Coronavirus clashes viral communism in China


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Since Lenin succeeded in the Ape Revolution in October 1917 in Russia, and the early 1990s, the Soviet-Union collapsed by its people standing up, actually, a coup rarely happens because the communist regime controls the army, police, central and local government. On the other hand, the communist exploited the PEOPLE to build the ruthless regime by the demagogic policies and the people also eliminate the red evil on the planet. The innocent politicians and national leaders in Western wrongly concerned about the democratic process in the communist countries when the economic growth, indeed, the communist character has never changed as the tiger snake has never changed to python.


The historic record noted the Soviet- Union, the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc collapsed by the people, not the outside force involved to change the government. The communist vestiges in Asia have lined up behind China for survival, actually, China and Vietnam (Vietcong) have applied the lizard changes the color skin’s tactic. The cheat pattern called” the free market is led by socialism” helped China and Vietnam took over the difficulties of the low tide of revolution. Actually, China has exploited diplomatic relations, trade ties to array the debt trap, trade trap and the government trap to its counterparts. The economic growth and strength of China come from the stolen technology, the malicious business, so China gained from the Western loss.


Despite the major population abhore China communist party in the mainland, actually, the people live in the occupied territories in Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur and the vassals like Vietnam, North Korea, Laos hate the communist regimes, but the ruthless regimes hold the army, police, money, and anything.


Communism is the most dangerous theoretical virus, the viral communism created by Karl Marx and Lenin brought the viral communism to Russia. The deadly virus of communism is very flexible to change the label. When it came to China that called Maoist, called Hồ Chí Minh’s thoughts in Vietnam and in the Western plus the democratic countries called Socialism. The viral communist has perpetuated an outbreak from 19th to 21st century. The viral communism killed more than 100,000,000 people and affected a billion people work as a slave. The viral socialism causes the disorder in Western, the left parties, left media and leftists have struck the people, actually, the viral socialism has attacked the Western people from the Cold War. The viral socialism has intoxicated the Western people with fake news, fabricated stories, false polls to mislead public and unstabilized Western society. The people’s mind has been affected by viral socialism.


In China, the viral Maoist killed more than 65 million Chinese people in the outbreak’s period of Great Leap Forward, Hundred of Flowers, Culture Revolution, the Landlord Reform. Nevertheless, the outbreak of viral Deng Xiaoping causes the deaths of tens of thousands of people in Tiananmen Square. The viral Maoist killed the people in Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur, Falun Gong. Actually, the viral Maoist has tried to infiltrate Hong Kong, but Hong Kong people use the antibiotic” democracy” to prevent the deadly virus and Taiwanese vaccinated the anti-viral Maoist from 1949.


However, the viral communism and viral Maoist appall the Coronavirus, the unarmed Coronavirus threatens the viral Maoist and clashes in China’s mainland. The fierce battle at Wuhan proved the viral Maoist is afraid of the Coronavirus. China’s viral Maoist has the people’s Liberation Army, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, the government’s system. Actually, the Viral Maoist has aircraft carriers, submarine, fighter Jet J-15, J-20, and the other military equipment, but viral Maoist panics an unarmed force of Coronavirus, the invisible cohort can devastate the viral Maoist and viral communism in China. The viral Maoist regime faces a dangerous enemy while the economy crippled.


The offensive of Coronavirus updated on January 26, 2020, the death toll rises to 41 and more than 1,000 affected. China’s communist regime locked Wuhan and 12 other cities that affect more than 35 million people. Coronavirus creates dire consequences to viral Maoist on:


-The foreign tourists avoid traveling to China and China’s government orders all travel agencies to suspend sales of domestic and international tours. It means the tourist industry of China disabled. Certainly, the potential damages are inevitable. Nevertheless, tourists must be careful about the food in China, actually, the meat doesn’t guarantee the quality or genuine meat. Chinese restaurants can transform the pork into beef or rat meat to pork, moreover, the human meat should be pork (China used the chemical to change pork to beef and Allah certified selling the Muslims)


-The foreign companies, businesses fear the danger of communist paradise, so they quickly move out of the largest communist paradise or repatriate the homeland.


-China’s government must spend the money on vaccination to hundreds of millions of people, it is the big deal while China faces the mountain debt was up to $US 40 trillion in 2017.


-Multiple millions of the people live in the battlefields of 13 cities suffer the difficulties when the business shut down and those places become the ghost towns. Moreover, they have not received the income’s support from the government. The Coronavirus cohort spreads its operation throughout the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of cheat that called the communist paradise. Possibly, Coronavirus can develop in the mainland, it aggravates the more worst situation, there is no safe in China. The Coronavirus strikes on Lunar New Year, so China shut the most events and galas.


-The jobless increase that worsens the unemployment rate, the regime is risked by the massive jobless.


The Buddhism fable describes the lion is invincible in the jungle, there is no kind of animal dares to challenge. Even the lion died, no-animal eats the meat, but the worm can. The viral communism, Maoist, and socialism created an opportunity for SARS, Coronavirus. A communist paradise is also a wonderful place for all kinds of viruses and bacteria. The human excrement’s fertilizer plus the unhygienic food that helps Coronavirus develops and attacks viral Maoist. The Coronavirus deteriorates China’s tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products that help the US farmer sell more food to China and President Donald Trump claims the victory over the tariff battle.


The viral Coronavirus clashes viral communism in the communist paradise. The battle occurs between viral Maoist and Coronavirus escalates the casualties, actually, the economy affected. Chinese people can stand up to change the totalitarian regime to democracy anytime, therefore, the virus Coronavirus speeds up the collapse of China’s communist regime by harming the economy./.






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