Coronavirus hits China Biologcal warfare


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Socialism character based on the untold rule is working neglects but the best report. Almost, the products made in the communist paradise couldn’t compare with the products of democratic countries, actually the Western, even the products made in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India match the international standard, during the products made in China meet the poor standard, poison, contamination, and short life. Its reason explains China failed to impose the tariffs on the US’s products including the agricultural products as meat, soybean. The left media couldn’t mislead the public about the US’s farmer hit by China’s retaliatory tariffs because of Chinese people in the mainland favor the” capitalist products” than China’s products.


In the communist regime, there is no one takes responsibility after the failure or disaster. Nevertheless, the communist government faction and corruption cover up anything, even the wrongdoers can escape the crime and promote a good position in the government’s system after writing the self-criticism paper and the party forgives.  Certainly, the central communist party with the Political Bureau is the most powerful body in the communist country, but the leaders always shift the responsibility to the others. Commonly, after the disaster, the people outrage, so the henchman sacrifice to defuse and the leaders continue to rule the country. The communist cradle was the Soviet Union faced the Nuclear Power Plant’s accident on Saturday, April 26, 1968, at Chernobyl, near the city of Pripyat in the north of Ukraine, certainly, no one claimed the responsibility, therefore, the people have been suffered long term damages with the deaths and illness by the Nuclear radioactivity. The science of the communist regime is led by socialism like the ugly economic pattern to cheat the innocent leaders of Western” the free market is led by socialism”. In China, Vietnam, even the human’s excrement is led by socialism, the communist government encourages its people using the human’s excrement on the farm and agricultural products, so the biological warfare is led by socialism, China’s communist regime can not sophisticate the biological weapon’s conspiracy that comes from the bat and wild animal’s meat. Moreover, the most important weapon to be controlled and managed strictly by the Political Bureau, Red Emperor Xi Jinping, and his powerful comrades conspire to using the biological warfare to destroy the US and” counter-revolutionary countries” on the planet as the famous strategist of China’s communist regime, General Chi Haotian who held Defense Minister of Red Emperor Deng Xiaoping, he advocates to use the biological weapon to attack the US and Western.


The biological warfare exploded at Wuhan, it is an accident of socialism’s manner, no one claims the responsibility including China’s Political Bureau and leader Xi Jinping. The arrest whistleblower Dr. Li Wengliang debunked the biological weapon’s conspiracy of 22 tyrants commanding China’s government. The perpetrators aim to destroy the US, allies and the world by Coronavirus cohort made in China.


However, the deadly biological warfare hits hard Chinese people and China’s economy is paralyzed from the mainland to the offshore market, plus the stock market. China’s communist regime could use the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, the ruthless government’s system to kill, oppress and enslave 1.4 billion Chinese people. Therefore, China’s communist regime can not control the invisible cohort that comes from 22 tyrants in the Political Bureau. The deep conspiracy of China aiming to destroy the world, so China concealed the Coronavirus outbreak, Beijing want the deadly virus spreading worldwide by Chinese people come from the mainland. China’s communist regime succeeded to bring the Coronavirus worldwide by the concealment plus the World Health Organization misleading by W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who stands with China’s conspiracy. During Coronavirus activating in Wuhan, Chinese tourists and workers traveled everywhere, actually, the countries related the economy, strategy like Italy, Iran, but Japan is the victim of China’s cheat.


China’s communist regime recycles the HUMAN WAVE TACTIC” of their great leader Mao Tse Tung into the biological warfare. So every Chinese people become a human Coronavirus station as Mao Tse Tung designed the human wave’s tactic in the Korea War, Indochina War and the Vietnam War, the heartless tactic barbecued multiple million lives of the People’s Liberation Army and the People’s Army of Vietnam. The Chinese tourists, workers are the Coronavirus agents to travel around the world and spreading everywhere by Chinese people come from the mainland. The biological warfare trap affects somewhere else like Italy, Iran, South Korea, possibly in Vietnam (the government conceals the death toll and infected people). China’s Political Bureau is the most dangerous enemy on the planet, particularly, Chinese people. The circumstance of Italy alerts the world, Italy fell into the trap of one belt and one road, the trade trap is worth 2.6 billion euros and now the Coronavirus trap, the innocent government in Italy must take the responsibility of the national disaster, one March 10, 2020, the death toll is 463 and whole the country locked.


China’s economic facilities disabled in the mainland, the industry, restaurants, hotels, food dropped to the bottom despite the left media and the World Health Organization misleads the public and chiming with China’s propaganda machine to defuse the worst situations of China, therefore, the high technological communication, social media, and multiple information’s sources defeated the lies. The products made in China face global phobia including Chinese restaurants, Chinese groceries, and China’s Towns overseas ruined as the mainland.


The Coronavirus hits hard China and the vassals like Vietnam, the restaurants, hotels, resort centers, and the businesses deeply affected while the vaccine has not found yet. Vietnamese people rush to buy the food, rice to prepare the lock-down that can happen anytime because of the crowded Chinese tourists, workers arrived in Vietnam since Coronavirus outbreak, despite Vietnam government conceals but the people learn a saying” do not trust what the communist talks, let’s watch what the communist did”. The Coronavirus reduces Vietnamese overseas return, Vietcong’s regime worries to lose multiple billion USD a year provided by Vietnamese refugees turn asylum seekers, the false refugees (annually, there are more than 800,000 Vietnamese refugees returned safely to where the escaped finding the freedom). Moreover, the debt threatens the inhumane regime in Hanoi. Even, China is the great master of Vietcong, China faces the worst situation ever since the largest communist country joined the free market and deceived the world. In January, China lost $US 196 billion (the number released by left media, indeed, China had the big losses) while the US economy grows, the stock market stabilizes. Certainly, China loses the global economic terror’s war, now Beijing is dealing with the Coronavirus, so the massive jobless are inevitable. China’s communist regime extremely appalls the jobless that causes the people standing up and collapse to repeat the dynastic history has occurred from multiple thousand years ago. The vaccine is waiting, nevertheless, China’s scientists have not found yet, but the US can.


The left media repeats the obsolete psychological war applied from the Cold War, the biased propaganda, concealment, and the fabricated stories to stray the big losses of China to 80 infected Coronavirus nations with the death toll and infected people. The world can recognize the disaster of Chine by watching the countries deeply involved with China like Australia, the stock market losses, so the government plans to inject $AU 10 billion stimulus package to prevent the recession when the Coronavirus perpetuates, China must face the economic collapse that is underway to come. On March 9, 2020, Black Monday of the global stock market, once again, the Australia stock market loses 7.4% or $AU 140 billion. Within 2 weeks, the Australia stock market lost $AU 4000 billion (*). The big losses of Australia reflect the potential losses of China, the regime spread the trade trap worldwide, including Europe, the US, Africa, South America, Asia….the left media lies about China dropped 17.2% export, but the industry in the mainland disabled when more than 780 million people quarantined, indeed, China lost more than 50% export (Australia’s construction industry lacks the material from China). Moreover, the left media just report the losses of the US, Europe, Japan, and the others after the Black Monday of March 9, 2020, but they didn’t report the potential losses of China. The crude oil price plunged because China suspended the industry. The Coronavirus uproots China’s economy and the deadly virus arouses Chinese people, moreover, the products made in China lose the global consumer’s credit. There are only Chinese people can restore trust after China’s communist regime collapsed and the democratic government in the mainland will develop as Taiwan, Hong Kong. The international community is waiting for the action of Chinese people if they don’t want to be slaves of the Ape super gang in the communist paradise./.


Notes (*) the Australian Labor Party is keen to stand with comrade China, Labor Party puts the Marxism-Leninist-Maoist stance above the national interest.  when Labor Party rules the government, China has the facilities in the economy, business, finance, and immigration. The passage of time, the Labor government ruled by Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard including the Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull, actually Senator Penny Wong (Australia Senator but always serves for China’s interest) created the trade trap, debt trap and government trap in Australia. China’s communist deeply rooted the economy, finance in Australia, so when China disabled, Australia follows. During the Coronavirus outbreak spreading in Australia, former Prime Minister Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard keep quiet, but Senator Penny Wong strays the Coronavirus outbreak to the hoax climate change./.






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