China panics while the economy has been complicated


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Before China joining the WTO, the global market, the stock market, the world economy developed and grew. Therefore, after the US President Richard Nixon attended the first visit in 1972 at Beijing and following the diplomatic relationship, the trade ties, the free trade agreement, the world market is complicated. Nevertheless,  Democratic President Bill Clinton who received the illegal funds of China espionage agents pouring into the two presidential elections 1992 and 1996, President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore paid the election debt to China by the Most Favored Nation’s policy and deserved the facilities to China communist. The critical mistakes made by the US presidents that helped China became a member of the UN Security Council and China’s economy grew faster.


The economic growth speeding by the Western helped, China tricked the Western including the US by pretending to open the bamboo curtain with the deceived the economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism”. China growth comes from the Western lost the huge profit and the stolen technology made the products selling to the invented countries. China seriously breached the copyright law, the inventors may take the lawsuit against China. Moreover, the International Court may ban all the products come from the stolen intellectual property in the global market including the mainland.


The global hegemony hides under the trade that bluffed the naive national leaders. After more than a half-century traded with China, nowadays, most counterparts tasted the cunning tactics of China, the rogue country always focuses to colonize the other states or transforming to the economic vassals. The world waked up but some nations deeply cornered by China, the economy and domestic politics being bullied. President Donald Trump launches the campaign into three terror battles:


1- The war against terrorism: the Islamic State lost the main base in the Middle East after the key of financial support is gone and the first Muslim and communist President Barrack Obama ruled White House in 8 years expired the second term. The world and the US people could know the reason that President Barrack Obama recruited 6 top Muslim advisers in the  White House and the cheat Iran nuclear deal with Teheran became an opportunity for President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry gave away $USD 150 billion of taxpayers to Iran.


2- The war fight against the left media terror: President Donald Trump granted the Fake News Death Certificate for the left media journalists and companies. Nowadays, the left media totally lost the people trust while the social media and the other sources provided the impartial information without cost. The people trust President Donald Trump but have no trust the left media because he achieved the major promises in the campaign while the left media has the lying record, actually, the false polls in the presidential election 2016 wiped out the credit of the left media companies, the journalists, the T.V hosts, the pollsters. There is no one trust a liar, therefore the left media has lied from the Vietnam War.


3- The global economic terror’s battle fighting against the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit: The economic battle has launched after President Donald Trump getting the office. The culprit of global economic terror has suffered the potential damaged from the international market and the domestic field. Moreover, the giant telecommunication Huawei and ZTE lost the US market and allies. The cyberspy ware threatens the national security of the counterparts. Nevertheless, Huawei stole the technology and made the mobile phone selling into the invented market, the US and the other countries do not allow the stolen product being sold in their nation. The US and allies as Australia have the right reason to ban the operation of the stolen technology 5G of Huawei. Therefore, ALP (Australian Leninist Party) confirmed to be a comrade with China and Senator Penny Wong vowed to invite Huawei operates the G5 if Labor wins the next general election will be held on May 2019. ALP ignores the national security and the national interest, instead, they are keen to drive Australia into China’s colony, so ALP acts as the treasonous party.


The golden time of China’s growth has started to decline after reaching the peak in 2007 while the US faced the recession, China’s GDP growth was 14.2%, the highest speed helped China dominated the US and the global market. Nevertheless, the other 8 years of comrade Barrack Obama gently transformer the US to be China’s colony, and China nearly dominated the US economy.


However, the bubble’s economic growth has been deflated, in 2017 it was 6.8%. Moreover,  China failed the plan to make the economic balance with 6.7% in 2018. The year of global economic terror clashed between the US and allies with China that deeply ruined China’s economy. In 2018, China’s growth just reached about 1.67% as China communist released, indeed, China’s growth is zero.


The economic peril conducts China’s stock market lost around 20% value, it is the worst signal records marked from China stock market founded. President Donald Trump recognized China has been lost the economic battle on the twitter published on August 4, 2018, the US is a winner, certainly, the US officially dominated the upper hand in the economic war. China currency devalued more than 8% from April 11 to August 1st, 2018 that affected China trade and the global market. China’s currency is uncertain while the economic battle still occurs and the tariffs have no sign to cease.


The rapacious plan of one belt and one road turned the financial disaster, moreover, the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters aggravated the mountain debt. Indeed, China economy slowed down since 2016 and continues to plunge during the offshore market lost.


The Red Empire fears the historic lesson could repeat from a thousand years of the dynasties collapsed when the high unemployment rate and corruption appearing throughout the country. It was started the critical mistake comes from the panic state when China government created the inappropriate employment market by investing more than $USD 6.8 trillion into the domestic infrastructure. Unfortunately, its solution is like using a common cold tablet to cure cancer. The labor market belongs to the export and the foreign’s orders.


The national debt is up to 300 % GDP but the money is emptied. The banking system faces the difficulty, actually, the private loan being uncontrolled by the red tape and the corruption adding more financial problem. The dead money has stuck into the private loan estimates $USD 3 to 4 trillion that is over $USD 1.75 trillion of the banking limited, actually, the overseas assets and properties dropped the valuation, the Chinese debtors couldn’t repay while the banks are hungry money.


China economy is like a sinking boat, the disaster is inevitable. China government has tried to rescue by the desperate solution, recently, China has poured $USD 6 trillion or 40 trillion Yuan to defuse the hidden mountain’s debt to save the credit being risked. It is the dangerous solution, the rescued budget $USD 6 trillion adding more 40% GDP’s debt. China communist has no choice while the urgent situation demands the Red dynasty must act and hoping to rescue for a while, but the long term will create a more serious problem. China communist doesn’t care the people and the country as Ho Chi Minh declared with his comrades of  Vietnam communist party and Secretary General Nguyễn Văn Linh revealed:” It is better to lose the country, not to lose the party, to protect the party as the iris in the eyes” (Vietnamese language: thà mất nước, đừng để mất đảng, hảy bảo vệ đảng như bảo vệ con ngươi trong tròng mắt). China just creates more debt for keeping the communist party survives and Chinese people will pay by the tax and the other squeezing sweat’s policy from its people. Therefore, tax and corruption have no change in the situation when people couldn’t suffer anymore the hardship. It is the time to end the Red dynasty by the people power.


The global hegemony and fallen socialism threaten the existence of the largest communist country on the planet. Nowadays, China faces the big problem of economy, finance, and the global market. The countries deeply involved with China have to find a way to escape as soon as possible, if not, their economy will sink down with China when the Red dynasty collapsed. The time is not much left, it is a better way to get out the trade with China and selling the stock linking with China. Moreover, they must stay away from the Yuan because China’s currency is unstable. The country keeps the Yuan is like a bomb, it can explode anytime when China economy tumbles./.







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