Chinese people reject the products made by Socialism


Posted on November 16, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The products made in China or any company labeled Chinaís trademark obsess global consumers. No-one agrees a robber or burglar is honest, so nobody believes Chinaís product is good and nobody, including the left media to praise the democracy plus the free speech respects in China. Even Chinese people living in the mainland have not trusted socialismís products. Mostly, Chinaís products including agriculture match the poor quality, poison, contamination and short life. Nevertheless, socialismís manner in production is negligent work but very good in the report. Mostly, the communist countries trace behind the Western countries in technology because obscurantism and socialismís policy eliminated the intellectuals and the wealthy component. Instead, the low-educated communist, the illiterate peasant couldnít replace the main developmentís component in the nation. Actually, education, invention and other national activities including corruption are led by socialism. However, China must carry out the global hegemonic strategy by stolen the technologies from the Western, the steal is led by socialism has applied to the multiple fields:


- China sent the student to study in Western, the red seeds become the high-level of technology burglary, they stole the Intellectual Property from universities and every Chinese student is a propaganda activist in Western universities. The red seeds have intoxicated the local students from many decades ago. The education business of Western universities has created long term damages to the young generations, so the toxic communism becomes the silent disaster when the rotten mind affecting the Westernís education system by Chinaís students.


- The cyber spy carries out by the giant telecommunication company Huawei owned by the Peopleís Liberation Army, the well-known unit is 61389. The trade ties, free trade agreements, and diplomatic relations exercise between China and a counterpart like Australia that costs the taxpayers. Annually, the Australian government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy.


- Chinaís business activists in Western are the financial agents of the communist party, the abundant loan provide by the government can invest easily the Western companies, actually, when Chinese business persons are the major shareholders, they can force the companies to provide the technologies and bringing to the mainland. Moreover, Chinaís espionage agents should hire the left media carrying the propaganda to mislead the people. The Western companies cornered by Chinaís shareholders could pressure the left mediaís companies distort the communication to propaganda if not, they stop the advertising. So, the left media often released fake news, fabricated stories and concealed the loss of China in the economic war with the US.


- The foreign factories operate in China forced to hand over the technologies if they want to make a profit and continuing to do the business in the mainland. From many decades ago, there were many Western companies gave the technologies to China and Beijing used to make the same products labeled Chinaís trademark. The Western companies lost the profit by the malicious tactic of China.


- China can buy foreign companies and also acquire the technologies


- The profit loverís academics can sell their inventions to China, the innocent treason and ill-concerned academics helped China solved the lacking technologies. China didnít need to invent, they just buy the inventions by the low cost. China created from nothing but they have anything.


- China has used the money to buy Prime Minister, President: the corruption in Western that helps China buying the good policies and getting the technologies from the national leaders grant. A circumstance of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore illegally received the finance provided by Chinaís espionage agents in the presidential 1992 and 1996, so President Bill Clinton intended to give away the military technology to China. Luckily, Congress prevented if not, China acquired technology GPS (Global Positioning System) and nowadays, China can launch the missile exactly any target in the US or somewhere else by the USís technology. The corruption prime minister or president can exchange the national interest for the individual favor, actually, a prime minister, a president or any high profiles of politicians do the business in China or linking the business with a Chinaís company. The people and intelligence may watch out the national leaders, politicians, including the former presidents, former prime ministers support China and attack the incumbent government has different policies with China in economy including the human rights concern.


China has developed the economy from Western technologies. Moreover, the counterfeits and stolen labels have become a global pandemic, China made the profit from the Western loss. The global economic terror of China succeeded to create the debt trap, trade trap and government trap deploying around the world.

The war fights against the global economic terror of President Donald Trump to strike the vulnerability of the largest communist regime on the planet. The US tariffs ruined Chinaís economy and financial system. Despite the left media has tried to mislead the public, therefore, they couldnít conceal the potential damages of China, actually, the incident of the USís supermarket opened a store at Shanghai that showed Chinese people do love the USís products, actually the food. Its reason conducts China must exempt the tariffs on meat, soybean and the others are due to Chinese people needing.


Almost, Chinese people live in the communist paradise fear the food, agricultural products made in China. The milk scandal in 2008 killed six infants and 300,000 sick, so Chinese people reject the baby formula made in China, instead, they favor Australianís baby milk powder. Chinese people in Australia rush to buy Australian baby milk powder and sending to their families in the mainland. In June 2019, three massive Chinese warships arrived at Sydney Harbour and stayed in four days, 700 sailors of the Peopleís Liberation Navy rushed to buy Australian baby milk.


Recently, the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) of Australianís government has approved China Mengniu Dairy Company takes over Bellamy of Australia, the deal is worth $ AUD 1.5 billion. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg agrees with FIRB because it doesnít conflict with the national interest. How is about the Darwin Port leased in 99 years by $AUD 506 million, the Darwin lease relates the national interest including the national security. FIRB may review or overhaul the lease of Darwin port and some ports leased for China. Moreover, the federal government and Intelligence may eye on the states like Victoria, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews secretly dealt with China and Melbourne became a place in one belt and one road of China.


The baby powder milkís Australia company Bellamy remains the headquarters in Australia for 10 years and running by major Australian board. China acquires Australianís baby milk powder formula, and Beijing legally brings Australiaís baby powder formula made in the mainland by China Mengniu Dairy Company. Therefore, China can sell the fake baby powderís milk labeled Australia as the fake beef sold in the mainland. Whatever, Chinese people have never trusted any of Chinaís product including foreign companies operate in the mainland./.






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