China is hug of Bush law to sue the US Government


Posted on March 8, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



After CFO of the giant telecommunication company Huawei is Miss Meng Wanzgou arrested in Canada, the company owned by the People’s Liberation Army and also the hub of global cyberspy has tried to rescue the important official by any tactic.


The case of Miss Meng Wanzhou who has alleged the banking frauds and breaches of the trade sanction against the rogue state Iran. The US is seeking the extradition Meng Wanzhou as a court order issues from August 2018. The Canadian government approved extradition proceeding on March 2019 and Miss Meng Wanzhou sues Canadian government to arrested her, the next court hearing will be held on May 2019.


China has attempted to pressure the Canadian government to release Miss Meng Wanzhou including arrested some Candian citizens, but the situation has not changed. CFO Meng Wanzhou has been treated fairly in the democratic country, she has the legal services with the lawyers in Canada, therefore, the Canadian citizens detained in China have no one, nor a lawyer to protect. China is brazen, they just want the fair trial for Chinese citizen breaches the law in the other country but ignores the foreigners being arrested by the bush law in China. The trifling reaction of Beijing to retaliate and pressuring Canada that damaged the foreign tourist comes from Canada, US, and Europe while China faces the deep debt.


The victim’s counterparts are such as Australia have never forgotten the trade ties and free trade agreement turned disaster by the obstinate attitude of the bush law’s legal system in the largest communist country on the planet. China blackmailed Australia’s mining company Rio Tinto by detaining Executive Stern Hu and imprisoned in 9 years to pressure the steel’s price. Billionaire James Packer tasted the bush law, it cost his asset $AUD 4.2 billion to be robbed by the Emperor of the bush law Xi Jinping who changed the law in Macau Casino Resort…Confucius thought” what you do not want to be done to yourself, do not to do the others”, therefore, China communist has done differently from their” great teacher”. Australia is a victim of China, but the ALP (Australia Leninist Party) always respect the beloved comrade China, the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, and Kevin Rudd often insist the Coalition government follows China than the US. Nowadays, the boxing kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten vows to stand with China if Labor wins the next general election will be held on May 2019. Annually, the incumbent government spent a hundred million dollars to fight against the cyberspy, mostly the China threat and G5 of Huawei banned by the national security risk. Therefore, Senator Penny Wong, the shadow of Foreign Minister Affairs confirmed to invite Huawei operates the 5G in Australia. If Labor takes the government, the Down Under will be a colony of China and Bill Shorten with Penny Wong will sell the country to China.


China has the bush Constitution, but Huawei sues the US government over unconstitutional product ban as the label trade war of the left media and China propagate. Indeed, it is the war fighting against the global economic terror has come from China since a half-century. The tariff’s adjustment restores the fair trade after China imposed the unfairly trade ties and unbalanced trade free agreement to the US and the other counterparts.


The most telecommunication’s technology China acquired that comes from the steal, China breached the copyright’s law. Moreover, the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit used the stolen technology to produce and sell to the invented countries. The US has to right to sue China and Huawei stole the Intellectual Properties and China must pay the compensation including the product banned. The 5G technology comes from the US but China stole and applying everywhere to make the profit. In the legal history, the thieves have never dared to sue an owner to a court, but Huawei does.


The lawsuit is the hopeless tactic of China into the rescue’s mission of CFO Meng Wanzhou and protects the global market being ruined and lost. China could use the money to apply the lawsuit against the US government, there are more than 1.34 million lawyers are needing the money, so Beijing could hire the top lawyers to sue the US government. Therefore, some legal experts recognize the lawsuit of Huawei will be dismissed by the US court because of the national security’s reason./.







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