China panics the deal while US is leisure


Posted on December 4, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



APEC’s cancellation in Chile that pushes China’s communist regime being nervous, the war fights against the global economic terror comes from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat has occurred more than 15 months after President Donald Trump getting the office.


The trade war created the potential damages of China’s economy and affecting China’s politics. Moreover, China’s products being boycotted around the world by poor quality, poison, contamination, short life, so the economic war aggravates the worst situation. No-one believes the human rights respect in China and body trusts China’s products. The imposed tariffs exchanges between  China and the US that concluded China is the loser, the left media failed the psychological warfare in Western misleading the public, China should waste the money to hire the fake news skew the truth and the thug of people being eradicated the credit into the communication.


The US tariff weapon dominates the economic battle while China’s retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US products, actually the agricultural products hit back a billion Chinese consumers in the mainland. The weakness of Beijing couldn’t conceal by the left media in Western and propaganda machines in China when Beijing exempts the tariffs on pork, soybean, and other foods. Chinese people doubt the meat selling in the supermarket, the fake beef labeled Australia beef that raises the grave concern of Chinese consumers. The swine flu killed more than half of the pig population in China and the inflation worsens the living condition.


The socialism products cause its people to distrust China, actually, Chinese people fear the agricultural products in the mainland meet the poison, contamination when Chinese farmers used the banned chemicals and unhygienic process. According to the study of NGOs and academics reported in 2015, in the mainland appeared 459 cancer villages. Even the baby powder formula made in China removed the trust from the people living in the mainland, in 2008, the Chinese milk scandal of infant formula killed 6 babies, 54,000 hospitalized and more than 300,000 babies affected. The incident caused at least 11 countries stopped all imports of Chinese dairy products. Despite China’s communist regime executed two persons, one suspended the death sentence, 3 persons faced the life sentence and two persons imprisoned 15 years in prison plus seven local government officials including the Director of Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine fired, therefore, China’s dairy milk lost the prestige, the world including Chinese people in the mainland reject China’s bay formula. So China must seek an Australian company to respond to 25 million newborn babies a year. The socialism product is like a sword made by China that stabs Chinese.


The deadlock of deal worsens China’s economy and financial system is underway to collapse, actually, the summit between China and the US has not set yet including the rumor of the fake news spreading in communication. The factories in China deeply affected the offshore market declined and the foreign companies moved out or repatriated the homeland to avoid the tariffs that cause the rate of unemployment rises without a solution to stop, actually the export sector perils, when the high tide of economy boomed in the mainland, China used at least 120 million people. However, the economic war conducts multiple hundreds of millions of people lose the job, nevertheless, a hundred million peasants return the homeland without the social income’s support from the government. Moreover, there is more than half the population in China earns from $USD 2 to 5 a day, the death vulnerability of China’s communist regime is a high rate of jobless.


The Red dynasty obsesses the old collapse lesson should repeat anytime in multiple thousand years of Chinese history.  The factories in China crippled and dropped into the bottom after the last 6 months in 2019. Almost, China’s industry being shrunk, so Beijing couldn’t keep the economic growth is 6%, indeed, it worsens. China must apply the rescue plan to keep the low interest in also injecting billions of US dollars into the banking system when the industry and commercial field tumbled. The desperate solution applies the devaluation of the currency down to 5%, it surpassed the alert level is 1 USD equals 7 Yuan that doesn’t help China fight back the US’s tariffs, instead, the inflation without control causes the mayhem in the mainland. Chinese people including the communist members panic, they rush to keep the US dollars and purchasing the gold, Chinese people and its communist party boycotted Yuan from the mainland and favor the capitalist currency.


The deadline for new tariffs is going to impose on December 15, 2019, but the deal has not known yet. Another $USD 236 billion of tariffs is going to impose on China’s consumer goods and $USD 360 billion of tariffs will go-ahead. The US easily wins the economic war while China is facing a disaster. Moreover, the US makes the money from the tariffs, therefore, China subsidizes the US’s agricultural products are due to Chinese consumers. The US farmers could make a profit from pork, soybean and other products export to China.


Nevertheless, Hong Kong Human rights Act 2019 of the US affects the tariff deal, certainly, China faces the difficulties when the human rights accord into the deal. China has fallen into the dilemma, actually, the rivals struggle can dethrone Red Emperor Xi Jinping. The situation of China and the US meets a stratagem of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu is” wait and leisure while the enemy labors”. The mountain debt raises the grave concern of China’s communist regime, how can China repay more than $USD 40 trillion or 15% debt of total debt in the world ?. China must spend at least 50 years to pay the debt if China’s economy is like the US. The economic war crippled long-term China’s economy and finance, the global hegemonic ambition that failed./.







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