China is the professional burglar on planet


Posted on December 29, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After joining the free market and WTO, the largest communist country appeared the real face of a rogue state. The world identified China is the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a cheat, the bush law, and the totalitarian regime couldn’t accord the international community. The appearance of China in the free market is like a gang officially operates in society. The US and democratic countries developed without China before the sanction lifted.


China’s growth comes from dishonest methods. The clever and professional burglar is the giant with the foot of clay also became the current member of the UN’s Security Council and has the diplomatic system worldwide. Certainly,  the thieves are criminals, there is no school, university, college opens the course teaching the burglary career. Therefore, communism and socialism is the place for teaching the burglary.


The communist paradise of Karl Marx, Maoist, Hồ Chi Minh’s thoughts and the others are the paradise of burglary. The pauperization’s policy of communism or socialism originates from the social problem, the poor people without the income’s support from the government, they become the casual burglars. In the communist paradise, the thieves can steal anything including the excrement because the human release provides the fertilizer. In Vietnam, Hồ Chí Minh defines the excrement is the precious asset, the nation wide’s economic development called Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond helped the family solve the toilet and also feeding a kind of fish called” Cá Vồ” does love the human excrement. The Fish Vồ processes the Ba-Sa fillet and export to the Western to make money, it is the pattern” the free market is led by socialism” has applied in China and Vietnam. The lizard changes color’s skin tactic has deceived the innocent politicians in Western and the naïve national leaders.


The paradise of burglary in communist countries as Vietnam, the people always watch out the thieves, the saying:” socialism means the toilet mus fence” that reflects the outstanding of communism and Hồ Chí Minh’s thoughts. The Western and democratic countries concern the human excrement is the wasted materials, actually, the hygiene’s concern. Therefore, the communist countries have used the excrement into economic development. In Vietnam, Hanoi’s suburb has the excrement market at Cổ Nhuế’s village (someone created the fake excrement for sale and the local government arrested). In a communist country like Vietnam, even the excrement can make the fake, so the communist paradise couldn’t trust. The Vietcong’s supporters like Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) concealed the excrement market and the cruelty of North Vietnam’s regime in the Vietnam War. The sibling of the communist is the left media, the left journalists, the left reporters could release the fake news, it is the character of Karl Marx’s pupils.


The people live in the communist paradise recognize the agricultural products meet the poor quality, poison, contamination, actually, the hygiene concern, so the agricultural products of Western favor Chinese people in the mainland. It causes China to fail to impose the retaliatory tariffs on the US’s agricultural products, China’s tariffs hit back Chinese people.


The model of socialism in Vietnam exposes the multiple forms of burglary are dog thieves, cat thieves, log thieves, soil thieves, and other burglaries. The professional thieves and casual burglars snoop everywhere in the communist paradise, so the foreign tourists must be careful while visiting Vietnam, China. The legal burglars are communists, actually, the high ranking cadres stole the people’s sweat, they become the millionaires and billionaires. The stolen money deposits at Western banks and purchased the asset at the capitalist countries.


China is the great master of Vietcong’s regime, so China is a professional burglary at a high level. China has arrayed the global burglary system that carries out into multiple forms and malicious methods. The stolen technology is a vital tactic, China also stole the trademark of the Western’s brands. The foreign factories in China are the victims of the stolen trademark plus the technology. Therefore, they couldn’t take legal action because China has never respected the law, but the bush law can apply to the legal argument. China makes a profit from the loss of Western and the money comes from the burglary using the money for the global hegemonic strategy.


The den of thieves illegally built and militarized the artificial islands in disputed waters, the sand provided by Vietnam, an actual vassal of China. The debt trap is a high level of invasion or the clever burglary the lands of counterparts. The growth of China is like Nazi in the Second World War, the global hegemonic ambition of the giant burglar has never stopped, China has stolen the fish in disputed waters and also stole the soil of Philippine territories. The cargo ships of China stole the soil of Davao Del Notre Province of the Philippines, the position located at the West Philippine sea or the Spratly islands, the government alert the soil burglary. The Philippines won the International Court, the artificial islands of China are illegal, therefore, Beijing ignores international law including the neighbor countries by the brazen and aggressive attitude. The world watches out the global burglar and the cunning conqueror using the soft army to colonize the counterparts by the trade ties, free trade agreement./.






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