China medical supplies provide western Australia


Posted on April 1, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The global consumption fears China’s products to match the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life, even the pet food imports from China, the pet lover avoids to buy. Nevertheless, medical supplies made in China that fears the people health, the life risks. The world believes China’s communist regime is the culprit of biological warfare, the global hegemonic ambition to control the world urges China’s Communist Party launching the biological warfare terror after losing the global economic battle with the US. The rogue regime has never refused to do anything, including the genocide.


The Ape Emperor Xi Jinping pretends to help the world fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic, indeed, China is the perpetrator of the biological terror. The hypocritical thug Xi Jinping exposes on the medical supplies to Europe, Asian and African countries, therefore, China also received the money from the US government, it is a farce of the heartless regime has ruled China’s mainland from 1949 (the left media just broadcast about China aid, but they have not told about China get the finance from the US). However, Spain, Czech Republic, Pakistan, the Philippines and  other countries claim the test kit made in China that gives 80% of the wrong result. Moreover, the face mask made in China is no safe, it means China’s face mask can not stop the Novel Coronavirus infiltrate. The medical supplies made in China are dangerous, particularly, the test kits cheat the doctors, nurses and the pandemic spread. The face mask made in China also makes the people false trust about the safety and the virus transmits through the face mask without caution. The medical cheat is heartless, but China wants the pandemic spread as far as good and as long as good.


Western Australia’s state government urges to stop the deadly virus or CHINESE VIRUS, the state locked and the state government also releases the financial package to help the residents dealing a hard time. Mr. John Andrew Henry Forrest, nicknamed Twiggy, he is former CEO and current non-executive chairman of Forrest Metals Group (FMG), the mining company supplies the iron to China from the mining industry boomed. He also does the business on cattle stations.


Mr. Andrew Forrest’s asset net worth is $AU 6.84 billion, he is the well-known philanthropist with Minderoo Foundation. On April 1st, 2020, Magnate Andrew Forrest donates $AU 160 million in Western Australia helps the government to fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. The medical supplies itemize 370, 000 surgical masks, 104,000 N95 masks, 30,000 surgical gloves, and 8 million gloves made in China, but the Western Australia people worry, even Red Emperor Xi Jinping wore the face mask N95 made in the US when he visited Wuhan hospital.


The medical supplies are underway to come to Western Australia by the Airbus A 330 from China Eastern and it will touch down at Perth Airport soon, and two more cargo flights will carry out on Friday and Saturday this week. The medical supplies made in China weighed 90 tonnes coming to Australia. Therefore, China’s communist undercover activists in Australia collected 172 tonnes of medical supplies sending to China, they collected the good quality’s medical supplies of Australia and Mr. Andrew Forrest buys the poor quality’s medical supplies made in China to provide Australian people.


The medical supplies made in China are doubted. Moreover, China’s communist Consulate-General woman appeared on the televisions with Mr. Andrew Forrest. The people welcome the general heart of magnate Andrew Forrest, however, the medical supplies made in China fear the users, especially, doctors, nurses and medical officials. The people recognize China terrorizes the world by biological weapon and China also shows off the hypocritical heart to provide the garbage medical supplies to somewhere else. The fake morality of China can not bluff the world.


The philanthropist Andrew Forrest can order the medical supplies from Australian companies or the US, it is safe. But the medical supplies made in China are worth $AU 160 million that helps China than the Australian industry. Certainly, China’s communist regime is happy the big orders while China’s industry wiped out in the mainland. The medical supplies made in China have no guarantee the safety. Chinese virus causes China-phobia, so the people staying away from China’s products including the medical supplies./.






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