China has failed to impose the tariffs on US products


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When communist talks as a gross income showing before the tax, the anti-communist experts have never trusted as a saying” do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did”. Karl Marx’s pupil represents the social dregs, the dishonest always promote their own morality. Therefore, the hypocrisy covers the crimes that conflict humanity when the communism is the most disaster on the planet. On the other hand, the communist enjoyed the killing, robbery and enslaving the people as the sanity, the genocide prides their crimes and never repented. Instead, the communist acclaim themselves as a moral revolutionist, the best people in society.


However, the world rejected communism, actually, the cradle communist in Russia collapsed in the early 1990s plus the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc changed to Democratic government while China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba still remain the inhumane regimes. Nevertheless, China leads the vestige of communist, the Cold War is not over yet, but it transformed into the Cool War, so the innocent leaders and naïve people in Western wrongly believe China opening the bamboo curtain and processing to democracy. The critical mistake helped China overtook the low tide of revolution and now, China carries out the global hegemonic strategy.


The tariffs of President Donald Trump struck right on the death vulnerability of China, it created the potential damages from the global market, stock market, China currency devalued over the alert level and domestic field decides the fate of China communist government when the regime faces the massive jobless. The economic battle forced China pulling back after their retaliatory tariffs imposed on the US agricultural products that hit back Chinese people live in the mainland while the tariffs of the US are worth $USD 550 billion ruined China products and goods in the US market and overseas. The worst situation forces China begging a deal after the cunning tactics failed to cheat and bluff the author of the art of the deal. President Donald Trump recognizes the death vulnerability of China that is the economy and continues to develop the effective weapon of tariffs


Do not fear what the communist does.

Let’s do what the communist fears.


The left media for hire and lover profit’s academics maximally launch psychological warfare to mislead the public, China has applied the old tactic in the Cold War by using the henchman in the Western. Unfortunately, the phony propaganda failed to conceal the potential loss of China. The high technological communication and social media eradicated the left media and the dishonest academics (mostly the economists including Nobel Prize of economy’s winners). The fake news and fabricated stories commit suicide the left media and also kill the prestige of the dishonest academics in the Western. The cheat prediction raised about the US recession that totally went wrong, otherwise, the US economy boomed, the unemployment hit the lowest record since 1969.


The weakness of China exposes on the so-called goodwill that Beijing announced on Friday 13, September 2019, it makes before a meeting will be held in October 2019 between China and the US. China communist has to exempt US agricultural products like soybean, pork, it is the concessionary will when China faces the domestic reverse occurring in the mainland because of Chinese people love the US products including the agricultural goods than socialism products. The incident of Costco opened a retail store at Shanghai that proved the tariffs of China hit back Chinese people, the citizen of communist paradise lined up and waited many hours to enter a counter-revolutionary shop, the customers rushed to buy the US agricultural products, the mayhem forced Costco closed early was due to face the disorder’s situation. The heavy traffic and customer flow, actually frenzy at the rotisserie chicken to fight for buying that shows the retaliatory tariffs of China failed. However, the complication occurred at Costco store in Shanghai that proved the self-respectable level of the citizen of a communist paradise that traces behind the Western and it couldn’t compare with Japanese or South Korea people, citizen of the Republic of China on Taiwan, even Hong Kong people. The Western countries may watch out the students come from the” communist paradise” as China, Vietnam…they could influence the culture of socialism to the native student in universities and colleges.


The agricultural products of China couldn’t guarantee the quality, actually the poison, contamination, and hygiene concern that scares Chinese people. Obviously, in 2017, China government reduced the US soybean imported from 95.5 million tons to 88 million tons. Instead, China bought soybean from Brazil. Therefore, Brazilian’s soybean doesn’t match the criteria the protein criteria as a request of the China government, so Brazil imported the US soybean and exported to China. Its is among the reasons that Beijing must exempt the US soybean after making the mistake, actually, Chinese people favor the US soybean than the soybean of socialism. The pork is very important meat in China, therefore, the outbreak of swine flu that killed nearly one-third of the pig in China. The goodwill doesn’t reflect the true deal, but China must concede the concession, the retaliatory tariffs are vain./.







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