China has fallen into the diamond cuts diamond


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The deal time attempted between the US and China is gone, certainly, China communist has fallen into the circumstance of diamond cuts diamond, so Beijing couldn’t cheat the US by applying the old tactic of talking during fighting that carried out at Paris Conference occurred after the Tet Offensive 1968 to Paris Peace Accord signed on January 27, 1973. Vietcong and their great masters were China with the Soviet Union deceived the multiple doctoral degrees was Dr. Henry Kissinger. The Nobel Peace Prize honored Vietcong terrorist boss Lê Đức Thọ and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1973 that cost 90 million Vietnamese people lost democracy, a million Vietnamese people killed on the way to find the freedom and the other dire consequences as the Nobel Peace Prize 2000 of the left South Korea President Kim Dae Jung wasted $USD 500 million of the taxpayers and President Barrack Obama is the global warmaker but he awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Nowadays, China communist couldn’t buy the time and deceive the expert commander in chief Donald Trump, actually, his theory” the art of the deal” is considered and proved President Donald Trump is the high-level strategies than Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu. Its reason conducts Sun Tzu’s descendant Xi Jinping and China communist party trace behind the tactic of Donald Trump in the economic war. According to the White House released: Real News President Trump doesn’t want to miss:


Trump is Just Fighting Back in a Trade War that China Started Long Ago
New York Post

“China is up to its old tricks on trade, but it’s learning the hard way that there’s a new sheriff in town: President Trump,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “China has operated in bad faith not only in negotiations but in its actual trade policies, time and again breaking promises to stop stealing intellectual property and trade secrets. Let’s be honest: It was Beijing that started this war. Yet until Trump, America declined to fight back”


  The strategist Donald Trump is also a billionaire, commander in chief of the most modern army on the planet and the US’s economy is the strongest in the world, so China couldn’t apply any cunning tactic to win the economic war, instead, China is waiting for the loss of the economic battle.


China to be forced the unwilling deal, so Beijing attended the deal as a loser when the US launches the war fighting against the global economic terror. The adverse situation exposed to the negative reaction of Beijing plus the potential damages are inevitable. The war fights against the global economic terror coming from the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat is like the war of terror and the war against the left media terrorist in Western.


After a half of century joined the Western business and free market, China has exploited the trade ties, a free trade agreement to develop the global hegemony by sending into the counterparts the economic cohort and the financial army. The unarmed armies silently have destroyed the economy, cornered the financial system and China has created the trade trap, government trap, actually the debt trap raped the national economy and transforming the country becomes the colony of China communist. President Barrack Obama helped China created the debt trap and the US shattered in 8 years. In Australia, Labor Party did the same, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Finance Minister Penny Wong, treasurer Wayne Swan drove the country fallen into the debt trap, so China occupied Darwin port and the other national asset.


However, China appeared the real face of rapacious ambition of the one belt and one road’s plan and conspiring to take control of the most important maritime entering Asia. The illegally artificial islands built and militarize into the disputed waters, the piratical stations located at Spratly archipelago failed to control and intimidate the neighbors plus the US, Europe and the countries using the common maritime transport, the annually goods flow are worth up to $USD 5 trillion. The piratical stations have been sieged by multiple nations.


The war fights against global economic terror has stepped into the hot period after a year, the US and China negotiated while both sides applied the economic weapon carrying out into the tariffs. Therefore, the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of the potential commander in chief and also the most strategist on the planet is Donald Trump forced the den of thieves being panicked, but Beijing proved the communist’s character quoted by a saying” when a communist is born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth”. Beijing has tried to cover and conceal the fear by mouthful declaration to apply the retaliatory tariffs on the US agricultural products. Therefore, the retaliation was useless, eventually, China must buy the US soybean because Chinese people in the mainland scare off China’s soybean caused the contamination, poison and the banned chemical used. Moreover, the European Union dealt with President Donald Trump by exchanging vehicle taxes with the soybean import increased.


The deal time is gone but China wants to cheat, so after the US President Donald Trump has announced the new tariffs to impose 25% tariffs on China’s goods and products are worth $USD 280 billion (ABC television, the traditional left media in Australia released the fake news is $USD 280 million). Before the new tariffs validate, China dispatched Vice Premier Liu He comes to Washington D.C for the deal, therefore, Beijing couldn’t cheat the international trade. Ultimately, China’s delegation wrapped up the meeting without a deal, the talking during fighting’s tactic failed, Washington recognizes unless China stops cheating, no deal may be the best deal of all, it is the clear message sending to Red Emperor Xi Jinping and the Red dynasty. Nevertheless, China applies the old tactic in the Vietnam War, during Beijing is attending the deal with the US, China silently ordered North Korea launched the short-range missile test, the cunning game is obsolete. Moreover, Kim Jong Un who reduces the aggressive attitude with the verbal intimidation as before, Kim must know North Korea’s fate.


After China failed the deal, Beijing panics but the obstinate communist regime raises the mouthful retaliation on the tariffs. Therefore, the US and the world knew China being faced the economic disaster, actually, the massive jobless estimates up to a hundred million workers that is the vulnerability of China’s Red Dynasty. Nevertheless, the left media couldn’t propagate as they did in the Vietnam War.


China’s economy is baseless, the development comes from stolen technology and the global market. When China couldn’t steal and lose the world market, the giant has the feet of clay couldn’t move further into the economic war while the US economy is strong and experienced on the crises, recessions from 1929. It is like the US army experienced the battles in two World Wars, the Vietnam War, the Middle East, and the other conflicts, but the People’s Liberation Army just involved the battle in Korea War with a million members of the People’s Liberation Army’s lives wasted for the human wave’s tactic of Mao Tse Tung. So the PLA is keen the parade with the military fashion, mostly, PLA stole the uniform and the other military equipment’s model from the Western. The US is underway to win the economic war, the time lingers and the tariffs increasing that will make China goes to the peril, actually, the Red Dynasty should collapse or Red Emperor Xi Jinping to be dethroned by his comrades.


1-The US dominates the economic battle: China needs a generous consumer in the US than the US needs the market in China.


The retaliatory tariffs of China imposed on agricultural products of the US doesn’t affect. The technological products of the US have not affected much in the mainland despite China increased the tariffs, because the noble class of communist doesn’t care about the high price, certainly, they don’t trust China’s product. Moreover, the poor Chinese people couldn’t afford the US and Western products, but the communist noble class favors.


2-China is going to lose the economic battle: the tariffs conducts the consequences:


- The massive jobless, it is the vulnerability of the communist regime. The common collapse’s formula repeated in monarchical history that obsesses China communist’s dynasty.


- China companies forced to close that is due to lose the global market.


- The foreign companies repatriated to avoid production cost.


- The rapacious ambition carrying out the one belt and one road plus the artificial islands in the disputed waters that burdened China’s economy, actually the deep debt is up to 300 % GDP.


China is being into the disaster on economy and finance, actually the Yuan currency, the countries deeply involved the trade ties, a free trade agreement with China couldn’t avoid the damages, now the time to get out. Do not keep the Yuan, it is uncertain, the valuation is losing any time.


The new tariffs become the big problem of the supermarket and the companies selling China’s goods in the US when the prices added up 25%, the consumer buys the US products than China with the same prices. Therefore, the supermarket and companies must pay the rent, employers and the other costs while China’s goods cannot sell. The fault comes from the CEO and owners because they had a year to get out and stop order China’s goods./.







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