China has occurred the factories exploded and fired


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The factory fired or exploded could happen everywhere, the causes come from the negligence, accident, the technological malfunction, the insurance’s fraud, the vandal…therefore, China has many factories fired and exploded. The damaged are inevitable, actually, the workers killed and factories destroyed, moreover, after the incident creates more jobless in the mainland.


The fundamental productivity of China derived from the stolen technology, certainly, the copies couldn’t compare with the originals. China applies the socialism, the communist party controls and manages the land, property and the people as the dynasties in the days of yore. The communist leader is like the emperor, the pro-leader faction and officials occupy the most important government’s position and economy, they share the benefit, privileges, and also the corruption. According to the employment rule of socialism applies strictly, the Red prioritizes than professionals and the education’s system based on the family record wins over the talented student. So managers, directors of government companies owned need not have on the professionals nor capacity, instead, the faction, it is the trouble of China’s productivity.


Soviet-Union and Eastern Europe Bloc collapsed that signals the communism is obsolete, mostly, the economy of socialism countries traced behind the democratic countries. The world knew the economy of North Vietnam was behind South Vietnam after Geneve Conference signed on July 20, 1954. After Vietcong claimed the unpredictable victory on April 30, 1975, the Northern people knew the truth, but it was too late. North Korea becomes a poor country while South Korea prides among of the Asia dragon, in the Cold War, Western Germany developed while Eastern Germany lagged. Therefore, the vestige of communism still remains in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba…it means the Cold War is not over yet while China has never given up the Maoist and communism.


The productive manner of communism is the negligent work but good report, the most factories operate in the communist countries owned by the government, the loan provided by government and employees recruited under the party’s criteria, actually, the head of factories are the government’s officials. Almost, the directors, managers exploit the job to make the individual profit, so the factories don’t care about productivity, it is among of causes of China’s product meet the poor quality and short life.


The corruption has become the cancer of the China government and economic management. Even the defense industry couldn’t escape the corruption. Mr. Gu Tiquan, former CEO of the biggest shipbuilder imprisoned 13 years for bribery and embezzlement. Mr. Sun Bo, general manager of state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC) convicted the bribery and corruption, so the military equipment and weapon made by China couldn’t guarantee the good quality. The highest technology carries out on the space race failed when the Jade Rabbit Robot just touching the moon’s surface.


When a government-owned factory loses the profit, mostly the cause comes from the corruption, so the factory exploded and fired could destroy the corrupted crimes, the head of the factory and staff are happy to destroy the crimes. Recently, the abnormal impact of factory exploded and fired often have happened in the mainland that raises the question about the safety of China’s industry and the unknown reason. Nowadays, China has been faced the economic war with the US and allies, the effect of tariffs and the global market aggravates China economy. The lost profit factories have to save themselves by the destruction of companies, the companies fired and exploded helped the CEO escape the crime of corruption and also waiving the responsibility.


China’s technology couldn’t cop the Western, therefore, in United Kingdom aims to build six nuclear power plants over next two decades, so China focuses to dominate the UK’s project, as the recent report, China buys a 49% stake of UK’s nuclear plants and the China General Nuclear Power owned by communist government favors the important energy’s industry in the United Kingdom. However, everyone doubts the technology of China, but under the era of Prime Minister David Cameron who permitted China builds the earliest nuclear power plant at Bradwell, Essex, it is the first offshore nuclear power plant made and managed by China. The decision of Prime Minister David Cameron could risk the life of Brtish when China’s nuclear power plant catches the malfunction or the man in charge corrupted and conspiring to destroy the plant as many factories fired and exploded in the mainland. The British may overhaul the contract signed between China and David Cameron if not, the country is endangered. When the nuclear power plant explodes in the UK, the dire disaster is inevitable and the radioactivity will spread to whole Europe, the wealthy continent should be wiped out by the critical mistake of Prime Minister David Cameron./.







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