China panics the pandemic Coronavirus


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The Novel Coronavirus comes from multiple suspicious causes, obviously, China’s communist regime claimed the bats and the wild animal’s meat to bring the deadly virus after the concealment failed to lie and mislead the world including Chinese people about the death toll and infected people. Moreover, people also suspect China’s communist regime to create biological warfare, but the virus leaked and becomes a disaster to hit Chinese people, threatening the world. The obscurantism plus the terror policy curbed the information about Coronavirus, so Dr. Li Wengliang arrested after he alerted the dangerous virus, the government labeled Dr, Li Wengliang spreads the rumor. He died by Coronavirus, Chinese people outrage the inhumane regime, so millions of Chinese people mourned the death of Dr. Li.


China failed to conceal the deadly pandemic spread without borders in China’s mainland and the world, the high technological communication ruined the propaganda machine of China’s communist regime. The Coronavirus becomes the global pandemic when the death toll and infected people surpassed SARS in 2003.


Certainly, China can not hide the truth but the largest communist regime still reduces the real numbers of the death toll and infected persons. Therefore, the propaganda machine and the concealment hide behind the bamboo curtain to be debunked, actually, the World Health Organization declared a global emergency. There is no safe place in China after the Coronavirus developed quickly from Wuhan and spreading throughout the mainland. China’s economy disabled, almost the economic facilities deeply affected, actually, the infected areas to lock down more than 400 million people and the quarantine needs to deal with 250 million people, therefore, the health department of China can not treat the massively numerous population. The Coronavirus outbreak conducts the massive jobless that added more unemployment rate in the trade war with the US, the ruthless regime is on the brink of collapse.


China’s communist regime panics to deal with a very big problem of the pandemic, the lacked finance, the weak medical department, the concealment plus the socialism disorder the mainland. China must cancel the major sport even 2020 Grand Prix at Shanghai will be held on April 17-19, 2020, the world recognizes Shanghai is not safe. China also canceled more than two dozen large trade fairs and industry conferences in ASIA, the billions of USD wiped out when the contracts signed can not apply, actually, the biggest trade fair called Canton Fair has suspended the exhibitions until further notice, it is worth $US 29,7 billion, the fair to display the garments and Household goods is $US 2.3 billion.


The world reacts to prevent the Coronavirus by the travel ban its citizens to China and restrict Chinese tourist to enter including Chinese overseas students must comply strictly with the order of invisible cohort names Novel Coronavirus, now the World Health Organization dubbed COVID-19, so every Chinese people live in the communist paradise can bring the deadly virus. Australian government announces to extend the travel ban to China because of the Coronavirus has no sign to decrease, instead, the death toll and infected people in the mainland skyrocket more than ten times from the pandemic started, China angers and criticizes Australia, Beijing puts their interest above the life of Australian people. Therefore, the Australian government has the right decision to protect its people. Despite China crippled by the trade war with the US and Coronavirus cohort, but China still raises the brazen attitude to Australia, Beijing treats Australia as a vassal or colony after the Australian Labor government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, actually, senior politician Penny Wong who held Finance Minister from Kevin Rudd and Julia and now she is shadow minister of Foreign Affairs, they created an opportunity for China arrayed the debt trap, trade trap and government trap into Australia from many decades ago.


The Coronavirus affected in China, but the central government doesn’t care about the people, Red Emperor Xi Jinping has not come to Wuhan as the Western’s national leader, instead, Premier Li Keqiang has a fresh appearance with the promise to build more hospitals in 10 days. Therefore,  Red Emperor Xi Jinping visited a hospital in Beijing with a blue mask and white gown, not Wuhan, which means, there is no safe place in China. However, someone believes in a leader, they didn’t wear the mask and died. In Wuhan, the panic state escalated at the high level, the Police arrest whoever doesn’t wear the face mask although they can not buy or no money.


China succeeded in the propaganda to mislead the people and intoxicated their officials. In Nanchong, Chendu, Sichman, the government officials used the wooden rod to beat the dogs, actually, the Labrador to prevent the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization claims it has no evidence supports the Coronavirus comes from dogs and cats.


The effective treatment and vaccine are the best solution to stop the deadly virus, unfortunately, China’s communist regime has tried to stray the outbreak of Coronavirus to the unrelated causes. China Communist Party perplexes to fight the pandemic despite China often exposed the brazen attitude into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific, actually, China intimidated the counterparts if they upset China’s policies. Now, China fears the invisible enemy, actually, the Coronavirus cohort has no weapon, missile, aircraft carriers, submarine, and nuclear weapon. The death toll and infected person skyrocket, Xi Jinping can not win the Coronavirus by the People’s Liberation Army and Chinese People Armed Polic Force. The propaganda, slogans plus the red flag with yellow hammer and sickle can not win the Coronavirus cohort. Therefore, Xi Jinping shifts the responsibility to Wuhan’s boss, Xi replaced Hubei’s Secretary Jiang Chaoling by Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong and Wuhan party chief Ma Guoqiang replaced by a high ranking official of Shandong. The tops official’s replacement is just a malicious tactic of China communist leader to defuse the tension of the Coronavirus outbreak.


After many decades joined the world market and later WTO, the world knew the real face of the largest communist regime on the planet. CHINA-PHOBIA spread worldwide by the reasons:


- China always conspires to control the world by the global hegemonic ambition.


- China products meet the poor quality, poison, contamination and short life


- The socialism food, goods and agricultural products are unhygienic because China is keen to use the human’s excrement as the common fertilizer on the farm.


- The most pandemics that appeared in the communist paradise are SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu, and now Novel Coronavirus. The Coronavirus phobia is not racist as China’s undercover activists and the naïve people claim./.






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