China paid less but got the great results


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China’s Communist Party is malicious, behind a smile is a knife, it is the hidden invasion’s conspiracy the world. The global hegemonic ambition is the dream of the Ape super herd, therefore, the historic visit in 1972 of US President Richard Nixon created an opportunity for China to carry out the plan to control the world. In the record, since China joined the free market and deceived the Western by an ugly economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism”, nevertheless, China just spent small money and privileges to pay for the dishonest politicians, academics but got great results from the counter-revolutionary countries. Moreover, communist vassals like Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Khmer Rouge ( 1975-1979) line up under the leading of China when Beijing controls the government by the head of state (communist party’s Secretary-General). China spent broadly to the henchmen, but it is a small amount to exchange the national interest. Even the US politics fell into the traps of China, Beijing just illegal financed the elections of treasonous candidate Bill Clinton-Al Gore in 1992 and 1996, China got the best policies, particularly, the Most Favored Nation of Bill Clinton helped Chine grew faster. Moreover, the hoax climate change of Bill Clinton to curb the Western industry, while China freely releases the dioxide. The hoax climate change helps China selling solar power and also creating the mayhem into Western society.


The profit lover’s academics are the main targets of China, almost, China bought the dishonest academics like Harvard Professor Charles Lieber who sold the origin of new coronavirus to China. The payment was $USD 50,000 a month and the expenses were up to $USD 158,000, China got US researches with the very cheap but getting the top technology. China’s communist government has targeted the famous universities in Western-like Harvard, Yale, so China acquired the top technologies and inventions with research.


In Australia, China spent a little money and bought Labor Senator Sam Dastyiari who protected China illegally built the artificial islands and militarized into the disputed waters. China’s company Lanbridge Group succeeded using henchman is former Trade Minister Andrew Rob to take control of the strategic port in Darwin with annual wage was $AU 880,000. Moreover, Huawei paid the trips and luxurious accommodation for 12 Australian politicians of Labor and Liberals Party, among there was Julie Bishop (Senior minister of Liberals). Former Australia Prime Minister Paul Keating is an advisor of China Development Bank, so he often attacks the Coalition government when the Australian national security policy conflicts China’s interest and many Labor politicians like former Premier Bob Carr, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd standing alongside with China.


     China’s Communist Party experiences in the bribery, Chinese ancestor Lu Buwei (291-235 BC) who succeeded in the great investment on the Chinese Emperor. Lu Buwei was a well-known politician of Qin state and he also was a wealthy businessman. Initially, Lu Buwei supported the deposed prince Shuangxianng being held the hostage in Zhao state. Businessman Lu Buwei bribed the officials and helped the prince released. Therefore,  Lu Buwei invested his pregnant wife to the prince so after Zhuangxiang throned, the son of Lu Buwei became the prince who was emperor  Qin Shi Huang.


Ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu was the author of The Art of War to support the war and invasion in the days of yore. President Donald Trump wrote the book” The Art of Deal” to make peace. Despite, Lu Buwei didn’t write a book, but he practiced “ The Art of Bribery” and China’s Communist Party has applied to colonize the world.


Almost, the major financial contributions of international organizations come from the US, therefore, China silently cornered the United Nations by bribery. The case of Mr. John Ashe who held the president of the United Nations General Assembly at its 68th session (2013-2014) and was former President of UNICEF in 2012. Therefore, Mr. John Ashe received a million US dollars of the bribery from China’s financial agent Ng Lap Seng, so the case of Mr. John Ashe is just an iceberg floating on the surface in the United Nations. Nowadays, the United Nations elected Mr. Antonio Guterres, the hardcore communist since the Cold war, he drives the United Nations into China’s orbit. Recently, the World Health Organization appeared the actual tool of China, Ape Dogtor director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus helped China into the global biological warfare terror by misleading the Coronavirus outbreak. The US contributed $US 893 million and China contributed $US 86 million in two years, but China controls the World Health Organization. After the biological terror, once again, the Human Rights Council elected China into the board.


Nowadays, the heads of international organizations cornered by China while the US paid a lot of money. Its reason causes President Donald Trump to overhauls the funding to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Human Rights Council. The Art of Bribery is the sharp weapon of China to carry out the global hegemony. It is like the locomotive, China just controls the head and they have anything. The world needs to watch out and overhaul the contributions to the United Nations and others. China’s bribery ruined the international firms./.







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