China nuclear submarine exploded at disputed waters


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Almost, the products made by socialism in China match the poor quality, poison, contamination and short life. It is the manner of socialism remaining in the products as a saying is a negligent work by the best report. The products made by communist countries couldn’t compare with the US, Europe, including military technology. Despite Russia eliminated the socialism from the early 1990s, therefore the toxic socialism has not erased yet, the Submarine nuclear powered Oscar-class Kursk’s accident occurred at the Barents Sea on August 18, 2000, that killed 118 sailed on board.


The products of  China communist’s regime couldn’t trust, therefore, the profit lover’s businesses, actually, the supermarkets have snubbed the Western consumers, they have imported China’s products from the household appliance to electrical appliance. The victims of China’s products have no choice to buy poor quality and short life products made in China. The upset increases from many decades ago, the customers abandoned the supermarkets selling major goods imported from China, so the profit lost, moreover, the supermarket must pay for renting and employees. The short profit causes long-term damages, actually, the psychological consumption is an important fact for any supermarket. On the other hand, the supermarkets have committed suicide by China’s products.


No-one believes China’s communist regime respects free speech, human rights, and democracy. So the nobody trusts the products made by China, even the products doubt of the foreign companies operating in China’s mainland. Therefore, the left media has launched psychological warfare to praise China acquired modern technologies, Beijing should hire the left media to propagate China’s products as the advertising’s form, as a circumstance of Huawei, although President Donald Trump granted the death certificate and Google barred the services, therefore, the left media still advertises Huawei with the smartphone Huawei P30, they cheat the customers.


The failure of China’s highest technology occurred in the space race. The Jade Rabbit Rove made in China died after touching down the Moon’s surface. Therefore, the left media often acclaimed the military technologies of the People’s Liberation Army, actually, Navy with the aircraft carriers and the strong warships operating into the disputed waters at Indochina Pacific. The illegally artificial islands built and militarized threatening the security in the region. In the passage of time, while North Korea threatening the US and its allies by the massive destruction weapon, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un who intimidated to launch the missiles to transform the US to ashes, sinking Japan and attack Australia. The left media propagated for North Korea to raise psychological warfare. Nevertheless, some strategists like former Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, Australian’s army chief from 2002 to 2008 and since October 2008, he became director of the National Security Institute, University of Canberra. Therefore, former Lieutenant General feared 10,000 artilleries of North Korea after Kim Jong Un who intimidated to destroy South Korea by artillery. Now, Korea’s peninsula eased the tension after President Donald Trump succeeded to apply the art of the deal. The left media and some strategists are a shame.


China often raised the brazen attitude into the region, actually, the piratical stations threaten to lock the important maritime’s way entering Asia, annually goods transport estimates $USD 5 trillion. The illegal bases become the tension in the region, moreover, China sent the aircraft carriers plus the warplane J-15, J-20 (Beijing bragged the Stealth fighter) and the People’s Liberation Navy currently operates in the disputed waters, the region being intensified. The left media in Australia as ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS and the others often propagated the military strength of China. They exaggerated the modern weapon, military equipment of China as they misled the public in the Vietnam War.


However, on November 21, 2019, at 18. 22 ET ( about 2.22 Moscow time) a nuclear Submarine of China exploded at the Indochina Pacific (the left media calls China Sea, indeed, China has no ownership of the disputed waters). China’s Submarine Type 094 designed by China after the Type 092 submarine released. The Submarine Type 094 has started to operate from 2006. Both modern Submarines Type 092 and Type 094 made at Bohai Shipyard. Actually, each Submarine Type 094 costs $USD 750 million, length is 135 meters, weighs including a surface displacement of 8,000 tons, when it submerges, the weight is 11,000 tons, China has six nuclear ballistic missile submarines type 094.


 China’s Nuclear Submarine exploded making the shock wave that estimates more than ten kilotons in TNT. The explosion tremors at the depth of 50 meters, the accidental nuclear influences the radioactivity to Taiwan, Southern China’s coast is on a high level, actually, the illegally artificial islands must receive the radioactivity higher than any region, the life of China’s soldier risk. The incident of China’s Nuclear Submarine’s explosion completely concealed, most media in Australia kept quiet despite the radiation that can spread in the region including Australia. Actually, the environment, the marine life-threatening. Once again, the left media in Australia completely concealed the bad news for their comrade China including warning the dire consequence to Australian people after the nuclear submarine’s explosion.



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The accidental nuclear of China’s submarine alerts the nuclear plant of China builds at Bradwell, Essex, the United Kingdom by General Nuclear Power Group and China National Nuclear Corporation. Former Prime Minister David Cameron must take full responsibility if the accident happened, the radioactivity will affect the UK and Europe./.






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