China is the perpetrator of global terror


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The world has no doubt about the aggressive character of China’s communist regime since their” great chairman” Mao Ste Tung robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. Moreover, the robber also replaced Taiwan in the United Nations and became a member of the Security Council. Nevertheless, China is a barbarous regime but elected in the UN’s Human Rights Council, it is a farce of the United Nations that insults human rights and social morality. Money and power have driven the world into a disaster, the peace thrashed by Karl Marx’s pupils after the Second World War. China is the perpetrator of the global crisis including the terrorists’ tactic to develop the communism that has carried out by multiple malicious forms, actually, the global hegemonic ambition to control the world that urges China involves the arms race, space race, and the global economic terror.


The Ape super gang has applied wild policies into Chinese people, actually, under the era of the first Ape King Mao Tse Tung, the animal regime killed more than 65 million Chinese people by the bloodshed campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred of Flowers, Landlord Reform, actually, the longest campaign called Culture Revolution occurred from 1966 to 1976 became the most terror’s period in the mainland. After Mao Tse Tung returned to communist paradise to reunite with Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hồ Chí Minh and the other genocide, the Ape super gang in Beijing has continued to kill Chinese people by the barbarous methods, the massacre of Tienanmen Square is just an evidence of the serious crime opposes the humanity. Moreover, the Ape super gang killed Falun Gong members, the people at Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur, terrorizing Hong Kong people.


China’s communist also has applied the offshore strategy from the Cold War, China and the Soviet Union were the keys to support  weapon for Vietcong terrorists. After Soviet-Union collapsed in the early 1990s, China has led the communist’s vestiges, Beijing gathered the communist states in Asia as Vietnam, North Korea, and Laos into the Cool War that is not military conflict as the Cold War, but the vestiges of communist bloc in Asia have applied the lizard changes the color’s skin tactic to cheat the Western countries. Actually, the tiger snake covered by python’s skin has bluffed the innocent leaders in Western by the economic pattern is” the free market is led by socialism”. Indeed, the communist’s character has never changed, but the naïve politicians and the negligent policies in Western have helped China succeeded apart from the global hegemonic strategy. Actually, the global economic terror has struck the world under the labels of trade ties, free trade agreement, those created the trade trap and the debt trap to colonize the counterparts by the soft army. Nevertheless, the bribery becomes the essential tactic to buy the corrupted politicians and parties. The political donation in Western helped China buying good policies. A circumstance of Australia is a victim of political donations, almost, two main parties Liberals and Labor have fallen into the trap of China. Whatever, Liberals or Labor rules the government, China has the trade ties and corners the economy, influencing the financial system. Australian government deeply involved the economy with China from many decades ago, so China bought a lot of assets, farms, companies, actually, China’s communist regime took Darwin Port with the lease 99 years, China also owned Merridin Airport in Western Australia with 100 years lease. Victoria state ( Capital city is Melbourne) joined one belt and one road.


The hegemonic strategy of China has never stopped, the rapacious ambition exposes the plan called one belt and one road plus the illegally artificial islands built and militarized in Indochina Pacific focusing to control the world of China. Moreover, the Maoist terror organizations have operated into multiple nations like the Philippines, India, South America. Unfortunately, the den of terror has representatives at the United Nations and the embassy around the world, so Maoist rebels ignored.


On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda attacked the US, while in mainland China, the propaganda machine released the partial news to indulge the damages of the US while the extremists were happy and celebrated the death of 2,606 in the World Trade Center and 125 people at the Pentagon. Despite there was no evidence, but the world doubt China should stand behind the incident of September 11, 2001. China does want to destroy the number one” capitalist enemy” as Sun Tzu’s stratagem:” defeat the enemy by capturing their chief” and Al Qaeda struck the US that matched a stratagem of China’s great ancient strategist, author of The Art War:”  kill with a borrowed knife”.


The terror of September 11, 2001, that ignited the US activated the war against terror, so President George W.Bush should fall into the trap of China. The War in Afghanistan and later in Iraq damaged the US economy while China developed and silently carried out the global hegemonic strategy. After the era of President George W. Bush, the first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama continued to help China taking control of the world and aiming to replace the US in 2025. If Hillary Clinton becomes the first female President, China will carry out successfully China dream. Nevertheless, President Barrack Obama destroyed the US and he also helped the Islamic State founded. Moreover, in Asia, President Barrack Obama flagged China occupied the disputed waters. President Barrack Obama put the US into the peril from the domestic and two arrows are China and Islamic State besiege the US.


The war fights against Islamic State was a farce, President Barrack Obama played the double-cross war game by the US’s taxpayers. The ISIS founded and grew faster under Barrack Obam’s era, the weapon and finance plus training provided by the US. According to the report of Conflict Armament Research noted Islamic State also received about 43% weapon from China, the other sources come from Russia and somewhere else. China should exchange the oil with the weapon, so the Islamic State acquired the deadly weapon made in China. Moreover, ISIS used China’s drones to attack Iraq forces in the region.


After President Donald Trump getting the office, Islamic State lost the finance and weapon provided by Barrack Obama. Nevertheless, China faces the potential loss in the economic battle by the tariff’s weapon of the US advances that forced China to shrink the offshore involvements, actually, the one belt and one road plus the piratical stations at the Spratly archipelago ruined but China must spend the money to maintain. The Islamic State lost the territory, finance, weapon from the essential sources of China, Barrack Obama, so ISIS nearly disbanded.  President Donald Trump withdrew the troop and recently, the supreme leader of Islamic State Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi must kill himself with three sons, ISIS is over. China also failed to use the terrorist to abuse the US as the stratagem of Sun Tzu quotes” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”.


Normally, China often ordered North Korea launches the missile and the bomb’s test while the tension increasing between China and the US. Therefore, North Korea Kim Jong Un who attended three summits with President Donald Trump at Singapore, Hanoi and later at South Korea. Moreover, Kim Jong Un who volunteered to stop the missile launch and the bomb test that is due to talk with the US. Its reason causes North Korea stopping the aggressive attitude, while the economic battle escalating between the US and China.


China should incite Iran replacing North Korea to stray the tariff targets to military conflict between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. During the tariffs imposing to $USD 500 billion on China’s products and goods being intensified, suddenly, Iran attacked the oil tankers, shot down the US drone and also struck the oil facilities of Saudi Arabian. Iran provoked the US and its allies in the region. Therefore, the potential commander in chief Donald Trump knew who stands behind Teheran, so the author of The Art of The Deal is a high level than Sun Tzu wrote” The Art of War” didn’t act as China wants to trap, if the war occurs with Iran that helps China eases the economic battle. President Donald Trump is different from President George W. Bush. so China failed to array the trap on Iran’s tension, instead, the sanctions and the economic battle are the strength of the United States of America to force the rogue regime in Teheran appalls. The military solution can not win the war, but the economic solution can win the enemy as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte:” an army marches on its stomach”. Certainly, the Islamic State and Communist ignore human life, but the economy and finance can defeat the thugs.


    The military conflict avoids and China failed to use the terrorists supporting the hegemonic strategy. The death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi ruined China’s tactic while the economic battle continues to push China to lose and the Ape super gang risks when the massive jobless threatening in the mainland, nevertheless, Hong Kong unrest becomes the peril of Beijing and Red Emperor Xi Jinping.


Recently, the US issued Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019 (HKHRDA) to impose sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials that flinches China using the killing machine (the People’s Liberation Army) to quell the democratic movement in Hong Kong. The deal between China and the US adds human rights, Beijing has faced the dilemma while the tariffs imposing. Nowadays, China can not cheat the world through trade and diplomatic relations, China’s terrorism can not hide the global hegemonic ambition and the ruthless regime is waiting for the doomsday. Chinese people in the mainland, Taiwanese, Hong Kong reject the Ape super gang and the world wakes up. China’s communist regime has been besieged by its people and the world./.






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