China sowed the wind and reap whirlwind


Posted on April 7, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The blatant evidence testifies China’s Communist Party is the culprit of global biological warfare terror, despite China has tried to avoid the investigation by shifting the Coronavirus originates from the bat, wild animal meat at Wuhan fish market and the US did it. Therefore, the world knew China launches a biological weapon attacking the world to carry out global ambition. Moreover, China can not sophisticate any reasons to escape the crime opposing humanity and responsibility of the death toll, infected population, and the global economic damages.


China can not shun the incident of whistleblower Dr. Li Wengling who raised the early alert about Coronavirus outbreak from December 2019, but China arrested the concerned doctor and concealed the Coronavirus outbreak. Nevertheless, China controls the World Health Organization, particularly,  Dogtor director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who misled the world and distorted the mission of W.H.O until the Coronavirus spread worldwide.


China also exposed the heartlessness after the world isolated, the death toll and infected population increased everywhere on the planet and China pretends the hypocritical morality by sending the false medical supplies to Europe, Asia, it is the deep conspiracy to kill more people in the world. The fake morality of China can not hide, the rogue regime forces Italy to buy the same Coronavirusus supplies, those donated by Italy before (from the Fox Nation). It means, China creates the biological weapon and also selling the medical supplies to the victim countries, but Beijing labels under humanitarian aid. Democratic Governor Cuomo encourages New York residents to use the face masks and medical supplies made in China, so New York rises the highest death toll and infected people in the US. Once again, the left viral media re-applies the propaganda to mislead the public, the phony and obsolete psychological warfare failed. Nowadays, the audience just interest the weather, almost the news is fake or biased information, even the weather can not trust because on the same day, the television channels released different numbers.


Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain Hollands, and others slam the medical supplies made in China failed the safety, the test kit giving 80% of the wrong result. However, in Australia, billionaire Andrew Forrest who ordered 90 tons of medical supplies made in China that is worth $AU 160 million to donate Western Australia’s hospitals. China can not bring the Coronavirus to Australia because the whole country locked, the travel ban strictly. Possibly, China should use an innocent billionaire as Mr. Andrew Forrest who has a business relationship with China a long time to send the Coronavirus into the medical supplies. It is just 1% medical supplies made in China has Coronavirus, Western Australia’s medical servants risk the life and Western Australia’s hospital crippled. Moreover, China’s medical supplies come from the den of Coronavirus, Chinese workers could have the Coronavirus.


The outlet media raised the dangerous medical supplies made in China, so the Chinese embassy to Australia slams the media defamed Chinese companies. Certainly, the terrorist can kill everyone and China’s communist regime has never repented the crime opposing humanity, Even, China’s Communist Party killed a hundred million people in the mainland from 1949. On the other hand, China is launching global biological terror and also sending the harmfully medical supplies to the victim countries, it is a farce of humanity made by China.


China sowed biological warfare into the world, so China owed the bloody debt. Almost, the United Nations members are the victims of China. The countries can require China to compensate for economic damages and deaths. The victim nations can react against China by two solutions


1-Prosecute China to the International Court: the international law firms can file the lawsuit against China. The Conservative lawyer Larry Klayman is seeking $US 20 trillion’s compensation from China’s government developed and terrorizes the US by a biological weapon. India does the same, the International Commission of Juries aims the lawsuit against China with $US 20 trillion’s compensation. The United Kingdom aims to accuse China and seeking $US 6.5 trillion’s compensation. So every country can join the plaintiff line. However, China and Democrats obsess the presidential election will be held on 8th November 2020, President Donald Trump easily wins the second term and possibly, Republicans will control the Senate and Congress, so the bill to prosecute China to the international court. The US will be the powerful plaintiff and many countries join. The compensation should a hundred trillions of the US dollar.


2-Applying the law: the counterpart with China, particularly, the victim countries of trade trap, debt trap and government trap can use the law to force China to pay the damages. The lawmakers can issue the law after the lower and upper house passed the bill and the national audit can measure the damages by a biological weapon. The countries can take back the national assets like the ports, airport and the companies sold to China. Almost, China’s companies overseas are government-owned. Moreover, the national audit can report the damages and confiscate China’s companies and taking China to the international court.


The greedy power of China’s Communist Party must receive dire consequences. The global biological warfare terror hit back to China. Nowadays, China’s communist regime is sieged by the international community, despite China created the puppet is Mr. Antonio Guterres who is the current Secretary-General and W.H.O director-general Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus. Recently, the United Nations elected China into the Human Rights Council, therefore, China can not escape the genocide and responsibility of biological terror. The biological warfare failed that conducts the world boycott and isolate China. Moreover, the China-Phobia and Chinese virus must take a long time to fade, unless, China’s communist regime collapsed./.







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