China launches the biological warfare campaign


Posted on March 14, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After China’s Communist Party robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949, the Ape super gang has destroyed Chinese history, culture, society, and the other Chinese nuances. The Maoist made in China that copied from Marxism-Leninist, but Maoist has become the most threat on the planet. In the mainland, Maoist puts above the people despite China’s Communist Party exploits the title of People into most government labels as the People Republic of China, the People’s Liberation Army, the People Bank of China….


The founder’s Ape King Mao Tse Tung massacred Chinese people by the bloodshed campaigns called Great Leap Forward, Hundred of Flowers, Landlord Reform, the longest campaign was Culture Revolution that started from 1966 and ended in 1976 after Mao died. The Maoist is the deadly pandemic that killed more than 100 million Chinese people and infected 1.4 billion people in the mainland. The Maoist pandemic has infected the world since the Cold War, the innocent leaders easily lead the country into the traps of Maoist, so Maoist spread and harming the world.


The malicious plan to control the world in 2025 of China’s communist regime that failed after the actual henchmen Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016. President Donald Trump claimed the victory of the war to fight the global economic terror, so the rogue regime in China signed the surrender statement of phase 1 agreement. Nevertheless, the US Constitution nullified the impeachment of comrade Democrats are led by Nancy Pelosi and the actual henchman Joe Biden will not win the election in 2020. The total hopelessness urges Red Emperor Xi Jinping who leads 22 tyrants of the Political Bureau to launch the desperate campaign, it is the biological warfare revolutionary campaign worldwide. Unfortunately, the deadly biological weapon made in China that has no guarantee to apply properly, moreover, the socialism manner” negligent work but the best report” plus the irresponsibility causes the biological accident in Wuhan. Chinese people died and the mainland infected, China’s economy disabled, the ruthless regime is underway to collapse. Nevertheless, China also failed to use the one belt and one road’s people bringing the Coronavirus to the US. The travel ban restricts Iran, Italy, South Korea, and Europe creates China outrages. Certainly, the Western countries can contain the pandemic and the economy recover while China’s economy wiped out, the baseless economy of China must take a long time to get back after the potential loss ever since China joined the free market and late WTO.


The global biological warfare offense of China’s communist regime hits hard China than the world. The economy is the most important part of Beijing, moreover, the global economic terror that mired into the peril when China poured the money worldwide including the companies and businesses in Western.


The Coronavirus offense shakes the global economy, the global stock market wiped out more than $US 16 trillion since the biological weapon made in China that broke in Wuhan and spreading more than 114 nations. China faces big losses than any country, the concealment is vain, when the countries fell into the trade trap of China plunged, it reflects the losses of China.


The global pandemic has no sign to ease, the pandemic perpetuates as longer as China’s damages. The biological warfare matches a proverb” the old man’s stick hits his back” or” the sword made by China to stab Chinese”. China’s communist regime tries to shift the biological weapon to the US, therefore, the world knew China is the perpetrator. Moreover, China’s communist is keen to lie as a saying” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. There is no evidence proves the Coronavirus comes from the US, but the Novel Coronavirus outbreak at Wuhan is near China’s biological laboratory. China tries to stray the investigation of the world including the US, therefore, the fish market selling bat and wild animal meats can not convince because Chinese people have eaten bat and wild animal meat.


The world condemns China launching the global biological warfare attack, the left media and Democrats can not protect China. Recently, the Coronavirus spread worldwide, China launches psychological warfare to shift the Coronavirus comes from the US. Unfortunately, the propaganda war can not escape the crime opposing the humanity of Red Emperor Xi Jinping who leads 22 tyrants of Political Bureau, they are the genocide to destroy the world by the biological weapon.


The hopeful candidate of Democrats is former Vice President Joe Biden who is the actual henchman of China, his son Hunter Biden received $US 2.1 billion from China’s government that is the boon of China paid for Joe Biden, he made the profit for China in 8 years in White House. President Donald Trump issued the travel ban against China when the Coronavirus outbreak, therefore, Joe Biden slams President Donald Trump is xenophobic. Vice President Joe Biden always serves China’s interest.


The global biological weapon offense’s campaign unmasked China’s communist regime is the culprit of the pandemic. The world boycotts and isolates the rogue country, the Coronavirus attack failed, the products made in China become dangerous goods. The long term damages are inevitable, so the biological weapon hit hard China’s communist regime, the biological warfare revolutionary campaign eradicated China from the grassroots. After the failure of global hegemonic ambition, China’s communist regime will pull back Chinese people to live under the era of Mao Tse Tung. Certainly, Chinese people will not accept the terrible period of the bloodshed revolutionary campaigns, the fate of China’s Communist Party is decided by the failure of Coronavirus pandemic./.






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