Coronavirus cohort strikes Communist paradise


Posted on January 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Once again, the invisible cohort SARS (Severe Acute Respiration Syndrome) or Coronavirus army launches the offensive in the mainland in the Lunar New Year 2020. It is like the Tet offensive 1968 in Vietnam, Vietcong exploited the Tet festival to launch the total attack to South Vietnam government on Lunar New year, Vietcong massacred tens of thousand civilians at Hue, and now, the Coronavirus army strikes the largest communist paradise on Lunar New Year.  In the passage of time, in 2003, the SARS army attacked China, Vietnam, and other countries and created 774 casualties and 8, 098 people affected.


The largest communist paradise on the planet becomes the target of the invisible Coronavirus cohort. Obviously, the Coronavirus army opens the battle at Wuhan, the invisible army applies the guerrilla tactic by infiltrating the communist paradise from the food, actually the bat’s meat. Therefore, the report reveals the Coronavirus cohort also exploits the cultural eating in the communist paradise to penetrate from rats and live wolf pups on the menu at China food market. The offensive of the Coronavirus cohort that causes the cities of China’s communist paradise to become the ghost towns. If the attack of the Coronavirus army occurs in the Cold War’s period, the world would not know because of the communist paradise concealed the worst news. Therefore, high technological communication defeated the concealment and fake news, so the world rapidly responds to prevent the invisible army could infiltrate from the airport and the tourists come from China or the foreign tourists return from China to be checked.


The United Nations warns and finds out the offensive of the Coronavirus army’s outbreak. From January 11, 2020, the WHO (World Health Organization) received further details from the National Health Commission of China’s communist paradise to report about the offensive of the Coronavirus army plus the casualties. The world alerts the dangerous army outbreaks and spreads the operation everywhere. The Coronavirus army appeared in the US, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore. The Coronavirus cohort infiltrated the world by the citizen of China’s communist paradise and the people came to China. Therefore, the counter-revolutionary countries (or the democratic countries) can prevent the dangerous army of Coronavirus while the communist paradise perplexes because of the health system of China can not deal with the dangerous situation.

China’s communist paradise, actually Wuhan city rushes to build a hospital within 10 days and added more 1,000 beds. Chinese people panic, nevertheless, Wuhan city raises the extreme alert, the people line up to wait for a vaccination with the mayhem’s scene. Certainly, China deals the difficult situation while tens of millions of people need to vaccinate. The early report of China’s health authorities on January 24, 2020, gives the death toll is 26 and the infections rise to 830. There are some Chinese people at Wuhan who died on the street, the Lunar New Year in communist paradise complicated and the people being nervous.


China’s communist paradise must send the People’s Liberation Army plus the Chinese people’s Armed Police Force, the heath troops (health department) and government to confront the invisible army. Despite the Cohort Coronavirus has no weapon, but the People’s Liberation Army and the security’s system in China’s communist paradise appall. China can not apply the” human wave tactic” of Mao Tse Tung in the war against the Coronavirus army. China also can not apply the effective tactic of Chairman Mao Tse Tung called” using the countryside sieges the city” in the civil war between China’s communist and Nationalist government ruled by President Chiang Kai Shek.


Obviously, China locked down three cities with 20 million people and the People’s Liberation Army plus Police and government ban the people come in and out. On January 25, 2020, China locked down at least ten cities, the situation aggravates. However, the boss of communist paradise is Red Emperor Xi Jinping (or Mr. Shithole) doesn’t care about Chinese people, he attends a Spring Festival gala at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


The Coronavirus army is developing the offensive in communist paradise, so the tourists fear the virus war, actually, the food in China meets the unhygienic standard plus poison and contamination. The Coronavirus cohort strikes the communist paradise during China loses the major battles on the economic war with the US and allies. So the tariffs imposed on the US agriculture products hit back Chinese people in the mainland, the Coronavirus army alerts Chinese people stay away from the food made in the communist paradise and buy the imported food from the capitalist’s countries../.






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