens out of the viral war-zone in China, the viral battle in China doesn’t contain, the world isolates from China, actually, the international flights postponed and tourists fear to travel to the communist paradise although the cheap expense.





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