Coronavirus is the death vulnerability of China


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The Ape super gang called China’s Communist Party has ruled the mainland from 1949 by the barbarous policies, the essential methods are the terror with propaganda to appall Chinese people. Moreover, the obscurantism has gagged the free speech and blinded the impartial information to brainwash Chinese people from consecutive generations, nevertheless, the cheat patriotism is led by socialism has deceived Chinese people, actually, the young component easily become the tool of the ruthless regime. The impoverishment’s policy created the Red noble class to be the wealthy families in the communist paradise, but the major population become the slave in the hell of the largest prison camp on the planet.


China’s Communist regime has never respected the human’s life, Mao Tse Tung killed more than 65 million people into the bloodshed campaigns and after Mao died, China’s Communist Party continues to kill its people including the occupied territories of Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur, member of Falun Gong.


The human wave’s tactic of Mao Tse Tung proved the heartlessness of China’s Communist Party, Mao barbecued a million troops of the People’s Liberation Army in Korea War. In Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh and his communist party exchanged tens of thousand lives of the People’s Army of Vietnam for the victory in Điện Biên Phủ’s battle in Indochina War and the Vietnam War, Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory with 1,500,000 troops plus 300,000 troops missing. Moreover, Hồ Chí Minh killed 1,700,000 people. Pol Pot killed 2,000,000 in Cambodia.


The cruel character of the communist become the most genocide of human history since Karl Marx released his evil books and Lenin applied the dangerous theory in Russia in October 1917. The Marxism-Leninist-Maoist causes the deaths of more than 100 million people. Certainly, the communist doesn’t care about the human’s life, but the death vulnerability is the economy.


China’s communist regime always shows an arrogant and brazen attitude after became the second-largest center’s economy in the world. Nevertheless, Beijing bases on the population’s strength of 1.4 billion people plus the People’s Liberation Army to intimidate the Western and bluffed the innocent leaders, actually, the world frightens the Third World War, even North Korea blackmailed the Western by the missile launch and bomb tests for ransom and also helped China menaces the Western. Therefore, China really appalls the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariff Missile of  President Donald Trump, so China flinches after the retaliatory tariffs were vain and China received the potential damages, actually, in 2018, China lost $US 2.4 trillion in the stock market and China also added $US 6 trillion’s debt. In 2017, China’s debt was $US 40 trillion, it is a big problem, the socialism without money is like a gun without a bullet, a knife has no blade, so China built the strength of ruthless regime from the money of Western. Certainly, China’s communist regime doesn’t care about military conflict, but the offshore market decides the fate of the largest communist country on the planet.


President Donald Trump granted the death certificate of Huawei that appalls China, actually, the actual tool of cyber spy disabled and the giant telecommunication company owned by the People’s Liberation Army to lose the overseas business. The massive jobless can eradicate the totalitarian regime as the collapse of the dynasties in a thousand years of Chinese history. The global economic terror’s war-affected the export section of China’s labor market, the peak of economic growth that helped 120,000,000 Chinese people got the job, but, the adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump created the massive jobless in the mainland, instead, the US people get back the job, the era of SATAN Obama is gone, now, the US people are happy to live and work in the era of SANTA Donald Trump, the US patriotic president who makes America great again, the enemies fear, allies trust and the domestic thug panics the swamp of White House draining out.


The people suspect China deeply conspires the biological warfare to destroy the US and the capitalist enemies (the democratic countries). China only has the Level 4 microbiology Laboratory in Hubei, near Wuhan, the center of Coronavirus. Nevertheless, Major General Chen Wei experiences biological warfare, so Red Emperor Xi Jinping sent Major General Chen Wei to Wuhan after the Novel Coronavirus outbreak spread without control, China’s female Major General Chen Wei know where the Novel Coronavirus comes from. Unfortunately,  the biological weapon exploded at the launching site in Wuhan as saying” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”


The deadly biological weapon spread worldwide, China-phobia develops everywhere. The affected nations increased 62 nations plus the death toll outside China rises. The first death occurred in the US, Thailand, and Australia. Eventually, on March 1st, 2020, the World Health Organization alerts the high risk after many weeks, W.H.O denied the pandemic that matches China’s propaganda machine and Red Emperor Xi Jinping defused the worst situation. Do not snub the virus, Cambodian Prime Minister, former Khmer Rouge Hun Sen, an actual henchman of China who proved the Coronavirus is not dangerous, he welcomed the passengers of cruise ship MS Westerdam at Sihanoukville port and after a week, Hun Sen must treat in hospital. Recently, Pope Francis, 83-year-old fell ill after a day the Pontiff contacted the people in St Peter’s Square. Moreover, in 2019, Italy joined one belt and one road with China, despite Italy is a member of the European Union and NATO, nevertheless, Italian government signed the agreement with China was worth 2.6 billion Euro, now, Italy is the hot spot of Coronavirus, so Rome and Vatican influenced the deadly virus. There are some European countries like the United Kingdom, Hungary to advise the travel to Italy. The viral Maoist is a master of pandemics, so Maoist brings the Novel Coronavirus to the countries that have a relationship with China’s communist regime. Italian people are the victims of innocent government and now the consequence received the outbreak of Coronavirus.


The countries deeply involved with China exposing the Coronavirus outbreak with the death toll plus the infected people rise daily and the economy plunged. Iran emerges the Coronavirus’s center locates outside China, so the Australian government issues the travel ban. According to the news, there were 34 deaths occurred outside China in Iran, therefore, the death toll in Iran is 210, actually, there are 7 high ranking officials of Iran infected including Vice President Masoumeh Ebtebar and former Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican is Hadi Khosrsohahi has died by Coronavirus after visiting Qom where the death toll was up to 50. Iranian people, including the male to wear China’s burqa when they get out of the home.  Japan deals with the virus, Tokyo’s Olympic can cancel, South Korea alerts the death toll and infected people rises daily. However, the world and Western countries may watch out Vietnam, a close vassal of China’s communist regime. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, Vietnam still opens the border, so Chinese tourists and Chinese workers have come to Vietnam while Vietnam’s communist government concealed the death toll and infected people. The travel ban needs to apply to Vietnam, this place is like Wuhan, the world alerts Vietnam to protect the people. Facebook released the news about  6 members of a family live at Tà Lài village, Tân Phú district, Đồng Nai province, all died in hospital, therefore, Vietnam government secretly buried and spray in chemical stuff but the government concealed, actually, the local government bans the people tell about the deaths. The deadly Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate whoever, including Chinese people, so Coronavirus doesn’t exempt Vietnam. Recently, Vietnamese people worry about Chinese tourists flux Vietnam from Lạng Sơn province.


The global stock market falters when China’s economy disabled from the mainland and Chinese companies overseas plus the foreign companies linking with China. Australia’s stock market lost $AU 212 billion, China succeeded in the debt trap, trade trap and government trap in Australia (Labor government was responsible for the economic disaster). The biggest loss of Australia reflects China’s loss, therefore, the report shows China’s stock market lost about 9% that is not true, indeed, China’s economy disabled. The psychological economy failed, the world believes China’s economy is underway to collapse by the Coronavirus made in China and kills China’s communist regime.


The global stock market shakes and continues to plunge while the Coronavirus is perpetuating, the vaccine must take at least 18 months as W.H.O warns. Certainly, China must receive the potential loss ever since the largest communist country joined the free market and WTO. The US stock market influences the loss of China because of China’s companies infiltrated the US. However, President Donald Trump makes America great again, the strong economic fundament of the US can recover the temporary shock while the baseless economy of China staggers and waiting for the collapse. The border’s protection of President Donald Trump prevents the Coronavirus and the infected people is small, actually, the US medicine plus the high level scientist line can stop the deadly virus that made in China. Actually, China’s Communist Party humiliates Chinese people by the Coronavirus outbreak, so the people fear to contact Chinese people, it becomes China-phobia that spread worldwide.

President Donald Trump prepared to protect the US people, he ordered the US Army and the health system to prevent the Coronavirus, he wrote:” The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all the relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!” Democratic Party is careless about the pandemic, they want to unleash the border that risks the people’s life. Moreover, the left media distorts information about the US plans to protect the people. Now, the wall responds to the effective border’s protection policy, President Trump wrote:” We must understand that border security is also health security.  And you’ve all seen that the wall is going up like magic. You think that was an easy one?  It wasn’t an easy one.  It’s going up like magic. It’s going up great and we’re now at 132 miles…  Whether it’s the virus we are talking about or many of the other health threats the Democrat policy of open borders is a direct threat to the health and well being of all Americans.”


While the Novel Coronavirus threatens the world, therefore, the global teenage thug Greta Thunberg strays the deadly pandemic, she comes to the United Kingdom to join the protest about the hoax climate change. Certainly, Greta Thunberg does the wrong climate change’s business while the people panic the pandemic.


Wall Street can tell the biggest loss of China and the related businesses, the companies rush to sell the shares, the loss is inevitable, the consequence of profit lovers must face. The deadly Covid-19 really threatens the world, China’s Communist regime is responsible and China-phobia created by China’s communist regime./.





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