China races the telecommunication with the US


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The communication is the real need to develop the country, President Donald Trump emphasizes the high technology of 5G:” My Administration is embracing a new spirit of innovation that will make life better for all Americans”. The United States of America focuses on the global 5G leader while the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat in Beijing has involved the arms, space and telecommunication race with the US. White House opens the battle in 5G that targets on:


–The United States is a world leader in global 5G readiness.


–The United States now leads the world with by far the most secure and reliable commercial 5G deployments, with 5G trials in multiple cities.


–America also leads the world in the availability of critical high- and low-band spectrum for wireless, allowing for high-speed and high-capacity applications.


-The high technological communication builds on these advantages through innovation and investment in America’s mid-band spectrum and wireless cell site infrastructure.


Recently, America’s wireless industry plans to invest $USD 275 billion to deploy 5G networks and creating at least 3,000,000 new jobs, it adds $USD 500 billion to the US economy. Certainly, the 5G networks use the equipment made in the USA, not made in China. Actually, the giant company owned by China communist government is ZTE loses the profit. The era of SATAN’s Barrack Obama is gone and now the era of SANTA’s Donald Trump makes America great again, the social safety, the border protection, the enemies fear, allies respect and trust, including the Democratic thug crashed.


The global economic terror’s battle ruined China’s economy, President Donald Trump adjusts the tariffs to bring back the fair trade after a long time, the US economy fell into the trade trap of China by the Democratic President Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, they sold the national interest for individual favor. Nevertheless, China is the largest communist country still remains after the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc and the global communist’s cradle Soviet-Union totally collapsed. The ruthless regime in Beijing has never given up the global hegemony, so China has conspired to use trade ties to corner their counterparts. China becomes a dangerous country with the debt trap, government trap, and the trade trap have silently colonized the world.


The telecommunication’s battle becomes the hot spot when China spread the giant telecommunication companies are Huawei and ZTE worldwide. Everyone knew the most important companies in China belong to the government. Certainly, Huawei owned by the People’s Liberation Army, the well-known spying unit 61389 stationed in Pudong, Shanghai, it is the famous cyber hacker doubts. The ZTE owned by China communist government, its company provides the telecommunication’s equipment. Both the communist government’s companies have exploited the free trade to make the profit and also carrying out the spying mission into their counterparts. The medium’s telecommunication of China comes from the stolen technology, so the role of Huawei is very important for the global hegemony of China.


The US security agencies alerted the spyware installed into the Huawei mobile phone. Actually, the Huawei mobile phone’s user could risk the personal details and it could link to the national networks when Huawei could access the government agencies. On the other hand, Huawei and ZTE threaten national security, so the US and allies banned.


The Australian government banned the 5G of Huawei by the national security risks, moreover, annually, the Australian government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyberspy. Therefore, the Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister is Senator Penny Wong of the Australian Labor Party vowed to restore the 5G will operate in Australia if ALP (Australian Leninist Party) wins the general election is going to poll on May 18, 2019.


In the passage of time, after Labor Party took the government and ruled Australia from 2007 to 2013, the obsolete telecommunication is NBN wasted the taxpayers $AUD 65 billion, but China made the profit from Australia’s taxpayers. Senator Penny Wong held the Finance Minister, Stephen Conroy was Communication Ministers were responsible for the NBN under the rule of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.


Nowadays, the world recognized China is the most threat, actually, Beijing launched the telecommunication army is Huawei and ZTE have invaded the counterparts, including the US. The telecommunication race becomes the hot battle, the US and allies are advancing the race. The global consumer fears their personal details should be leaked by Huawei mobile phone and almost, China-made has not guaranteed the quality, even the highest technology of the space doubts the China product when the Jade Rabbit died when it just touched down the moon.


Canada government arrested the CFO of Huawei is Miss Meng Wanzhou that raises the tension between Canada and China. Miss. Meng Wanzhou who is the important official of Huawei, she faces the serious crimes on frauds, so the US government is seeking the extradition. Nevertheless, Poland arrested the Huawei officials who attend the spy mission, the China cyberspy really threatens the world, actually the Western countries. /.







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