China seems to lose control on North Korea vassal


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After the Korea War ended in 1953, the Korea Peninsula has not stabilized. North Korea tied the relationship with China, actually, the primary North Korean leader Kim Il Sung must pay China’s debt, the Korea War cost a million lives of the People’s Liberation Army after the Human Wave Tactic of Chairman Mao Tse Tung didn’t work. Instead, it was the disastrous tactic, human life couldn’t confront and win over the developed weapon of the US and allies. The communist ignores human life, the inhumane tactic” human wave” of Mao Ste Tung also barbecued ten thousand troops of the People’s Army of Vietnam in Điện Biên Phủ battle and Vietcong also wasted more than 1,500,000 troops in the Vietnam War plus 300,000 troops missing. Vietcong exchanged the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975 by the blood of their troop. Therefore, the death vulnerability of communist is the economy and finance, when the economy crashed that conducts the communist regime collapsed while the Western respects the human life, so Vietcong and the left media propagated and exploited the US casualties to mislead the public in the Vietnam War. Destroying the economy of communist is the best way to eliminate the ruthless regime on the planet as saying of Napoleon Bonapart:” an army marches on its stomach”.


Do not fear what communist does

Let’s do what communist fears


China learned the bloody lesson in Korea War, so Beijing currently raises the hostility to the US, South Korea, Japan, and allies in the region. Despite China and North Korea couldn’t create second Korea’s conflict, but China controlled vassal North Korea on the economy, politics, and security, actually, the leadership in Pyongyang is the most important issue for China commands the vassal’s government. From the Korea War, China sowed North Korea henchmen into the Communist Party of Korea, the Korea People’s Army and the government’s system as China has applied in Vietnam communist regime since Ho Chi Minh’s era. In the formality, North Korea is a nation, but North Korea communist manage under the command of China.


From 1953 after the truce signed by both sides, China has used North Korea as a hitman of a super gang. Hitman North Korea has intimidated the region and the world by the nuclear weapon by China’s order. The bandit tactic fetched the food and money to feed North Korea regime if the world plus the US frighten the nuclear war and surrender North Korea, it means China to be the superpower to control the planet. So China should hire the left media propagates the dire destruction of nuclear war and paid for the profit lover’s academics, the dishonest strategists into the psychological war. Moreover, China should collude with left parties (Democrats in the US, Australian Labor Party, Greens Party, and the others) plus innocent politicians to pressure the government and mislead the public about the developed weapon of North Korea.


The tension raised in the region exposed on the missile launch and Hydrogen Bomb test. Despite the United Nations and the US presidents had tried to defuse by the humanitarian program to provide the food for North Korea people, even the leftist South Korea Kim Dae Jong who paid $USD 500 million for North Korea from South Korea’s taxpayers, he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2000, but the missile tests continued. Moreover, from 1995 to 2008, the US taxpayers paid $USD 1.3 billion to North Korea, but the situation has not changed.


After President Donald Trump getting the office, China ordered North Korea threatening the US because Beijing knew the economic war will happen. The missile launches and bomb tests escalated, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un who threatened to transform the US to the ash and wiping out the US military bases at Guam, North Korea intimidated to turn the US and South Korea to the sea of fire. During the tension highlighted, the left media chimed North Korea’s propaganda. China should hire the left media and dishonest academics appall the people about the Third World War and the dire destruction of the nuclear war. Moreover, the high profiles of Democrats as Hillary Clinton, former CIA director John Brennan, former National Security Agency James Clapper, and the others criticized President Donald Trump while both sides exchanged the language. Therefore, the war fights against the global economic terror come from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat escalates. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of commander in chief Donald Trump has struck the death vulnerability of China while Beijing weakly retaliated and China is going to lose the economic battle. Certainly, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un who recognizes the red dynasty in Beijing couldn’t win the war, actually, North Korea does need to have the energy and food while China has been suffered the adversities and the economy is unstable, it causes Kim Jong Un must meet President Donald Trump at Singapore on June 12, 2018 then Hanoi on February 28 and 28, 2019 but the summit unsucceeded and President Donald Trump went back to Washington D.C


After the summit G20 at Osaka has occurred, on June 29, 2019, suddenly, President Donald Trump arrived South Korea and he becomes the first sitting President of United States of America stepping the DMZ since the Korea war ended. The historic summit is the hottest even on the planet. Certainly, North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un knew the time changed, China seems to lose the control vassal North Korea because Beijing is due to the worst situation, the economy downturned, the mountain debt reached $USD 40 trillion then Huawei got the death certificate from President Donald Trump. Moreover, China economy has been devasted by the tariffs, the massive jobless plus China people abhore the inhumane regime rules the mainland by the barbarous policies since 1949 with 65 million people killed. Tiennamen Square massacre the Hong Kong people protested with more than 2 million people.


China communist government is losing control in the mainland, the economy downed and Yuan devalued and being uncertain. North Korea leader Kim Jong Un must find the way to exit, the US is a place to help North Korea in the economy and the other issues, so Kim Jong Un volunteered to stop the missile launch and bomb test after the first summit at Singapore on June 12, 2018.


Kim Jung Un knew China conspired to replace him by his half-brother Kim Jong Nam, but after Kim Jong Nam killed by toxic gas in Malaysia, the left media misleads the public, they released the fake news that Kim Jong Nam is CIA’s informer indeed, Kim Jong Nam is an actual hand of Beijing. The test site collapsed and killed more than 200 workers but Kim Jong Un who escaped, the incident should be conspired by China and their henchmen in North Korea attempted to kill Kim Jong Un. Nevertheless, after the summit at Hanoi failed, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un executed 5 top officials, it called” two faces”. After Kim Jong Il died, his son Kim Jong Un killed at least 300 high profiles in the central communist party, government and the Korea People’s Army. Possibly, Kim Jong Un eliminated the henchmen of China sowed long term in North Korea.


The common circumstance repeated in Chinese history, the end of a dynasty caused the lost harvest, corruption, and the people angered. The primary sign was the dynasty lost the control the vassals and a strong vassal stood up, the government collapsed.


Nowadays, China communist has fallen into the common circumstance of the days of yore, the sigh of vassal North Korea stopped the missile test despite Beijing needs to apply a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east the strike in the west” during fighting with the US and allies into the economic battle. But Kim Jong Un didn’t obey the order as Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il created the tension by the missile launch and the bomb test when China wanted to pressure the US and bully the region. Moreover, Hong Kong’s incident and North Korea proved China has lost control of the vassals and the territory. Sinkiang Uigur, Tibet, Manchuria, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam have an opportunity to get out from the hand of China and the people stand up to erase the communism in their country. Moreover, the countries deeply involved the economy and finance with China as Australia and Europe, now the time to find the escape as soon as possible before China collapsed. China faces the mountain debt is up to $USD 40 trillion or 400% GDP that crippled China, actually, Bejing must spend many decades to recover. Therefore, China has no capacity to pay the debt if the communist regime still ruled in the mainland. The US and democratic country interest to trade with China democracy as Taiwan, but China communist always applies the bush law in trade, a circumstance of Australian billionaire James Packer who was robbed $AUD 4.2 billion in Macau Casio Resort by the bush law of red Emperor Xi Jinping. It is the bloody lesson for the countries have trade ties, a free trade agreement with China communist.


China loses the economic war that means China loses the vassals and the communist regime in the mainland is able to collapse./.







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