China’s biological terror plus propaganda


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The terror plus propaganda are the essential tactics of the communist regime. Mostly, when a communist party robs the government, the terror applies to frighten the people and propaganda brainwashes, the Islamic extremists appall the people by the execution’s video and the threat to kill more people.  Commonly, the communist parties in Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba, Cambodia (Khmer Rouge), China, Eastern Europe communist states have applied the same methods to control the people after took the government.


China’s Communist Party applies the terror plus propaganda into the global hegemonic ambition as they have applied in the mainland from 1949. China’s essential methods have applied flexibly into multiple circumstances:


      The global economic terror has carried out into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. When a counterpart fell into the traps, China’s communist regime exploits the belonged economy to intimidate, the common reprise repeats” the relationship between two countries is vulnerable”. The circumstance of Tibet spiritual religion leader Dalai Lama proved China’s breaches the sovereign like the South Africa government denied the entry visa of Dalai Lama after China warned. Beijing treats Australia as the colony after more than half of the national assets sold to China’s businesses (the innocent politicians and profit lover’s businesses are the naïve traitors). The traps plus intimidation (psychological warfare) helped China spread power worldwide.


    The global biological warfare terror: China’s Communist Party has conspired the biological warfare for a long time. China’s strategist, Defense Minister of Deng Xiaoping is General Chi Haotian who advocated using the biological weapon to attack the US and the world from two decades ago and now, Red Emperor Xi Jinping terrorizes the world by a biological weapon.


After the world is complicated by the Coronavirus, President Donald Trump calls CHINESE VIRUS, it causes the massive death toll and the infection spread worldwide, China launches the propaganda campaign and China also exposes the hypocritical attitude as a good heart. Whatever the global biological terror’s culprit can not cheat the world despite China’s communist regime has tried to defuse the massive death toll in the mainland and the country disabled. The fake morality of China can not cover the crime opposing humanity through global biological warfare.


China offers to supply millions of mask and the other medical items, therefore, no one believes the rogue regime is generous as Satan is angel, Mafia is honest, the tiger snakes has no venom. China gives protective clothing and gloves to Liberia, 100,000 test kits to the Philippines (the test kit made in China giving 80% wrong result, Spanish government returned 34,000 test kits). Moreover, China helps medical equipment to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Italy, and some African countries. However, the pro-Beijing Chinese businesses in Australia collected 172 tons of medical equipment sent to China (82 tons from Sydney Airport and 90 tons from Perth Airport).  The fake morality can not cheat the world, while China and the left media maximally launch the propaganda to stray the death toll and infected population to the US. After China released the Coronavirus contained in the mainland, the left media propagate the death toll in Europe, particularly Italy, Spain and the US surpass China in the death toll. Therefore, the left media and China’s communist regime can not conceal more than 21 million cellphone users vanished in the mainland as China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) confirmed. Moreover, during China announces the Coronavirus easies in the mainland and Wuhan, but the second wave of Coronavirus has re-started, 40 cremations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from February 26, 2020 (each cremation burns 5 tons of bodies a day). The test kid made in China gives 80% wrong result, it cheats Chinese doctors, medical officials, so 80% of negative people can be infected and the Coronavirus outbreak speeds up in the Chinese population. The left media in Western and the propaganda machine of China can not lie in the world.


The Western media mislead the public as the Vietnam War. The viral left media’s companies worldwide become China’s propaganda machine supporting the biological warfare terror of China, the prominent left media’s companies are:


-The US: CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, MSNBC…


-The United Kingdom: BBC, The Guardian.


-Australia: ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, Channel Nine, SBS…


The fake news and fabricated stories are obsolete, everyone knows China is the culprit of global biological terror, particularly, W.H.O director-general Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is an actual henchman of Beijing, he helped China to delay the Coronavirus outbreak. The propaganda supports biological terror to mislead the public, therefore, the old tactics can not cheat the world when the high technological communication debunked the lies. Certainly, the people trust President Donald Trump and abandon the viral left media. The propaganda to support China’s biological terror hits back the left media, the left media failed to mislead the public, instead, President Donald Trump’s approval rating skyrockets. On March 27, 2020,  CNN has fired more than 100 journalists while the public needs the reporters during the Coronavirus outbreak. Nowadays, global consumers boycott China’s products and the people boycott the left media.


Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl), Senator Cory Garden (R-CO) and Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) and the members of Senate Committee Foreign Relations send a letter to President Donald Trump requesting to create the Taskforce to fight against China’s propaganda in the US (*), the left media is the enemy of people, the foe of public, the garbage of mainstream to help China’s Communist Party into the psychological warfare.


The people recognize between the wrong and tights, good and bad, therefore, the communists promote themselves the Ape by Karl Mark’s concern. The Ape super herd in China is not human, they enjoyed the genocide and pride the so-called revolution. The left media and left parties are the siblings with comrade China, the left media misleads the public and conceals the massive death toll plus the infected population in China, they enjoy the lies. In the US, Democrats exploit the Coronavirus or Chinese virus to attack the government. The blatant evidence of the treasonous party exposes from the inhumane attitude of Mr.  Andrew Mark Cuomo, 56th governor of New York since 2011, he claims the people are dying, I need ventilators today. Therefore, the Democratic governor plays the heartless political game, he hides 3,000 ventilators in a warehouse, so his deception unmasked./.







On March 23, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

We write to you requesting the formation of an interagency taskforce under the aegis of the National Security Council (NSC) with the purpose of countering the sinister propaganda campaign emanating from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) (P.L. No: 115-409), which you signed into law in December 2018, authorizes funding “for United States Government efforts to counter the strategic influence of the People’s Republic of China,” developing the foundation for such an initiative.


In early December 2019, citizens of the city of Wuhan, China began experiencing symptoms of what would become known as Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). This new virus has continuously proved highly infectious and in the four short months since its discovery, it has become a global pandemic and a crisis here at home. Despite early indications that this was a new virus comparable to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) from 2002, the CCP made concerted efforts to obfuscate and downplay information that would have been critical for the health of their citizens and later the world.


Now that COVID-19 has spread rapidly around the globe, the CCP and its officials have the audacity to spread disingenuous claims that the United States is responsible for this pandemic. This is not simply dishonest, it is dangerous. This tactic, in addition to being a despicable exploitation of a global emergency, threatens to undermine the worldwide coordination necessary to combat this coronavirus. It is for this reason that we request an interagency taskforce within the NSC to counter the malicious propaganda coming from CCP apparatchiks.


This interagency taskforce should include representatives from the Department of State, the Department of Defense (DOD), the Department of Treasury, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and from agencies within the Intelligence Community. These representatives should work together to disseminate accurate and appropriate information to U.S. Government (USG) employees and the global public at-large concerning the origins of COVID-19 and efforts at national and international levels to halt its spread.


To that end, this taskforce should focus on 1) producing a white paper on the origins of COVID-19 and subsequent CCP efforts to conceal its seriousness, 2) provide guidance to USG employees and U.S. Embassies on messaging surrounding COVID-19 and methods to counter false CCP narratives around its origins and containment, and 3) regularly coordinate with and brief the appropriate Congressional Committees on these efforts.


The Chinese Communist Party is manipulating facts surrounding a global pandemic that originated due to their own incompetence. While the rest of the world scrambles to clean up the CCP’s mess, they continue to seek geopolitical advantage and undermine the U.S. at every turn. It is critical that our country fight back against this propaganda and an interagency taskforce under the aegis of the NSC is a distinctive tool to formulate a coordinated, USG-wide response.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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