China wants to censor the media in Western


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The free speech respects in the Western and democratic countries, therefore, the communist paradise is the hell of free speech, it is the speech free. The den of corruption, the hub of pandemics and the garbage of propaganda to carry out by the government’s propaganda machine. China has remained the ruthless regime by propaganda plus the terror, the people couldn’t access the information from the multiple sources, instead, the government policies and slogans. The obscurantism blinds the people’s eyes, gags the free speech, so the totalitarian regime rules the country as a French proverb “le mounton de Panurge”. In communist countries like Vietnam, China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos…the free speech reflects a satire’s saying in Vietnam, Vietnamese people mock:” eating is like a prisoner, sleeping is like a monk, but talking is like the national leader”.


In the communist regime like China, whoever criticizes leader Xi Jinping to be arrested and goes to jail, a circumstance of Chinese Rights advocate Xu Zhiyong arrested because he dares to criticize Red Emperor Xi Jinping over the Coronavirus outbreak. Even the deceased communist founders as Mao Tse Tung, Hồ Chí Minh, the regime forces people to adore the genocide as the angels. The government strictly punishes whoever talks about the wrongdoings of founders, the treason applies under the label of counter-revolutionary crime.

However, China applies the propaganda into the wrong place, the Western countries are not China’s colonies or vassals, so China slams three journalists of the Wall Street Journal because they published the racist’s headline over the Coronavirus outbreak to call the country is the” real sick man in Asia”.


The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China exposes the actual tool of China’s communist regime to release the statement opposing the Western media:” the deep concern and strong condemnation”. Therefore, China’s propaganda machine including the Foreign Correspondents’ Club is illiterate, the title” sick man of Asia” has used more than a century ago, certainly, they have never known that. Danish newspaper Jyllands-Post published a cartoon of artist Niels Bo Bojesen describes China communist regime’s flag replacement the stars by the viral forms, China outraged and required the apology but editor Jacob Nybroe rejected, it is the free speech, even Red Emperor Xi Jinping dubbed Mr. Shithole if the incident occurs in China, the Police arrested and put into the jail.  China’s communist regime orders three US journalists of The Wall Street Journal and one Australia must leave China within 5 days.


The Coronavirus outbreak is the real threat, Chinese people, in the mainland, the death toll and infected people increase daily despite China’s government concealed and reduces the real numbers. The World Health Organization declared a global emergency while China must lock more than half the population (780 million people). The people died, daily, China uses at least 50 cremation sites to solve about 200 tonnes of the carcass, almost 500 hospitals in Wuhan overwhelmed the patients. The whistleblower Doctor Li Wengliang arrested by the Police with the crime called spreading rumor when he reported about the deadly virus, eventually, Dr. Li Wengliang killed by Coronavirus. Recently, Dr. Liu Zhiming died, although he is director of the central hospital in Wuhan. On February 20, 2020, Chinese film director Chang Kai and his family died by Coronavirus despite his family applied the self-quarantine, actually, he is a wealthy person in China.


Mr. Chang Kai, 55-year-old died in February 2020 but China delayed the news. There was two weeks before, his parents died and his sister died few hours after Chang Kai died, now his wife is in serious condition. The coronavirus spread throughout China, there is no safe place in the mainland, its reason, Shanghai closed all school despite this place is not Wuhan. China’s communist regime has never respected the truth, so the government reports concealed and politicized. Therefore, the world knew the deadly pandemic threatening the countries, there are 80 nations avoid Chinese tourists and also rescued their citizen being stranded at the cruise ships and Wuhan. The quarantine strictly applies, actually, Western countries like the US, Australia, Europe limited Chinese tourists including Chinese students. Therefore, on February 20, 2020, two elderly passengers of Diamond Princess in Japan have died by Covid-19 and on February 21st, 2020, half of the passengers of Diamond Cruise ship infected by Coronavirus. The World Health Organization issues the Coronavirus spreads in South Korea after the first person killed by Coronavirusm, so South Korea’s government urges about 2.5 million people to stay home. The Novel Coronavirus can develop the pandemic by the infected people, actually, the people come from the den of pandemics and also the communist paradise. The Novel Coronavirus threatens the world while the effective vaccine has not found yet, nevertheless, the reinfection that worries China’s government and W.H.O. The people in Western countries maximally prevent the deadly virus, so Chinese restaurants, Chinese groceries and China’s town reduced the visitors, in London, the scene of China’s ghost towns and Chinese ghost restaurants show the people pall Coronavirus. Certainly, everywhere, Chinese businesses affected. Therefore, in Australia, pro-Beijing activists protested at an immigration office in New South Wales to call the government eases the travel ban, they called” racist”. But, the travel ban is the best solution to bar Coronavirus, not racist.


China’s communist government upsets after Western media reflects the worst situation in China about the Coronavirus outbreak. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang slams the media smears the active response of the government to solve the Coronavirus:” the efforts of the Chinese Government and people on fighting the epidemic”. And he condemns:” The editors used such a racially discriminatory title, triggering indignation and condemnation among the Chinese people and the international community,”.


Certainly, China’s communist regime has no complaint an article published on, the news from Reuters on February 20, 2020:” The latest numbers on infections in mainland China suggest the coronavirus epidemic may be slowing, but the death toll continues to rise.”. This article reflects China’s propaganda, it is funny on” the death toll to rise but the Coronavirus epidemic may be slowing”. The Reuters and think the people are stupid or they believe the world ruled by China. Certainly, China wants to censor the Western media, therefore, Beijing failed to gag free speech, but China can buy some profit lovers of media companies and dishonest journalists to cheat the public by fake news, fabricated stories plus the concealment./.






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