China shuns the responsibility of pademic


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China’s communist regime couldn’t apply the propaganda to mislead the world after the deadly pandemic Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan from December 2019 and now, the virus spread at least 25 countries, the pandemic globalizes, the World Health Organization officially declared the global emergency but W.H.O and 400 scientists conferred at Geneva, therefore, they have not found yet the vaccine while the Novel Coronavirus spread without borders throughout the mainland. China’s communist regime panics and Chinese people have been fallen into utter despair’s state. W.H.O predicts the vaccine will take at least 18 months. Moreover, the pessimistic state aggravates while China’s government can not deal with the massively infected population, the corruption follows Coronavirus to worsen China’s society. The local government and Police Force cruelly treat the people being locked down in the infected areas. The social media released the Youtube about the Police arrested whoever doesn’t wear the face mask on the street although an old man explains the reasons (he can not buy), the Police broke the neck of a young girl because they suspect she is infected by Coronavirus.


Initially, the death toll and the infected cases escalate daily in the mainland, actually, Hubei province becomes the central epidemic. Moreover, China received the potential damages ever in the economy, the financial system in the mainland, the economic damages that have transmitted the loss to the foreign companies still operate in the mainland, certainly, the foreigners can not make a profit in the den of pandemics. As Mr. Tim Cook is CEO of Apple who does love to do the business in China, before, he seemed not to interest the warning of President Donald Trump about China, instead, Mr. Tim Cook has a good relationship with China. Now, the Coronavirus forced Mr. CEO of Apple to find the escape way, the damages are inevitable after Apple closed 42 stories in Shanghai. Nevertheless, Western companies have China’s involvement following a big loss. China’s stock market tumbled, so China’s tycoons (pro-Beijing) can not make the profit, instead, their businesses are risked when China’s economy crippled from the war to fight against the global economic terror and now the Coronavirus. In the golden time of China’s growth, Chinese tycoons often exposed the arrogant attitude in the Western and the other countries, they purchased the foreign assets after the counterparts fell into the trade trap, debt trap although its people anger and now China’s tycoons must pay the damages by the virus.


Despite the Coronavirus threatens, but China has tried to reduce the numerous death and infected persons in the mainland, actually, in Wuhan, the center of Coronavirus outbreak. The world can measure the death toll and infected people skyrocket in China by social media and Chinese people. Almost the information released from China’s government couldn’t reflect reality. Therefore the death toll and infected people show the pandemic worsens.


According to the report of China’s officials, on February 16, 2020, the death toll reached 1,662 and 68,000 infected patients in Wuhan. Indeed, the death toll and infected persons of China can not reflect the real numbers. On the other hand, China’s report conflicts with more than 50 cremation sites operate 24/24, the dead body’s smell attracts the black crow gathered in Wuhan’s sky ( Chinese people believe the black crow gathering to bring the bad portent). The hospitals in Wuhan overwhelmed patients, the medical servants couldn’t respond to the massively numerous people despite China’s communist government built two hospitals within 10 days, each hospital inundated more than 1,000 patients. Nevertheless, there are 1,000 doctors and nurses to become victims of Coronavirus. Certainly, 4,000 medical servants have not enough to deal with the deadly pandemic.


In Wuhan, the Coronavirus fiercely attacks Chinese people, almost the hospitals overloaded the patients, there are at least 500 hospitals crowded patients from mid-January 2020. China’s communist regime can not use the palm to cover the sunlight, the concealment completely failed when sixty cities locked down and more than 500 million people affected, they can not get out of the house. China’s economy disabled by the pandemic, nowadays, China-phobia globalizes, the US, Europe, Australia, and the other countries fear the deadly virus COVID-19 can transmit from Chinese people travel, including their citizens evacuated and quarantine carefully before releasing from the strict clinics.


There are not only Chinese people who have been suffered the virus but the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force to be attacked by Coronavirus but China’s government concealed because the virus has no discrimination everyone, including the communist members. The major population in China is poor, the death toll rises but the high ranking communist cadres in China rarely died, there was the only director Ethnic Affairs Commission of Wuhan Wang Xiangliang died by Coronavirus. The leaders in Wuhan afforded the high medical services so they are safe.


China couldn’t conceal the early warning of Doctor Li Wengliang, a 34-year-old who was the victim of concealment’s policy. He was arrested by Police and later, Dr. Li died by Coronavirus. The millions of Chinese people strongly react against China’s government after the death of the concerned doctor, eventually, Red Emperor Xi Jinping defuses the people outraged by replacement Hubei’s Secretary Jiang Chaoling by Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong and Wuhan party chief Ma Guoqiang by a high ranking cadre from Shandong. Red Emperor Xi Jinping is the commander in corruption but he often raises the mouthful speech to fight the corruption so, after the death of Doctor Li Wengliang, Beijing sent the investing agency to Wuhan, certainly, the Police to be investigated while the concealment’s policy comes from the central communist government. Recently,  Red Emperor Xi Jinping appeared the public and he addressed the nation about the Coronavirus, he confirmed the Political Bureau knew the Coronavirus before and following the meeting on January 7, 2020, but the central government didn’t act, instead, the concealment applied until the pandemic spread without the control, so China’s communist government officially banned the travel and locked down the cities on January 23, 2020. China’s communist regime ignores the Chinese people’s life, instead, the Communist Party is the number one priority. So they didn’t act when the Coronavirus has started.


China’s Communist Party is keen to kill, oppress, rob, enslave Chinese people, actually, China’s Communist killed the people in Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur, Falun Gong members. Therefore, when people being periled by the Coronavirus pandemic, the People’s Republic of China or China’s communist regime escapes the responsibility. It is the basic character of the coward party when they are dealing with the big problem, but when anything solved, the communists forward to claim victory and getting the boon. Vietnamese people ridicule the communist party and leader Hồ Chí Minh by the satire’s verses:


The lost harvest causes of a natural disaster (Mất mùa bởi tại thiên tai)


The successful harvest comes from our talented party (Được mùa bởi tại thiên tài đảng ta)


The death toll and infected people can cost the regime. On February 16, 2020, China shifts the problem to the World Health Organization slowly responded to the deadly pandemic. Indeed, the Novel Coronavirus concealed by government policy. Moreover, the death of Doctor Li Wengliang proved the irresponsibility of China’s communist regime, not W.H.O. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime often slams Western countries to intervene in domestic politics in the mainland when China often violates human rights to kill, imprison its people, actually, the massacre in Tibet, Sinkiang Uigur, and Falun Gong members. Obviously, Coronavirus is the domestic problem of China, therefore, the pandemic outbreaks without control, China shifts the responsibility to W.H.O, certainly, Chinese people and the world knew WHO is responsible for the concealment of COVID-19? China is like a cancer patient who delayed to diagnose but slams a doctor. Moreover, the people suspect China’s communist regime created biological warfare, but Coronavirus leaked.


The irresponsibility exposes on Red Emperor Xi Jinping’s attitude, after shifting the responsibility to W.H.O, he said the people (Chinese people) creating that problem will pay the consequences./.






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