China viral business has infected worldwide


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The world alerts virus pandemics like SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu and recently, China’s communist regime terrorizes the world by Coronavirus cohort. The culprit is Ape Emperor Xi Jinping who leads 22 global tyrants. The deaths and infected population plus the global economic damaged that come from the Ape super herd has ruled the mainland since 1949.


However, China’s viral business pandemic silently has attacked the world, but the people have not cautioned the dangerous virus made by China since the rogue regime joined the free market and W.T.O. The world seemed to sleep while China has infiltrated the international community and conspiring the global hegemonic ambition. Before the historic visit of US President Richard Nixon in 1972, the embargo strictly applied, the world developed without China. The critical mistake made that conducts long term damage and the dire consequences have perpetuated more than 50 years. The innocent politicians, national leaders, mostly, the left parties are siblings with the Ape super herd in China, the left media and the profit lover’s business in Western have helped China invading the world and colonizing their country by the trade ties, the naïve traitors share the world’s disaster, they are the domestic thugs.


The Novel Coronavirus pandemic killed the people and infected population that causes the world isolated temporarily. Certainly, the Coronavirus pandemic will pass and the world will return the normal life. Therefore, China’s viral business pandemic has perpetuated worldwide, the viral businesses owned by China’s government spread everywhere, moreover, the US and Western countries are the favorite places of China’s viral businesses develop and harming the counterparts. The Coronavirus created by China, President Donald Trump calls CHINESE VIRUS, it appeared in Wuhan from December 1st, 2019, but China concealed and the World Health Organization misled the pandemic outbreak, so the disaster spread worldwide. China’s viral businesses spread from China and transmitting under multiple forms:


1- China’s viral businesses silently have spread and infected the world by the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. China’s businesses virus comes from:

- China- owned companies like Huawei, ZTE, landbridge groups (took over Darwin port of Australia in 99 years), the global estate company (Greenland Group) established 1992 in Shanghai that China company has exploited the loopholes of Western law, they sold the lands, properties of the other nations like Australia. Moreover, Greenland Group stabs in back Australian people by airlift 82 tons of medical equipment to Wuhan from Sydney Airport and Chinese migrants pro- Beijing in Western Australia did the same from Perth Airport.


- China businesses hide under private companies to cheat the innocent government.


- China’s espionage financial agents use the money to buy the betrayal politicians and the political parties carrying out the donation’s form


2- China’s viral businesses have transmitted to the profit lover’s businesses: the wealthy components easily infected by China’s viral business’s pandemic. The profit lover’s businesses have infected by China’s business virus, they have intoxicated the people by the products made in China. The poor quality products, poison, contamination, and short life products killed the prestige of Western businesses and the national industry. The global consumers upset and hate China made, so they silently boycott the businesses. After the Coronavirus, the global consumers fear China’s products, so the patients of China’s business pandemic receive the loss of profit, they can not sell China’s stock, certainly, the shareholds plunged.


- The Western companies infected by China’s viral business: the shareholders, stock market and the relationship of the financial system have damaged long time. When the economic depression, recession, the stock market crashed, the patients of China’s viral business received the damages


3- The vaccine and medicine treat China’s viral business:


China’s viral business’s pandemic transforms the counterparts to be a colony of China, the sovereign loss. The Coronavirus will pass over with the medicine and vaccine, China’s viral business can treat.


- The patriotic concern is the best medicine

 to expel   China’s viral business from the country.


- The boycott applies to all China’s products, the Western companies cut the orders made in China as soon as possible. Let’s return the sanction against China as before 1972.


- The government can buy back the local companies owned by China or applying the law to force the companies owned by China to hand over the national assets. The Foreign Investment Review Board * (FIRB) of the Australian government can use the law to get back the national assets including the properties sold to Chinese businesses. The FIRB may issue the rules to force China’s companies to return the assets relate the national security like Darwin port, Merriden airport..and national interest like agricultural land, Bellemy’s baby formula powder milk, Lion dairy milk. According to the report between August 2007 to 2017 and 2018, the Foreign Investment Review Board received 12,000 applications to sell the national assets to the foreigners, China is the major buyer, but FIRB just rejected 5. Senator Paulin Hanson, leader of One Nation Party alerts: “ What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell- off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.”.


- The government restricts Chinese migrants including Chinese students while the communist party still rules in the mainland. (Chinese students come from the wealthy families in the mainland, every Chinese student is the propaganda agent in Western’s education, a stolen technological burglar).


- The workers can develop the power to strike or boycott China- owned companies.


- The law strictly applies to restrict the companies owned by Chinese business and the businesses link to China’s regime.


- Avoid importing China made and the supermarkets do not sell any products made in China. Australian people fear China’s frozen berries imported, China’s materials risk the construction companies. Recently, the Philippines discovered 25 tons of smuggled chicken meat tested positive of African Swine Fever come from China. Spain returns 340,000 test kits made in China because the medical devices failed 80% accuracy. The evidence can tell China’s death toll and infected people are higher than the regime reports and conceals.


The countries fell into the trade trap, debt trap and government trap of China received the potential damages. The innocent government helped China’s viral business pandemic infected and killed the national economy, devastated the financial system must learn the bloody lesson. Now, the time to wake up and using the vaccine pledge patriotic label to expel China’s business virus as soon as possible. Italy, Spain and the countries in Europe have affected the deadly virus Cornavirus that comes from China’s viral business pandemic come from China./.





Notes (*): Australian government of Coalition has reinstated the Foreign Investment Review policy. Therefore, Australia sold more than half of national assets to China. The Australian Labor Party is the close comrade with China. Labor Party created the national disaster after leading the country into trade trap, debt trap and government trap. Mostly, Labor politicians like Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull, particularly, Senator Penny Wong helped China’s viral business infected Australia economy from many decades ago.



The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP



30 March 2020




The Morrison Government is today announcing temporary changes to the foreign investment review framework that are designed to protect Australia’s national interest as we deal with the economic implications arising from the spread of the coronavirus.

Effective from this date of announce

ment, all proposed foreign investments into Australia subject to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (the Act) will require approval, regardless of value or the nature of the foreign investor.

This is not an investment freeze. Australia is open for business and recognises investment at this time can be beneficial if in the national interest.


The temporary change will be achieved by reducing to $0 the monetary screening thresholds for all foreign investments under the Act. By temporarily reducing the foreign investment thresholds, the Australian Government will ensure appropriate oversight over all proposed foreign investment during this time.


To ensure sufficient time for screening applications, the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) will be working with existing and new applicants to extend timeframes for reviewing applications from 30 days to up to six months.


In doing so, the Government will prioritise urgent applications for investments that protect and support Australian business and Australian jobs.


Even in these uncertain times, Australia continues to welcome foreign investment, which remains vital to our long- term economic success and stability. The Government recognises that foreign investment will play an important part in helping many businesses get to the other side – securing jobs and supporting our economic recovery.


However, these measures are necessary to safeguard the national interest as the coronavirus outbreak puts intense pressure on the Australian economy and Australian businesses.


These are temporary measures that will remain in place for the duration of the current crisis.


The Treasurer will continue to review foreign investment proposals against the national interest on a case- by- case basis. Where appropriate, conditions will be applied proportionately to address identified risks on a non- discriminatory basis.

The changes the Government is announcing today have the full support of the FIRB and its chairman, Mr David Irvine AO.


Further administrative details to give effect to this announcement will be published on the FIRB website in due course.




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