China Regime has begun faced the dilemma in Hong Kong


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Hong Kong people and Taiwanese have lived in the democracy, therefore, since 1949, Chinese people live in the mainland have never enjoyed the freedom and democracy. It causes China communist party to deny the Chinese ancestor and history, the human mind replaced the animal instinct as communism’s great master Karl Marx labeled the Ape is the ancestor of communist. The Ape super gang robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949 (Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is a state in East Asia. Neighboring states include the People’s Republic of China to the west, Japan to the north-east, and the Philippines to the south. Wikipedia). The REPUBLIC OF CHINA is the official government of Chinese people while the robber is super gang Ape’s communist illegally proclaims the mainland called the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. Moreover, the robber often raises the brazen attitude by calling Taiwan is a rebellious province of the mainland, indeed, Chinese people still remain their official government in Taiwan, actually, China communist gang must return the mainland to Taiwan.


Unfortunately, the wrong concern has perpetuated after the Ape Super gang occupied the mainland and China communist regime has exploited the trade ties, diplomatic relationship to woo the consent of the world. Nevertheless, the United Nation accepted the wrong member, indeed, China communist doesn’t represent Chinese people, but Beijing has the delegation in the UN and the delegation of the super gang is also a member of the UN Security Council, so the UN has been abused by China communist since Taiwan kicked out. The super gang has used the money to buy the members in the United Nations, so the most important organization on the planet has been cornered by the super gang. Nowadays, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is a hardcore communist, he is comrade with China communist. So the world doubts the activities of the United Nations. The US ambassador to Us Nikki Haley compares the UN as a cesspool and withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council.


The left media, the lover profit’s academics plus the innocent politicians abandoned the authentic government of Chinese people in Taiwan, they blindly followed the instruction of the China communist to consent the so-called One Nation Policy of the robber. The henchmen of China commented Taiwanese is the exile, in reality, Taiwan has the government, army, and land and has the currency is New Taiwan Dollar. So Hong Kong people have the national flag is the Taiwan flag.


Hong Kong people enjoyed the freedom and democracy in a century under the rule of British. After July 1st, 1997, Prime Minister Tony Blair ruled the Labor government in the United Kingdom wrongly handed Hong Kong to China, indeed, British handed over Hong Kong to Taiwan, the authentic government of Chinese people or The British could call the referendum before handing over Hong Kong, the people could decide the future or handed over Hong Kong to Taiwan. The consequence of wrong concern that causes a strong reaction against the Ape regime and the mayhem in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong people totally reject the bush law focusing to control and rob the assets of Hong Kong people. Recently, the Ape regime in the mainland has tried to impose the extradition law that faces the massive protests have occurred two months with two million people at high tide, but China perplexes, Beijing still remains Carrie Lam to buy the time. The disgraced Hong Kong Executive Carrie Lam just is a punter of Beijing plays the political game. Hong Kong’s unrest shows China communist being faced the dilemma:

-China communist hesitates to solve the unrest in Hong Kong as the regime used the force to apply in the mainland and the occupied territories in Tibet and Sinkiang Uigur including  Tiananmen Square in 1989.


-China communist just applies the psychological warfare to intimidate the second Tiananmen Square massacre can repeat by the anti-riot police and the People’s Liberation Army gathered near Hong Kong’s border, actually, Beijing released the video.


-If China dares to quell Hong Kong people by the People’s Liberation Army and the police force, China communist needs not to use and hire the bandits to attack Hong Kong people in protests that proves China couldn’t hand the Hong Kong’s situation.


-If China uses the army to quell Hong Kong people, the world will respond by economic sanction as Russia has been imposed by the European Union and the US after Russia occupied Crimea of Ukraine. Nevertheless, Hong Kong’s situation is serious than Crimea, because Hong Kong is among the world financial center and China communist does need the wealthy place while Beijing has been engaged into the mountain debt and economy downed. Moreover, the bloodshed in Hong Kong that cost the communist regime in the mainland. Possibly, Hong Kong people can move out the assets, actually the Hang Seng Bank, it means the Hang Seng index collapsed that conducts the disaster of the Shanghai stock market, the China currency Yuan loses the valuation and the chain of worst consequence following. The financial system of China will face peril while the mountain debt escalates without control.


China communist has never respected the life of Hong Kong people but the Ape super gang fears the money and economic strength of the people in Hong Kong, so Beijing considers carefully the military solution to stop Hong Kong people stand up for independence. Hong Kong crashes that means China communist collapsed, China faced the math has no result.


Whatever Hong Kong people have no choice to fight for freedom and democracy while the Ape regime always wants to rob the asset and pauperize the people. Certainly, Hong Kong people fully experienced the cruelty of China communist regime imposed into Chinese people in the mainland, actually, the Tiananmen Square massacre currently threatens and obsesses Hong Kong people. The reason causes the massive protests have occurred for every rule of Beijing attempted to impose by the henchmen, almost the malicious tactic failed

-China failed to prevent Hong Kong people to choose independence: in 2003, China henchmen attempted the law to ban Hong Kong decides its future by independence. The Law Article 23 faced the massive protested on July 1st, 2003 and the bill scrapped.


-The Umbrella Revolution occurred from September 26, 2014, to December 2014 eliminated China conspired to point the members of the administration, actually the Executive. The massive protest caused henchmen Leung Chun-Ying stepped down.


Nowadays, Executive Carrie Lam failed to introduce the extradition bill, despite she accepted to scrap the bill but Hong Kong people have no trust a China henchman, so the rallies continue until Carrie Lam resigns and Hong Kong people require the government investigates the police force used the tear gas and bandit attacked the people. The democratic movement in Hong Kong couldn’t stop, the people have to fight, so the major population joined the rallies, on August 3rd, 2019, civil servants march on the street to support the movement. Hong Kong police must know they are Hong Kong people, not China communist’s public guard force. When China communist collapsed, Hong Kong police have nowhere to live, indeed, the actual hands will be faced the criminal charge./.







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