China should meddle the elections in the Western


Posted on March 12, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The global hegemony urges China communist using the cunning tactics to colonize the world, the main target focuses the Western countries, actually the US becomes the number one enemy of the People’s Republic of China. Capitalism opposes the communism as the fire and water, both couldn’t harmonize.


In reality, China has not enough the capacity and the technology to confront with Western, mostly the technology traces behind the Western, actually the US. China must find the solution to replace the negative aspect, so Beijing is keen to steal the technology for the arms, space race and carry out the Chinese dream.


The financial army and the espionage network of China have activated overseas, the common tactic has applied effectively under a form of political donation, it is among the sharp arrow to corner the Western.


The corruption of the rapacious politicians plus the innocent national leaders helped China gained a huge profit and the acquired the facilities granted from the capitalist. Buying the politicians, actually the prime minister, president and the ministers that means China could buy the best policy. The updated invasion of China communist has applied since the Cold War that replaces the old way’s colonization. After the last invasions to occupy Tibet and Sinkiang Uigur in 1950, China has not to need to use the military solution, but Beijing could transform the national leaders to be the Executors of China in their own country.


However, the elections become the high tide of China intervenes domestic politics. China always wants the left parties to win the election. So in the elections occurred in the US, Europe, Australia, and the other countries that become an opportunity for China to meddle the elections by any tactic as using the money to donate the left parties and paying the left media to support the left parties into the propaganda. The essential tactic is the false polls, it is a form of rigged election.


The left media appeared from the Cold War, actually the Vietnam War. The media in Western is a career as an electrician, plumber, doctor…they must serve for the customer and client, so the most commercial media working for the advertising and the customers. China recognizes the vulnerability of the Western media is the profit lover, then Beijing silently should pay for the media to propagate into the Western. It is the malicious tactic of China to using the native people into psychological warfare. The most journalists, columnists, T.V hosts in Western gained the high education, they know the wrong and right, but the left media has supported the communist, it is the most inhumane form of the planet. Nevertheless, the left media knew Vietcong was cruel, the terrorist labeled revolutionist in Vietnam killed at least tens of million civilians. Actually, they knew Ho Chi Minh was the genocide, he killed 1,700,000 people, Ho Chi Minh raped a 15-year-old teenager named Tuyết Lan in 1929 at Thailand and he also was the famous pedophile. Therefore, the left media praised Vietcong and its leader Ho Chi Minh…the motive should come from the money. The communication distorted to make a profit.


The honest media respects the truth but the dishonest media advocates the money, so they must do anything as the customer wants to. The left media originated from the Vietnam War, the Global Communist Bloc ordered the undercover activists, the espionage agent, and the financial agent to pay the left media. The left media has propagated the fake news, fabricated stories, concealed truth into its people, they have poisoned and misled the public, so the manner becomes the habit and long time, the fake news, false poll and the fabricated story rooted into the left media line. Nevertheless, China should pay the left media journalists and the left media companies for the propaganda and supporting the left parties, the left candidates in the election.


After the US presidential election in 2016, Democrats apply the dirty revenge, Hillary Clinton hired the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele who created the fake dossiers and former FBI Director Robert Mueller has used the fake dossiers to investigate on Russia meddled the election. Certainly, the Special Counsel found nothing Russia helped Donald Trump in the election. However, China intervened the US election happened with the hard evidence, but FBI and Special Counsel of Robert Mueller ignored and concealed.


The presidential election in 1992, China’s super espionage agent John Huang used the money to help the finance of Bill Clinton and Algore. The second presidential election 1996, once again, China’s financial agent Charlie Trie illegally funneled the finance into Bill Clinton and Al Gore campaign’s fund, so after President Bill Clinton won the second term, the US government deserved the facilities for China, actually, the Most Favored Nation’s policy helped China grew quicker. Nevertheless, President Bill Clinton intended to hand over the top military secret technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) to China, if the Congress didn’t stop, nowadays, China could use the US technology into the arms race and threatening the world. Moreover, President Bill Clinton also helped a vassal of China, in 1994, President Bill Clinton lifted the embargo for the Hanoi regime despite Vietcong has never changed the character of the inhumane government.


The US election in 2016, China knew candidate Donald Trump will apply the tough law to China’s economy, so the people felt China communist paid the money to the left media launching the propaganda to defeat candidate Donald Trump and Beijing wanted Hillary Clinton elected as Barrack Obama and her husband Bill Clinton.


The left media is the actual tool of China into the psychological warfare, so in the presidential election 2016, the left media exhausted the propaganda with the smear campaign, actually, the false polls aimed to mislead the public and convince the undecided voter, but the cunning propaganda failed. After billionaire Donald Trump became the US President, the war fight against the global economic terror comes from the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit is occurring, China has faced the potential damaged, so the left media maximally has attacked President Donald Trump. Moreover, China wants to remove President Donald Trump out the office, so the people doubt Mr. Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein, Deputy FBI director Andrew George McCabe and recently former lawyer 30 Michael Cohen should get the payment from China or Beijing deserves the privileges? The people question the traitor, why did they betray the country?


The circumstance of Mr. Malcolm Turnbull doubts about China’s involvement. Mr. Malcolm Turnbull is the greedy power’s man, a senior lawyer, and the successful business. His daughter in law comes from a hardcore China communist’s family, his business should relate to China. Unfortunately, Prime Minister John Howard made the critical mistake to recruit so a leftist infiltrated into the conservative party. The left media paved the way for Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take the top job. Obviously, the left media launched the false poll’s campaign, it was the psychological warfare that panicked the Liberals politicians and Mr. Malcolm Turnbull used the false polls to make an inappropriate coup to topple Prime Minister Tony Abbott. The coup shattered Coalition, but Mr. Malcolm Turnbull and the left media plus ALP (Australian Leninist Party) succeeded to devastate Liberals Party. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vowed to stand alongside with China communist, his era created an opportunity for China occupied the Darwin Port. Despite Mr. Malcolm Turnbull ousted the top job but he and his son Alex still undermine Liberals.


The general election will be held on May 2019 in Australia, the left media activates as the US presidential election in 2016 and recently the Mid-term Congressional election on November 2018. The left media often released the cheat polls, the thug of people lied, they always confirmed ALP (Australian Leninist Party) wins the election and the boxing kangaroo leader will guarantee the top job. It is very hard to believe the consecutive 50 polls, Labor always led the Coalition. Therefore, the left media couldn’t hide the” monkey tail” of the ape of Karl Marx in Historial Materialism, it is funny when the polls proved Prime Minister Scott Morrison led Bill Shorten. What do the pollsters do?. The leader is like a locomotive of a train, the leader makes the best policies on the economy, national security, border protection, social safety, the employment…unfortunately, opposition Bill Shorten has nonpolicy, nevertheless, Mr. Bill Shorten and ALP advocate the asylum seeker while the major population fears the Muslim boat army is waiting for Labor retakes the government.


The Coalition government applies tough national security and banned Huawei operates the G5 technology. Instead, opposition leader Bill Shorten and leader Senator Penny Wong vowed to be a comrade with China. Actually, Senator Penny Wong holds the shadow of Foreign Affairs Minister, she confirmed to grant Huawei returns and operates in Australia. The people doubt the role of Senator Penny Wong in Senate and ALP, she is the untalented politician, but Labor Party always deserved the important positions from Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard’s government. Penny Wong was the Climate Change Minister, Water Minister, actually, actually, she held Finance Minister in the long term and now she holds the shadow of Foreign Affairs Minister. Senator Penny Wong should be a powerful politician of ALP, she climbed higher and dived deeper in Australian federal government and parliament. Certainly, Senator Penny Wong served for China interest. The NBN (National Broadband Network) made a profit for a China’s company at Shanghai, actually, Senator Penny Wong was the key to use the Australian’s taxpayers to make money for China when she held Finance Minister.


The federal election in Australia favors China’s interest and Australia is the important position in the region, so China should pay the left media to propagate and fabricate the false polls to cheat the public and also help ALP to win the election. The ASIO and Coalition alert China communist should meddle the Australia election as Beijing did with Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996. The left media, left journalists and the left pollsters are the actual hand of a foreigner, whoever pays money, they would have the good services. China should pay for the left media into the propaganda, actually, the left pollsters into the Australia general election will be held in May 2019./.







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