China has planned to control the world


Posted on March 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s communist empire has conspired a great plan to control the world through malicious tactics. After the historic visit of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972, China solved the deadlock’s economic failure of communism that renamed Maoist.


China’s communist regime grabbed an opportunity to join the free market and later W.T.O by the deceived economic pattern called the free market that is led by socialism. The innocent leaders, profit lover’s businesses plus the dishonest academics become the naïve traitors, they helped the rogue regime carrying out the global hegemonic ambition. China’s growth comes from the Western loss, China stole the technology and silently colonized the counterparts. The global hegemonic ambition has well prepared into the international fields:


1- China secretly cornered the United Nations: the bribery and trade trap, the debt trap has arrayed into the international organization. The incident of President of General- Assembly and President of UNICEF John Ashe who received multiple million dollars from China’s espionage agents Charlie Trie (the US) and Huang Xiangmo (Australia) that is just an iceberg floating on the surface. Moreover, the UN Security Council often loses the function because of China and Russia vetoed the peace resolution into the national conflicts like Iran, North Korea, Syria.


Nowadays, the United Nations influenced by communism, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is the hardcore communist since the Cold War. Mr. communist’s UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres succeeded to create the global teenage thug Greta Thunberg who is the global troublemaker. The United Nations become the cesspool as Miss Nikky Haley, the US ambassador claimed. China could exploit the trade trap and debt trap to force the members of the United Nations to vote the henchmen, even the UN’s Human Rights Council couldn’t escape the influence of China. The Human Rights turns Human Wrong when China became a member of the Human Rights Council. Nevertheless, China and Vietcong have never respected the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, instead, China and Vietnam declared the different definitions of Human Rights from the UN.


2- The World Health Organization appeared the actual tool of China, particularly W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus extorts the career by misleading the public to help China carries out the global biological terror. The delay of W.H.O becomes the global pandemic.


3- The Vatican has socialist Pope Francis, he drives the Catholics into socialism. On September 22, 2018, Pope Francis signed the temporary agreement with China’s atheism government, so China can appoint their priests and the Vatican approved. It is like evil can appoint Satan to heaven, the Catholics influenced the communism.


China’s communist regime applies a stratagem of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu” defeat the enemy by capturing their chief”. China just controls the head of the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the influence Vatican and China can carry out the global hegemonic ambition as French proverb” le mouton de Panurge?. On the other hand, when China controls international organizations and religions, Beijing has the facilities to colonize the world.


The global hegemonic ambition has prepared a long time, the target aiming the Western and democratic countries. China could use the money to buy support from the dishonest components, the domestic enemies are dangerous than outside enemies, so the Western faces the domestic thugs from the Cold War.


- The Western’s left media has distorted the communication for propaganda, the offshore propaganda machine of China becomes the viral media, the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream media has helped China into the psychological warfare. President Donald Trump wrote:” I watch and listen to the Fake News, CNN, MSDNC, ABC, NBC, CBS, some of FOX (desperately & foolishly pleading to be politically correct), the New York Times, & the Washington Post, and all I see is hatred of me at any cost. Don’t they understand that they are destroying themselves”


- The left parties in Western are the closed comrade with China. When the left parties rule the government, China gains the best policies on the economy, immigration, and other facilities. The Democratic Party in the US helped China grew faster. The US President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore served as China’s executives in the White House from 1992 to 2000. China gained the Most Favored Nations, the hoax climate change of Bill Clinton that curbs Western’s industry but China freely releases the dioxide, selling the solar power and also creating the mayhem in Western countries.


- China sowed the henchmen into Western government: it is the government trap has applied worldwide. In Australia, Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has Chinese son in law, the Labor undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister of Coalition) who has the daughter in law comes from a high profile’s family in China’s Communist Party. The democratic system creates an opportunity for China infiltrating into the government, the people watch out Chinese politicians like Senator Penny Wong (leader of the Labor Party in Senate of Australia), Member Representative Gladys Liu (Liberals Party of Australia), Representative Ted Liu in the US (California) and the others.


- China’s students are the communist seeds sent to the Western, the propaganda activists intoxicate Western’s students. Moreover, Chinese students are the high level of thieves in stolen technology.


- The global spy network of China activates in the counterparts including the cyber spy with unit 61389 commanded by the People’s Liberation Army and Huawei supports the mission.


When China launches the global biological terror, the World Health Organization support China into the pandemic outbreak. China has well prepared the global hegemonic rapaciousness by using the money to buy and corner the international organizations. When the biological warfare terror launches, the World Health Organization supports, the viral left media propagate, the misleading public applies to conceal the death toll and infected population in China but propagates the death toll and infected cases in Western.

The Coronavirus pandemic unmasked the heartless plan of China, including the left parties and the viral left media in Western. The people suspect the biological attack of China also creates an opportunity for an actual henchman who is former Vice President Joe Biden into the presidential election 2020. Its reason explains the political ghost is Hillary Clinton who attacks President Donald Trump’s racist after the real name of the Chinese Virus dubbed. Democrats exploit the Coronavirus outbreak to lock the stimulus bill of President Donald Trump.


China and Democrats planned to control the world and destroy the US in 2025, so China and left media maximally launched the campaign, spent a lot of money to create the actual henchman Hillary Clinton as China commanded President Bill Clinton in 8 years. Therefore, the US people elected the patriotic President Donald Trump who makes America great again. China failed the big plan and Democrats have tried to remove President Donald Trump by the unconstitutional impeachment, but all failed.


 However, the malicious plan of China using the biological weapon to attack the US and the world to be hit back the inhumane regime in Beijing, despite the world damaged the economy and the death, but China must pay the high prices of the biological terror’s aftermath, China will face the tough sanctions worldwide after the people recognized China is the culprit of biological weapon. The global consumers boycott the products made in China and the communist country will be isolated from the international community. Moreover, the offshore henchmen unmasked from the Coronavirus outbreak./.






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