China has invested the hegemony by mountain debt


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The global hegemony urges China communist has involved in the arms race, space race and economic race with the US, the latest purpose to control the world. Since China joined the free market and also infiltrated the Western, China has carried out the focuses on the fields:


-The negligent trade ties and free trade agreement plus the negligent policy of the counterparts have created an opportunity for China controls the other countries. There are not only the poor countries fell into the trade trap, but the US, Europe, Australia are the victims too. If Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, the US will lose all, including independence and China communist will have an executor of Beijing in White House as her husband Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore did in 8 years.


-The debt trap forced the counterparts hand over the national assets as the ports, airports to China, morally, the assets leased at least 99 years. China communist has spread the hand everywhere, actually, the innocent leaders drove the country into the ruse’s trap of China.


-The government trap aims to buy the politicians and party, nevertheless, the left parties easily collaborate with China, they are the comrade. Moreover, corruption favors Beijing to buy politicians. The undercover activists and espionage agents activate political donation.


-Colonizing the counterpart after China controls the economy and cornered the politics, the national leaders become the henchmen of Beijing. Buying a national leader is the greatest profit but China just spent a small monetary amount, it is the king’s business occurred from 249 BC. President Bill Clinton repaid the illegal fund provided by China’s espionage agents of presidential elections in 1992 and 1996 by the Most Favored Nation’s policy and the hoax climate change to curb the Western’s production


-China will dominate the world when Beijing controlled the global economy including the US.


The global hegemony is the most important strategy of China communist, so the money is just an implement drives the Chinese dream. Therefore, China has not enough the capacity to transform the global hegemonic dream coming true. Moreover, China built the dream from the enemy’s fundament, they call the capitalist, actually, the US is the number one enemy of communism since the Cold War


1-The high technology is very important to cop the Western, China must solve the vital problem by stealing the technology and using the stolen intellectual property to make the products and selling to the inventing countries. The products made by China selling with the cheap prices, the Western companies become the victim of profit loss, the people lost the job. When China products completely occupied the Western market, China will use the economic weapon to colonize the Western.

2-The finance comes from the global market, the export sector solved unemployment and also helped China money to carry out the dream. Therefore, the global hegemony is over the financial capacity, actually, the US imposed the tariffs, it is the vulnerability of the largest population’s communist country. The export section declined that becomes the disaster and it causes hundreds of millions of people lost the job and money follows to lose that is the vital problem of the inhumane regime.


Nowadays, China faces the mountain debt is up to $USD 34 trillion and China’s debt reached more than 300% GDP, the debt increases and promises up to 400% GDP. The weak export plus the global market lost deeply affects China currency. From 2018, Yuan devalued, the alert panics China communist when Yuan declined above 1$USD equals 7 Yuan, now it is 6.92 Yuan=USD. China Currency is uncertain that causes inflation and the domestic market complicates. Chinese people in the mainland has fallen into the panic station by rushing to buy gold and exchange the US dollars, Euro, that aggravates Yuan plunges the valuation. Nevertheless, China couldn’t control inflation because China growth belongs to the global market the US’s economic policy.


During the debt grows without control but the rapacious plans couldn’t stop after China invested too much money into the plan called one belt and one road cost China’s financial disaster, unfortunately, the poor countries have never repaid during China does need the money to rescue the mainland economy, actually the massive jobless threatens the regime. Moreover, China has been sunk into the quagmire of the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters. The uselessly piratical stations couldn’t menace and control the important maritime transport enters Asia, China failed to occupy the waterways where the annual goods transport is worth $USD 5 trillion. Instead, China creates hostility in the region and the countries sharing common maritime transport.


China’s dream has turned the nightmare when Beijing has lost the global market, the profit, and the rapacious plans have been failed. China strongly believes the global hegemony will come through, so China communist has invested a lot of money, including borrowing. If China succeeded the global hegemony, the mountain debt doesn’t matter, the vassals will pay for, instead, the profit reward. The global hegemony is like a gang using the force to occupy a property, if a gang succeeded the robbery, they will take all the assets. But if a gang failed, they would lose all, even the prison is the last destination. Unfortunately, China lost all and they have to pay the high price, including the regime should be collapsed anytime by the poor Chinese people and more than 65,000,000 victims of the genocide from 1949, actually Tienamen Square should repeat with hundreds of millions of people lost the job.

The great plan doesn’t suit the capacity that turns the worst situation as a saying” the sword made by China stabs Chinese”. The Chinese dream has transformed into the nightmare after China communist exhausted finance to invest in the global hegemony when the plans went wrong that will conduct the regime’s collapse. /.







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