China killing machine versus Killer virus


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The human robot’s army labeled the People’s Liberation Army was founded on August 1st, 1972 during the Nanchang uprising. The rebel communist militia commanded by Zhe De, He Long, Ye Jianying and Zhou Enlai. After the battle at Shanghai in 1927, the communist rebel called the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army. Between 1934 to 1935, the disastrous period of China’s communist movement, the Red Army must run for survival that called the Long March. After leader Mao Tse Tung succeeded in the campaign to rob the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949, by the demagogic propaganda, the rebel army called the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the commander in chief is the chairman of the central military commission and also the Secretary-General of the Communist Party. The human robot’s army exploited the People’s title, but PLA killed, robbed, enslave the people and protect China’s Communist Party, not the people. From 1956, 1980 and 1993, the human-robot forces had the People’s Armed Police and China Militia to support the People’s Liberation Army.


The People’s Liberation Army is the actual tool of China’s Communist Party, the massive numerous military members just obey the order from China’s Communist Party, so the PLA has become the killing machine in the bloodshed campaigns of Chairman Mao Tse Tung from 1949 to 1976, there were more than 65 million Chinese people killed under Mao’s rule. The Tiananmen Square massacred tens of thousands of Chinese people in 1989 that carried out by the People’s Liberation Army and the people in Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur killed and quelled by PLA.


However, in the military record, since the People’s Liberation founded, the human-robot army didn’t win any war, instead, the PLA massacred Chinese people and the occupied territories. In the Korea War in 1950, there was a million life of PLA barbecued by the inhumane tactic called” the human wave” designed by Mao Tse Tung. The brotherhood- comrade’s conflict occurred between China and Vietnam in 1979, the PLA lost tens of thousand troops, both sides claimed the victory, it is funny. The PLA often exposes the aggressive attitude into the disputed waters, actually, the piratical stations illegally built at Indochina Pacific threatening the peace in the region. The professional functions of the People’s Liberation Army are killing Chinese people and intimidating neighbor countries.


The Coronavirus cohort should be a rebel army of China’s Communist Party using the invisible army to destroy the US and the world. Unfortunately, the Novel Coronavirus cohort has no ear to listen to the order of the commander in chief Xi Jinping, so Coronavirus attacks Chinese people, including China’s communists’ regime and threatening the world. The Coronavirus cohort can paralyze China’s communist regime as a saying ” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. The commander in chief Xi Jinping loses control of the COMMANDER IN VIRUS in the crucial battle at Wuhan after more than 780 million Chinese people locked down, the death toll and infected people increase daily. Almost, the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force failed to respond to the urgent situation.


The commander in chief Xi Jinping exhausts the tactic, he orders the killing machine (PLA) joins the viral battle after more than 4,000 doctors and nurses flinched, recently, Dr. Liu Zhiming, Director of the central hospital in Wuhan was killed by Coronavirus. The Wuhan’s battlefield becomes the vital existence of China’s communist regime, therefore, in Hubei province, from mid-January 2020, the government congregated 500,000 health workers but the Coronavirus cohort seems to control the battle, many health workers risked the life, many infected themselves after contacted with patients.


China’s economy, financial system, and the living facilities in the largest communist paradise paralyzed by the Coronavirus cohort. Despite Shanghai is not the hot spot, but the government ordered all students do not return to schools and now, the semester will be available online, it means the Novel Coronavirus presents everywhere in the communist paradise, now, the paradise paralyzes. Red Emperor Xi Jinping reduces the arrogant attitude, he spoke with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek medical assistance. Before, China showed the brazen attitude to the United Kingdom, actually, under the rule of Prime Minister David Cameron who admitted China to build and run the nuclear power plant at Bradwell, in Essex despite China’s technology doubts. Certainly, when the communist faces the low tide of revolution, they beg the enemy, even promise anything. Therefore, when the communist gets the high tide of revolution, they forward to destroy the enemy without pity. The British government may overhaul the nuclear power plant made by China because the nuclear accident can occur anything as Corronavirus leaked in China.


The commander in chief Xi Jinping has sent the female Lieutenant General Chen Wei to Wuhan’s battle with the medical troops. Lieutenant General Chen Wei is biological warfare expert, she fought the battle with the SARS cohort in 2003. Certainly, the People’s Liberation Army has many male generals, therefore, when the inhumane regime endangered, the female general is sent to the frontline. Beijing confirmed six health workers died and 1,700 struck by Coronavirus. The People’s Liberation Army added 2,600 medical workers in Wuhan. Red Emperor Xi Jinping and his dynasty lie about the Coronavirus outbreak being control, but Xi Jinping can not hide the mayhem in Wuhan and the worst situation in the mainland.


The Muslim, Communist, and Confucianism apply gender discrimination. The communist regime has never promoted a female into the top positions are Secretary-General, Premier and national president. The male communists to control the country, therefore, when the communist faces the difficulty, the female sending to the dangerous place, so Chinese people knew female Lieutenant General Chen Wei sent to Wuhan’s battle that matches the communist policy and Confucianism. Therefore, after the Coronavirus expelled, the male communists like Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang will claim the victory.


However, the People’s Liberation Army is dealing with the invisible enemy, the Coronavirus soldiers present everywhere, including sky, but the fighter Jet J-15, J-20 can not identify the enemy by radar. Moreover, the Coronavirus cohort can infiltrate into the body of the human-robot army’s personnel despite they wear the face mask. The People’s Liberation Army can not apply the human wave tactic of Mao chairman or the massacre tactic of Deng Xiaoping in  Tiananmen Square, even the thirty-six Stratagems of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu can not contain the Coronavirus cohort. Nevertheless, the Doctors WHO of W.H.O have not found yet the vaccine, but the pessimistic prediction despairs China’s communist regime, there are at least 18 months to have an effective vaccine.


China’s killing machine versus the killer virus in Wuhan’s battlefield and the mainland in China is still waiting for the vaccine while the killer virus spreading throughout the mainland. Certainly, the killing machine confronts the dangerous enemy, not the Chinese people, nor Tibet, Sinkiang people, neither the Falun Gong members.


Every Coronavirus is a stealth agent while every member of the killing machine is the human body, so Lieutenant-General Chen Wei faces the difficulty to fight, actually, she must be careful because the Coronavirus cohort has not discriminated everyone, including the commander in chief Xi Jinping.


During the Coronavirus outbreak develops nationwide, the Bird flu H5N1 appears, the communist paradise is also the paradise of pandemics, corruption. Chinese people have been suffered difficulties after the government ordered to lock down 780 million people, so China must offer to exempt 696 product lines of the US, actually, the soybean, pork, beef, natural gas, crude oil, medical. Now, the left media, the left parties and the left politicians like Australian Labor Senator Penny Wong, leader of Labor Party in the Senate, she holds shadow Foreign Affairs Minister, when the war fights against the global economic terror has started, Penny Wong confirmed:” No one wins from a trade war”. While the Coronavirus outbreak spreading, the Coalition government responds to the rescue mission, but where is Senator Penny Wong? /.






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