Coronavirus trikes the full scale battle


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The largest communist paradise but it is the hell of democracy, free speech, the wonderful land of corruption and viruses. From 1949, the Ape super gang has become the noble class of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tung in the mainland. The communists work nothing but they afford anything from the people’s sweat, the demagogic slogan” labor is glorious” pushing the slave speeds up the working to create the millionaires and billionaires in the communist party. Every communist is a social dreg or a robber with the red flag.


Economic socialism’s economic development plus eating culture in China cause human lives being endangered. The traditional Chinese medicine that worries the rare animals like tiger, bear, rhino and the other wild animals will disappear on the planet. Moreover, anthropophagous history in China plus Confucianism to pay the loyalty to the king and filial duty, so from multiple thousand years ago, the cannibalistic habit has occurred in the society. Nowadays, the unborn baby’s carcass cooks with the herbs for the male’s sex improvement (the Chinese male believes that medical formula for sex life)


The communist paradise is the viral paradise, the deadly pandemics outburst from China, Vietnam. In 2003, SARS threatened the people in that communist paradise. The Lunar New Year or the year of  RAT appalls the mainland and the world alerts when the Coronavirus cohort opens the full-scale attack the communist paradise. Obvious, the battle in Wuhan becomes the hottest spot, China’s communist regime must gather the People’s Liberation Army, The Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, central and local government plus the medical army to deal with an invisible enemy. Actually, the People’s Liberation Army quelled the democratic movement at Tiananmen Square in 1989, they massacred tens of thousands of Chinse people, therefore, the killing machine frightens Coronavirus cohort. Despite China is not a Muslim country, but the major population currently wears the mask.


The death toll rises every day, the world has no trust in China’s Health Commission reports on January 27, 2020, there are 56 deaths and 2,000 infected. Indeed, the death toll should high and more than 100,000 infected (the news released from a nurse in Wuhan). Obviously, China’s government locked Wuhan, but the Coronavirus cohort has no sign to withdraw, instead, the invisible army with billions of billions of viral troops to attack with the full-scale battle in the mainland. China locked more cities, now there are more than 31 cities become the ghost towns. There are at least 36 million Chinese people to stay inside, they have no job because the factories, offices shut down, the shops and supermarkets closed. The economy worsens while China loses its major economic battle with the US. How can China solve the massive jobless from the trade war’s loss and the Coronavirus battle?. The numerous locked cities will rise daily, even Beijing is not a safe place. Shanghai city sprays the pesticide on the streets, but it is not guaranteed to stop the cohort of cohort Coronavirus is underway to invade.


The Western countries evacuated the embassy and consulate general, actually in Wuhan, Australia government plans and discuss with China’s government to evacuate about 100 citizens stranded at Wu Han. The US General Consulate evacuated. Nevertheless, China’s government ordered to shut down all travel agencies in domestic and international to deal with the Coronavirus spread, the transport and tourism industry in China disabled. The Coronavirus’s incident damaged China’s economy in the long-term, actually, the tourism industry will face the loss of numerous tourists. Moreover, Chinese people stranded at the locked cities try to move out, even they pay the bribery for police and army, so the corruption helps Coronavirus army infiltrates to the other places. The social situation in China is a disorder.


China police and health authorities check its people on the streets by temperature equipment, the situation in China extremely intensifies, the war to fight against the virus costs China’s economy and the regime is risked. Certainly, the Red dynasty and Red Emperor Xi Jinping (or Mr. Shithole) perplex while the Coronavirus cohort currently launches the offensive. There is no safe place with Coronavirus.


Most countries share the border with China to shut, except the close vassal Vietnam opens the door for Chinese tourist, actually, the people come from Wuhan (recently, Vietnam accepted 218 tourists in Đŕ Nẵng city despite the health alert). There are some cases of Coronavirus that appeared in Saigon and somewhere else in Vietnam, but the communist regime conceals, so the foreign tourists and diplomats alert in Vietnam, this place should be a new battle of Coronavirus.


The Western airports strictly check up the tourists come from China and the returning people, the world maximally alerts the invisible enemy enters everywhere by the tourists come from China’s communist paradise. The Coronavirus cohort seems to advance in China, so the mainland is endangered, certainly, the human wave tactic of Mao Tse Tung is useless to prevent the unarmed enemy.


China’s communist regime is periled by the virus, therefore, the SARS, CORONAVIRUS and the other deadly virus created by socialism as a saying "sword made by China that stabs Chinese"./.





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