Coronavirus conducts the death of China


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Possibly, the people suspect China’s communist regime created the deadly virus Novel Coronavirus to wipe out the US and the capitalist countries on the planet. Unfortunately, the biological warfare leaked before to attack as a missile exploded at the launch site. The critical failure of China to make the biological warfare that reflects the character’s product made in China, all China-made have not met the standard quality, short life, poison, contamination. Even the highest technology of space race, the Jade Rabbit Rover died just touching on the moon’s surface. The deadly Coronavirus leaked that is possible because of the technological level of China’s scientists couldn’t compare with the Western, actually, the socialism manner reflects a proverb quotes” the negligent work but the best report”. The virus made in China to kill Chinese people and paralyze the ruthless regime as a saying” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. Obvious, China’s communist regime concealed the leaked biological weapon by the reasons:


-China doesn’t want the world to know the accidentally biological warfare when the largest communist regime loses the major global economic terror’s battles. The US tariffs left China into an economic disaster. The Novel Cororonavirus outbreak costs more damages, plus the immeasurable consequences when the world will boycott China made that deals with the virus while Beijing does need the global market to survive the Red empire. The psychological consumption deeply affects China’s products when the consumers recognize the deadly virus should follow China’s goods.


-China avoids the investigation, actually the US, because of Beijing knows the US will discover the source of Coronavirus. Its reason conducts China strays the information by releasing the cause of Coronavirus comes from the bats, wild animal meat at Wuhan’s seafood market. Therefore, there are some Asian countries like Indonesia, the people have eaten bat but the Coronavirus has not appeared.


-The Novel Coronavirus outbreaks after China signed the phase 1 agreement with the US, it is the surrender statement of China in the global economic terror’s war. So the Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t coincide with the retaliatory attack of China. On the other hand, China intends to launch the GLOBAL BIOLOGICAL TERROR after the Global economic terror failed.


Eventually, Red Emperor Xi Jinping couldn’t mislead the public after the Novel Coronavirus fiercely outbreak and spread worldwide without control. Nevertheless, Chinese people knew well the ruthless regime has ruled the mainland from 19149, so recently, Red Emperor Xi Jinping told to know the deadly virus from December 2019, actually, the alert of Doctor Li Wengliang to be ignored. Instead, Police arrested the concerned medical doctor, but the government sealed the Coronavirus until the situation worsened. The concealment failed, so on January 12, 2020, China’s government must act, it is too late, the death toll and infected people skyrocket daily.


The World Health Organization stepped in and declared a global emergency based on the reports of China’s communist regime. Despite, the numbers reduced by China’s government, but the Coronavirus is dangerous than SARS in 2003. Red Emperor Xi Jinping shifts the responsibility of Coronavirus to W.H.O, therefore, the world knew China’s government is responsible to delay and act promptly when the Coronavirus just started.


However, the attitude of W.H.O contradicts the global emergency declaration, W.H.O also downgraded the Novel Coronavirus, it is not a pandemic and on February 17, 2020, W.H.O also praises China responded to the deadly virus. WHO can trust W.H.O?. Nevertheless, W.H.O urged to gather 400 scientists at Geneva to find the solution, but W.H.O predicts the vaccine will take at least 18 months. The world confuses the World Health Organization’s attitude after the Coronavirus outbreak.


Actually, the people doubt the United Nations after Mr. John Ashe, President of the United Nations Assembly and former President of UNICEF who receives multiple millions of USD’s bribery from China’s espionage agents Charlie Trie (in the US) and John Huang (in Australia). The internal corruption in the United Nations doubts, W.H.O is possible. Nevertheless, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is the hardcore communist since the Cold War.


The Coronavirus outbreak spread worldwide after more than 25 nations have infected citizens and the deaths outside China occurred. The international flights limited to China, mostly, the major airline companies suspended, the cruise ships deeply damaged when the passengers struck by the virus and the government must quarantine plus the treatment. The US Army prepares to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, Australia has the quarantine base on Christmas island, actually, the Western countries evacuated the citizens from China, certainly, the central pandemic in Wuhan becomes the hot spot. Russia shares a 4,200-kilometer border with China, but from February 20, Russia banned all Chinese tourists including Chinese companies after two cases of Coronavirus discovered (according to the news from TASS).


The global consumers feel CHINA-PHOBIA on China’s products, actually, China’s food. In Queensland (Australia), the Australian media alerts more than 50% of seafood imported from China. Actually, Chinese groceries, restaurants, including Chinese towns reduced the visitors that deal with Coronavirus because the people don’t know who infected by the invisible Coronavirus. Moreover, China’s cargo ship must face the standstill at the foreign ports, the quarantine strictly requires. In the US, the prominent state of California, most Chinese factories have slowed or stopped, the cargo ships come from China are docking at Southern California ports, actually, Chinese tourists suspended to visit Los Angeles, it costs $US 1 billion this year.


Totally, there are 42 nations that fear the Coronavirus can invade their countries from trade and travel. Therefore Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus, Director General of W.H.O advises its organization doesn’t impose the travel and trade restrictions on China, he calls” fear and stigma”. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization confirmed the mail and parcels from China are safe while New Zealand currently suspended the major flights to China and recently, the New Zealand Post will not accept any mail and parcels sending from China. Dr. W.H.O Director-General must know the deadly virus can transmit from humans to humans, so Chinese tourists plus China’s goods are able to bring the Novel Coronavirus, so his concern opposes the medical rules. During the countries must carry out the quarantine at least 14 days to its citizens returned from China, actually Wuhan, but Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus ignores the travel ban and trade to prevent the pandemic.  Moreover, Dr. chief of W.H.O tries to tackle misinformation and rumor about the virus. The attitude of the W.H.O chief that matches China’s propaganda machine and China’s policy to defuse the deadly pandemic, certainly, the social media reflects the truth in China while the reports of China’s communist regime are lie and concealment. There are more than 500 hospitals in Wuhan overloaded the infected people, the new hospitals inundated the patients and 50 cremation sites operate 24/24 that should match the rumor spreading in the mainland about 378,000 deaths, 42,000,000 infected people and 780,000,000 people being quarantines (some Western media released 780,00,000 Chinese locked down). Chinese doctors and nurses are nervous after Dr. Liu Zghiming, director of central hospital city in Wuhan who has died by Coronavirus and the numerous reinfected patients increased that alerts the medicine and treatment are useless. China’s communist regime must call the People’s Liberation Army to reinforce the viral war when the health workers can not cover the massively numerous infected people.


In China’s mainland, the government panics, the people appall, the society complicated while the death toll increased without control daily. China’s communist regime perplexes, China’s government retrieves and replaces banknote because the money can bring the virus, Chinese people fear to eat the meat.


China’s government defuses the people outrage, obviously, the central government replaced the chiefs in Wuhan and recently, Xi Jinping has punished 400 local officials. Moreover, China’s communist regime maximally propagates to calm Chinese people, the lacked medicine, without the vaccine, the medical services have no effect while the massively infected population increase, certainly, the slogans and propaganda can not win over the deadly pandemic. Nevertheless, whoever dares to tell the truth, the government punishes. Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong is arrested because he criticized Xi Jinping does nothing to prevent the Coronavirus and calls Xi to stand down.


Chinese people really appall death can come anytime, daily, the local government in Wuhan collects the dead bodies lying on the streets and front doors. Moreover, China’s authorities check the door to door the deaths in Wuhan with the population is 9 million people. The government arrests whoever doesn’t wear the face mask. The society disordered, the economy paralyzed while the communist government is unable to prevent the pandemic. Therefore, psychological warfare applies to defuse the worst situation, the last weapon of China’s communist regime to prevent Chinese people stand up, not fighting against the pandemic.


The central propaganda machine dispatched 300 propaganda agents (journalists) to the frontline in Hubei province. The infected people are treated by slogans and propaganda while the medicine and vaccine needed.


On February 18, 2020, China’s government forced to lock down Hubei province with 58 million people and more than 200,000 rural communities sealed, each community just has an entrance, the local government, and Police control strictly. Now, China faces 780 million people being locked to deal with the pandemic outbreak. The new rule applies a family can leave their house every three days, it means more than half of China’s population can not work, finding the food and anything for a living. Hubei becomes the ghost province, the streets emptied vehicles, there are just the Police vans, ambulance, and government cars. The rules force everyone must wear the face mask and having a distance of at least 1.5 meters to contact each other (the rules strictly apply as the prisoner in the re-education, a prisoner must distance 1.5 meters to the guard).


China completely disabled by Coronavirus, it is not far, the total country is going to lock down, so 1.4 billion Chinese people must stay indoors, the major facilities closed, the hospitals overloaded. It is the future of the largest communist paradise, China will be the dead nation if the government can not contain the Novel Coronavirus and the vaccine still waits for at least 18 months. How can Chinese people survive?. The Novel Coronavirus that conducts the world sanctions and isolates China from the international community.


China’s economy disabled from the mainland and offshore, the mountain debt is escalating while the Coronavirus spreading in the mainland and threatening the world. China’s Communist Party is the perpetrator to kill a hundred million people and the global war maker. Chinese people must save themselves and the country to eliminate the barbarous regime as soon as possible. Communism, Socialism, and Maoist have destroyed China from 1949, the Communism is a master of pandemics.


China dreams the global hegemony to dominate the world that turns nightmare, actually, the prominent capitalist enemies like the US, Europe, Australia…have not conquered yet, instead, China’s communist regime faces the deadly epidemic.


The so-called Chinese dream threatens the world, moreover, the global hegemonic strategy carried out by the global economic terror, trade trap, debt trap, government trap plus malicious business methods. China becomes the most dangerous enemy of humanity on the planet and the thug of the international community. Now, China’s communist regime is endangered by the invisible cohort, actually, the biological weapon hit the maker.


China also is the paradise of pandemics, the wonderful land of viruses. The history noted the major epidemics are SARS, Bird flu, Swine Flu spread and threatened the world. The global economic terror failed and now, China commits suicide by its Global Biological Terror./.






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